Lineage 2 Character Stats Effects List

Lineage Character 2 Stats Effects List

    • Affects P.Atk. stat through the strength modifier
    • affects maximum HP and CP through the CON modifier
    • affects HP recovery speed
    • affects weight limit
    • affects underwater breath gauge
    • affects shock (stun) resistance
    • affects bleeding resistance.
    • affects Atk. Spd., Critical and Speed stats through the DEX modifier
      • each point of dex gained makes around a 1% difference to each of those three stats except at 43 DEX, where there is a jump of almost 2%
    • affects both Accuracy and Evasion stats directly
      • amount gained through each point of dex varies, but as a general rule you can expect between .75 and .45 of accuracy and evasion per point of dex gained
      • the more dex you have, the less of these two stats you will gain by adding to dex
    • affects shield block rate
      • Rumored to affect excellent shield defense rate
    • affects M.Atk. stat through the INT modifier
      • INT modifier forthcoming
    • affects curse land rates through M.Atk.
    • affects Casting Spd. stat through the WIT modifier
      • each point of wit gained makes a 5% difference to Casting spd.
    • affects chance of magic critical hits
    • affects resistance to Hold (aka Roots) and Sleep
    • affects resistance to essentially every single type of debuff not listed by the other stats
    • affects M.Def. and maximum MP stats through the MEN modifier
      • each point of men gained or lost makes a difference of 1%
    • affects MP recovery speed
    • affects poison resistance
    • affects curse resistance through M.Def.
    • affects probability of magic interruption.

Lineage 2 Character Stats

Base stats:
Changed stats and bonus:
STRDE FighterHuman FighterElf FighterOrc FighterDwarf FighterDE MageHuman MageElf MageOrc Mage
1021% PAtk21% PAtk19% PAtk21% PAtk20% PAtk15% PAtk16% PAtk15% PAtk16% PAtk
919% PAtk18% PAtk17% PAtk18% PAtk18% PAtk14% PAtk14% PAtk13% PAtk14% PAtk
816% PAtk16% PAtk15% PAtk16% PAtk16% PAtk12% PAtk12% PAtk12% PAtk12% PAtk
714% PAtk14% PAtk13% PAtk14% PAtk14% PAtk10% PAtk11% PAtk10% PAtk11% PAtk
612% PAtk12% PAtk11% PAtk12% PAtk12% PAtk9% PAtk9% PAtk9% PAtk9% PAtk
510% PAtk10% PAtk9% PAtk10% PAtk10% PAtk7% PAtk8% PAtk8% PAtk7% PAtk
48% PAtk8% PAtk7% PAtk8% PAtk8% PAtk6% PAtk6% PAtk6% PAtk6% PAtk
36% PAtk6% PAtk5% PAtk6% PAtk6% PAtk4% PAtk5% PAtk4% PAtk4% PAtk
24% PAtk4% PAtk3% PAtk4% PAtk4% PAtk3% PAtk3% PAtk3% PAtk3% PAtk
12% PAtk2% PAtk1% PAtk2% PAtk2% PAtk1% PAtk2% PAtk1% PAtk1% PAtk
00% PAtk0% PAtk0% PAtk0% PAtk0% PAtk0% PAtk0% PAtk0% PAtk0% PAtk
-1-2% PAtk-2% PAtk-2% PAtk-2% PAtk-2% PAtk-2% PAtk-1% PAtk-2% PAtk-2% PAtk
-2-4% PAtk-4% PAtk-4% PAtk-4% PAtk-4% PAtk-3% PAtk-2% PAtk-3% PAtk-3% PAtk
-3-6% PAtk-6% PAtk-6% PAtk-6% PAtk-5% PAtk-5% PAtk-3% PAtk-4% PAtk-5% PAtk
-4-8% PAtk-7% PAtk-7% PAtk-7% PAtk-7% PAtk-6% PAtk-4% PAtk-6% PAtk-6% PAtk
-5-9% PAtk-9% PAtk-9% PAtk-9% PAtk-9% PAtk-7% PAtk-6% PAtk-7% PAtk-8% PAtk
-6-11% PAtk-11% PAtk-11% PAtk-11% PAtk-11% PAtk-9% PAtk-7% PAtk-8% PAtk-9% PAtk
-7-13% PAtk-13% PAtk-12% PAtk-13% PAtk-12% PAtk-10% PAtk-8% PAtk-10% PAtk-10% PAtk
-8-15% PAtk-14% PAtk-14% PAtk-14% PAtk-14% PAtk-11% PAtk-10% PAtk-11% PAtk-12% PAtk
-9-16% PAtk-16% PAtk-15% PAtk-16% PAtk-16% PAtk-13% PAtk-11% PAtk-12% PAtk-13% PAtk
-10-18% PAtk-18% PAtk-17% PAtk-18% PAtk-17% PAtk-14% PAtk-12% PAtk-13% PAtk-14% PAtk
DEXDE FighterHuman FighterElf FighterOrc FighterDwarf FighterDE MageHuman MageElf MageOrc Mage
11%At Spd10%At Spd11%At Spd10%At Spd10%At Spd10%At Spd10%At Spd10%At Spd9%At Spd
4,81 Acc5,08 Acc4,75 Acc5,41 Acc5,15 Acc5,69 Acc5,91 Acc5,59 Acc6,03 Acc
4,81 Eva5,08 Eva4,75 Eva5,41 Eva5,15 Eva5,69 Eva5,91 Eva5,59 Eva6,03 Eva
910%Speed9%Speed10% Speed9%Speed9%Speed9%Speed9%Speed9%Speed8%Speed
10%Crit9%Crit10% Crit9%Crit9%Crit9%Crit9%Crit9%Crit8%Crit
10%At Spd9%At Spd10% At Spd9%At Spd9%At Spd9%At Spd9%At Spd9%At Spd8%At Spd
4,36 Acc4,6 Acc4,3 Acc4,9 Acc4,67 Acc5,17 Acc5,37 Acc5,07 Acc5,48 Acc
4,36 Eva4,6 Eva4,3 Eva4,9 Eva4,67 Eva5,17 Eva5,37 Eva5,07 Eva5,48 Eva
8%At Spd8%At Spd9%At Spd8%At Spd8%At Spd8%At Spd8%At Spd8%At Spd7%At Spd
3,9 Acc4,12 Acc3,85 Acc4,39 Acc4,18 Acc4,63 Acc4,82 Acc4,55 Acc4,91 Acc
3,9 Eva4,12 Eva3,85 Eva4,39 Eva4,18 Eva4,63 Eva4,82 Eva4,55 Eva4,91 Eva
7%At Spd7%At Spd7%At Spd7%At Spd7%At Spd7%At Spd7%At Spd7%At Spd6%At Spd
3,43 Acc3,63 Acc3,39 Acc3,87 Acc3,69 Acc4,09 Acc4,25 Acc4,01 Acc4,34 Acc
3,43 Eva3,63 Eva3,39 Eva3,87 Eva3,69 Eva4,09 Eva4,25 Eva4,01 Eva4,34 Eva
6%At Spd6%At Spd6%At Spd6%At Spd6%At Spd6%At Spd6%At Spd6%At Spd5%At Spd
2,96 Acc3,14 Acc2,92 Acc3,35 Acc3,18 Acc3,54 Acc3,68 Acc3,47 Acc3,76 Acc
2,96 Eva3,14 Eva2,92 Eva3,35 Eva3,18 Eva3,54 Eva3,68 Eva3,47 Eva3,76 Eva
5%At Spd5%At Spd5%At Spd5%At Spd5%At Spd5%At Spd5%At Spd5%At Spd4%At Spd
2,48 Acc2,63 Acc2,45 Acc2,81 Acc2,67 Acc2,97 Acc3,1 Acc2,92 Acc3,17 Acc
2,48 Eva2,63 Eva2,45 Eva2,81 Eva2,67 Eva2,97 Eva3,1 Eva2,92 Eva3,17 Eva
44% Speed4%Speed4%Speed4%Speed4%Speed4%Speed4%Speed4%Speed3%Speed
4% Crit4%Crit4%Crit4%Crit4%Crit4%Crit4%Crit4%Crit3%Crit
4% At Spd4%At Spd4%At Spd4%At Spd4%At Spd4%At Spd4%At Spd4%At Spd3%At Spd
2Acc2,12 Acc1,97 Acc2,27 Acc2,15 Acc2,4 Acc2,51 Acc2,35 Acc2,56 Acc
2Eva2,12 Eva1,97 Eva2,27 Eva2,15 Eva2,4 Eva2,51 Eva2,35 Eva2,56 Eva
3%At Spd3%At Spd3%At Spd3%At Spd3%At Spd3%At Spd3%At Spd3%At Spd2%At Spd
1,51 Acc1,6 Acc1,49 Acc1,72 Acc1,63 Acc1,82 Acc1,9 Acc1,78 Acc1,94 Acc
1,51 Eva1,6 Eva1,49 Eva1,72 Eva1,63 Eva1,82 Eva1,9 Eva1,78 Eva1,94 Eva
2%At Spd2%At Spd2%At Spd2%At Spd2%At Spd2%At Spd2%At Spd2%At Spd1%At Spd
1,02 Acc1,08 Acc1 Acc1,15 Acc1,09 Acc1,23 Acc1,28 Acc1,2 Acc1,31 Acc
1,02 Eva1,08 Eva1 Eva1,15 Eva1,09 Eva1,23 Eva1,28 Eva1,2 Eva1,31 Eva
10,99% Speed1%Speed1%Speed1%Speed1%Speed1%Speed1%Speed1%Speed0%Speed
0,99% Crit1%Crit1%Crit1%Crit1%Crit1%Crit1%Crit1%Crit0%Crit
0,99% At Spd1%At Spd1%At Spd1%At Spd1%At Spd1%At Spd1%At Spd1%At Spd0%At Spd
0,51Acc0,54 Acc0,5 Acc0,58 Acc0,54 Acc0,62 Acc0,65 Acc0,61 Acc0,66 Acc
0,51Eva0,54 Eva0,5 Eva0,58 Eva0,54 Eva0,62 Eva0,65 Eva0,61 Eva0,66 Eva
00% Speed0% Speed0% Speed0% Speed0% Speed0% Speed0% Speed0% Speed0% Speed
0% Crit0% Crit0% Crit0% Crit0% Crit0% Crit0% Crit0% Crit0% Crit
0% At Spd0% At Spd0% At Spd0% At Spd0% At Spd0% At Spd0% At Spd0% At Spd0% At Spd
-1%At Spd-1%At Spd-0,99%At Spd-1%At Spd-1%At Spd-1%At Spd0%At Spd-1%At Spd-1%At Spd
-0,51 Acc-0,54 Acc-0,51 Acc-0,59 Acc-0,57 Acc-0,63 Acc-0,66 Acc-0,62 Acc-0,68 Acc
-0,51 Eva-0,54 Eva-0,51 Eva-0,59 Eva-0,57 Eva-0,63 Eva-0,66 Eva-0,62 Eva-0,68 Eva
-2%At Spd-2%At Spd-2%At Spd-2%At Spd-2%At Spd-2%At Spd-1%At Spd-2%At Spd-2%At Spd
-1,04 Acc-1,12 Acc-1,03 Acc-1,2 Acc-1,14 Acc-1,28 Acc-1,34 Acc-1,25 Acc-1,38 Acc
-1,04 Eva-1,12 Eva-1,03 Eva-1,2 Eva-1,14 Eva-1,28 Eva-1,34 Eva-1,25 Eva-1,38 Eva
-3%At Spd-3%At Spd-3%At Spd-3%At Spd-3%At Spd-2%At Spd-2%At Spd-3%At Spd-3%At Spd
-1,58 Acc-1,69 Acc-1,55 Acc-1,82 Acc-1,72 Acc-1,94 Acc-2,04 Acc-1,9 Acc-2,1 Acc
-1,58 Eva-1,69 Eva-1,55 Eva-1,82 Eva-1,72 Eva-1,94 Eva-2,04 Eva-1,9 Eva-2,1 Eva
-4%At Spd-4%At Spd-4%At Spd-4%At Spd-4%At Spd-3%At Spd-3%At Spd-3%At Spd-4%At Spd
-2,12 Acc-2,27 Acc-2,09 Acc-2,45 Acc-2,31 Acc-2,62 Acc-2,76 Acc-2,56 Acc-2,83 Acc
-2,12 Eva-2,27 Eva-2,09 Eva-2,45 Eva-2,31 Eva-2,62 Eva-2,76 Eva-2,56 Eva-2,83 Eva
-5%At Spd-5%At Spd-5%At Spd-5%At Spd-5%At Spd-4%At Spd-4%At Spd-4%At Spd-5%At Spd
-2,67 Acc-2,86 Acc-2,63 Acc-3,1 Acc-2,92 Acc-3,32 Acc-3,49 Acc-3,24 Acc-3,6 Acc
-2,67 Eva-2,86 Eva-2,63 Eva-3,1 Eva-2,92 Eva-3,32 Eva-3,49 Eva-3,24 Eva-3,6 Eva
-6%At Spd-6%At Spd-6%At Spd-5%At Spd-6%At Spd-5%At Spd-5%At Spd-5%At Spd-6%At Spd
-3,24 Acc-3,47 Acc-3,18 Acc-3,76 Acc-3,54 Acc-4,04 Acc-4,26 Acc-3,94 Acc-4,39 Acc
-3,24 Eva-3,47 Eva-3,18 Eva-3,76 Eva-3,54 Eva-4,04 Eva-4,26 Eva-3,94 Eva-4,39 Eva
-7%At Spd-7%At Spd-7%At Spd-6%At Spd-7%At Spd-6%At Spd-6%At Spd-6%At Spd-7%At Spd
-3,81 Acc-4,09 Acc-3,75 Acc-4,44 Acc-4,17 Acc-4,77 Acc-5,05 Acc-4,66 Acc-5,2 Acc
-3,81 Eva-4,09 Eva-3,75 Eva-4,44 Eva-4,17 Eva-4,77 Eva-5,05 Eva-4,66 Eva-5,2 Eva
-8%At Spd-8%At Spd-8%At Spd-7%At Spd-8%At Spd-7%At Spd-7%At Spd-7%At Spd-7%At Spd
-4,39 Acc-4,72 Acc-4,32 Acc-5,14 Acc-4,82 Acc-5,54 Acc-5,86 Acc-5,39 Acc-6,05 Acc
-4,39 Eva-4,72 Eva-4,32 Eva-5,14 Eva-4,82 Eva-5,54 Eva-5,86 Eva-5,39 Eva-6,05 Eva
-9%At Spd-9%At Spd-9%At Spd-8%At Spd-8%At Spd-8%At Spd-7%At Spd-8%At Spd-8%At Spd
-4,98 Acc-5,37 Acc-4,9 Acc-5,86 Acc-5,48 Acc-6,33 Acc-6,71 Acc-6,16 Acc-6,94 Acc
-4,98 Eva-5,37 Eva-4,9 Eva-5,86 Eva-5,48 Eva-6,33 Eva-6,71 Eva-6,16 Eva-6,94 Eva
-10%At Spd-9%At Spd-10%At Spd-9%At Spd-9%At Spd-9%At Spd-8%At Spd-9%At Spd-9%At Spd
-5,59 Acc-6,03 Acc-5,49 Acc-6,59 Acc-6,16 Acc-7,14 Acc-7,6 Acc-6,95 Acc-7,86 Acc
-5,59 Eva-6,03 Eva-5,49 Eva-6,59 Eva-6,16 Eva-7,14 Eva-7,6 Eva-6,95 Eva-7,86 Eva
CONDE FighterHuman FighterElf FighterOrc FighterDwarf FighterDE MageHuman MageElf MageOrc Mage
1010920 Weight13000 Weight11960 Weight14040 Weight13520 Weight9880 Weight10400 Weight10400 Weight10920 Weight
99880 Weight11440 Weight10400 Weight12480 Weight12480 Weight8840 Weight9360 Weight9360 Weight9880 Weight
88840 Weight9880 Weight9360 Weight10920 Weight10920 Weight7800 Weight8320 Weight8320 Weight8320 Weight
77280 Weight8840 Weight8320 Weight9880 Weight9360 Weight6760 Weight7280 Weight7280 Weight7280 Weight
66240 Weight7280 Weight6760 Weight8320 Weight7800 Weight5720 Weight6240 Weight6240 Weight6240 Weight
55200 Weight6240 Weight5720 Weight6760 Weight6760 Weight4680 Weight5200 Weight5200 Weight5200 Weight
44160 Weight4680 Weight4680 Weight5200 Weight5200 Weight3640 Weight4160 Weight4160 Weight4160 Weight
33120 Weight3640 Weight3120 Weight4160 Weight4160 Weight2600 Weight3120 Weight3120 Weight3120 Weight
22080 Weight2080 Weight2080 Weight2600 Weight2600 Weight1560 Weight2080 Weight2080 Weight2080 Weight
11040 Weight1040 Weight1040 Weight1560 Weight1560 Weight520 Weight1040 Weight1040 Weight1040 Weight
00 Weight0 Weight0 Weight0 Weight0 Weight0 Weight0 Weight0 Weight0 Weight
-1-1040 Weight-1560 Weight-1040 Weight-1040 Weight-1040 Weight-1040 Weight-1040 Weight-520 Weight-1040 Weight
-2-2080 Weight-2600 Weight-2080 Weight-2600 Weight-2080 Weight-2080 Weight-2080 Weight-1560 Weight-2080 Weight
-3-3120 Weight-3640 Weight-3120 Weight-3640 Weight-3640 Weight-2600 Weight-2600 Weight-2600 Weight-3120 Weight
-4-4160 Weight-5200 Weight-4160 Weight-4680 Weight-4680 Weight-3640 Weight-3640 Weight-3120 Weight-4160 Weight
-5-5200 Weight-6240 Weight-5200 Weight-6240 Weight-5720 Weight-4680 Weight-4680 Weight-4160 Weight-5200 Weight
-6-6240 Weight-7280 Weight-6240 Weight-7280 Weight-7280 Weight-5200 Weight-5200 Weight-5200 Weight-6240 Weight
-7-7280 Weight-8320 Weight-7280 Weight-8320 Weight-8320 Weight-6240 Weight-6240 Weight-5720 Weight-6760 Weight
-8-7800 Weight-9360 Weight-8320 Weight-9880 Weight-9360 Weight-7280 Weight-7280 Weight-6760 Weight-7800 Weight
-9-8840 Weight-10400 Weight-9360 Weight-10920 Weight-10400 Weight-7800 Weight-7800 Weight-7800 Weight-8840 Weight
-10-9880 Weight-11440 Weight-10400 Weight-11960 Weight-11440 Weight-8840 Weight-8840 Weight-8320 Weight-9360 Weight
INTDE FighterHuman FighterElf FighterOrc FighterDwarf FighterDE MageHuman MageElf MageOrc Mage
1037,05% MAtk32,40% MAtk33,84% MAtk29,07% MAtk30,09% MAtk82,65% MAtk69,68% MAtk59,52% MAtk48,40% MAtk
932,81% MAtk28,48% MAtk29,76% MAtk25,35% MAtk26,25% MAtk70,25% MAtk63,84% MAtk54,12% MAtk43,60% MAtk
828,65% MAtk24,64% MAtk25,76% MAtk21,71% MAtk24,36% MAtk61,16% MAtk55,23% MAtk46,17% MAtk36,55% MAtk
724,57% MAtk22,75% MAtk21,84% MAtk18,15% MAtk20,64% MAtk52,25% MAtk46,8% MAtk38,40% MAtk31,95% MAtk
620,57% MAtk19,03% MAtk18,00% MAtk14,67% MAtk17,00% MAtk46,41% MAtk38,55% MAtk33,32% MAtk27,43% MAtk
516,65% MAtk15,39% MAtk16,11% MAtk12,96% MAtk13,44% MAtk37,80% MAtk33,15% MAtk25,85% MAtk22,99% MAtk
412,81% MAtk11,83% MAtk12,39% MAtk9,60% MAtk9,96% MAtk29,37% MAtk25,2% MAtk20,97% MAtk16,48% MAtk
310,92% MAtk8,35% MAtk8,75% MAtk6,32% MAtk8,25% MAtk21,12% MAtk17,43% MAtk16,17% MAtk12,24% MAtk
27,20% MAtk6,64% MAtk5,19% MAtk4,71% MAtk4,89% MAtk15,72% MAtk12,35% MAtk9,12% MAtk8,08% MAtk
13,56% MAtk3,27% MAtk1,71% MAtk1,55% MAtk1,61% MAtk7,77% MAtk4,88% MAtk4,52% MAtk4% MAtk
00% MAtk0% MAtk0% MAtk0% MAtk0% MAtk0% MAtk0% MAtk0% MAtk0% MAtk
-1-3,48% MAtk-1,61% MAtk-3,36% MAtk-3,04% MAtk-3,16% MAtk-5,08% MAtk-4,8% MAtk-4,44% MAtk-3,92% MAtk
-2-5,19% MAtk-4,77% MAtk-6,64% MAtk-4,53% MAtk-4,71% MAtk-12,55% MAtk-11,85% MAtk-10,95% MAtk-7,76% MAtk
-3-8,55% MAtk-6,32% MAtk-8,25% MAtk-7,45% MAtk-7,75% MAtk-17,43% MAtk-16,45% MAtk-15,19% MAtk-9,65% MAtk
-4-11,83% MAtk-9,36% MAtk-11,41% MAtk-8,88% MAtk-9,24% MAtk-22,23% MAtk-20,97% MAtk-19,35% MAtk-13,37% MAtk
-5-13,44% MAtk-10,85% MAtk-12,96% MAtk-11,68% MAtk-12,16% MAtk-29,28% MAtk-25,41% MAtk-23,43% MAtk-17,01% MAtk
-6-16,60% MAtk-13,77% MAtk-16,00% MAtk-13,05% MAtk-13,59% MAtk-33,88% MAtk-31,92% MAtk-27,43% MAtk-20,57% MAtk
-7-18,15% MAtk-15,2% MAtk-17,49% MAtk-14,40% MAtk-16,39% MAtk-38,40% MAtk-36,16% MAtk-31,35% MAtk-24,05% MAtk
-8-21,19% MAtk-18% MAtk-20,41% MAtk-17,04% MAtk-17,76% MAtk-42,84% MAtk-40,32% MAtk-35,19% MAtk-25,76% MAtk
-9-22,68% MAtk-19,37% MAtk-21,84% MAtk-18,33% MAtk-19,11% MAtk-49,35% MAtk-44,40% MAtk-37,08% MAtk-29,12% MAtk
-10-25,60% MAtk-20,72% MAtk-24,64% MAtk-19,60% MAtk-21,75% MAtk-53,59% MAtk-48,40% MAtk-40,80% MAtk-32,40% MAtk
WITDE FighterHuman FighterElf FighterOrc FighterDwarf FighterDE MageHuman MageElf MageOrc Mage
1042% C.Speed41% C.Speed47% C.Speed42% C.Speed39% C.Speed60% C.Speed63% C.Speed73% C.Speed66% C.Speed
937% C.Speed36% C.Speed41% C.Speed37% C.Speed34% C.Speed53% C.Speed55% C.Speed64% C.Speed58% C.Speed
832% C.Speed31% C.Speed35% C.Speed32% C.Speed30% C.Speed46% C.Speed48% C.Speed55% C.Speed50% C.Speed
727% C.Speed27% C.Speed30% C.Speed27% C.Speed25% C.Speed39% C.Speed41% C.Speed47% C.Speed43% C.Speed
623% C.Speed22% C.Speed25% C.Speed23% C.Speed21% C.Speed33% C.Speed34% C.Speed39% C.Speed36% C.Speed
518% C.Speed18% C.Speed20% C.Speed18% C.Speed17% C.Speed27% C.Speed28% C.Speed32% C.Speed29% C.Speed
414% C.Speed14% C.Speed16% C.Speed14% C.Speed14% C.Speed21% C.Speed22% C.Speed25% C.Speed23% C.Speed
310% C.Speed11% C.Speed11% C.Speed10% C.Speed10% C.Speed15% C.Speed16% C.Speed18% C.Speed17% C.Speed
27% C.Speed7% C.Speed7% C.Speed7% C.Speed7% C.Speed10% C.Speed10% C.Speed12% C.Speed11% C.Speed
13% C.Speed4% C.Speed3% C.Speed3% C.Speed3% C.Speed5% C.Speed5% C.Speed6% C.Speed5% C.Speed
00% C.Speed0% C.Speed0% C.Speed0% C.Speed0% C.Speed0% C.Speed0% C.Speed0% C.Speed0% C.Speed
-1-4% C.Speed-3% C.Speed-4% C.Speed-4% C.Speed-3% C.Speed-4% C.Speed-5% C.Speed-6% C.Speed-5% C.Speed
-2-7% C.Speed-6% C.Speed-7% C.Speed-7% C.Speed-5% C.Speed-9% C.Speed-9% C.Speed-11% C.Speed-10% C.Speed
-3-10% C.Speed-8% C.Speed-11% C.Speed-10% C.Speed-8% C.Speed-13% C.Speed-14% C.Speed-16% C.Speed-14% C.Speed
-4-12% C.Speed-11% C.Speed-14% C.Speed-12% C.Speed-10% C.Speed-17% C.Speed-18% C.Speed-21% C.Speed-19% C.Speed
-5-15% C.Speed-13% C.Speed-17% C.Speed-15% C.Speed-13% C.Speed-20% C.Speed-22% C.Speed-25% C.Speed-23% C.Speed
-6-17% C.Speed-16% C.Speed-19% C.Speed-17% C.Speed-15% C.Speed-24% C.Speed-25% C.Speed-30% C.Speed-27% C.Speed
-7-20% C.Speed-18% C.Speed-22% C.Speed-20% C.Speed-17% C.Speed-27% C.Speed-29% C.Speed-34% C.Speed-30% C.Speed
-8-22% C.Speed-20% C.Speed-24% C.Speed-22% C.Speed-19% C.Speed-31% C.Speed-32% C.Speed-38% C.Speed-34% C.Speed
-9-24% C.Speed-22% C.Speed-27% C.Speed-24% C.Speed-21% C.Speed-34% C.Speed-36% C.Speed-41% C.Speed-37% C.Speed
-10-26% C.Speed-24% C.Speed-29% C.Speed-26% C.Speed-37% C.Speed-39% C.Speed-45% C.Speed-41% C.Speed
MENDE FighterHuman FighterElf FighterOrc FighterDwarf FighterDE MageHuman MageElf MageOrc Mage
1013% MDef14% MDef13% MDef14% MDef14% MDef15% MDef15% MDef16% MDef16% MDef
912% MDef12% MDef12% MDef12% MDef12% MDef13% MDef13% MDef14% MDef14% MDef
810% MDef11% MDef10% MDef11% MDef11% MDef12% MDef12% MDef12% MDef13% MDef
79% MDef10% MDef9% MDef9% MDef9% MDef10% MDef10% MDef11% MDef11% MDef
68% MDef8% MDef8% MDef8% MDef8% MDef8% MDef9% MDef9% MDef9% MDef
56% MDef7% MDef6% MDef7% MDef7% MDef7% MDef7% MDef8% MDef8% MDef
45% MDef6% MDef5% MDef5% MDef5% MDef5% MDef5% MDef6% MDef6% MDef
34% MDef4% MDef4% MDef4% MDef4% MDef4% MDef4% MDef4% MDef5% MDef
22% MDef3% MDef2% MDef3% MDef3% MDef3% MDef2% MDef3% MDef3% MDef
11% MDef2% MDef1% MDef1% MDef1% MDef1% MDef1% MDef1% MDef1% MDef
00% MDef0% MDef0% MDef0% MDef0% MDef0% MDef0% MDef0% MDef0% MDef
-1-2% MDef-1% MDef-2% MDef-1% MDef-1% MDef-2% MDef-2% MDef-1% MDef-2% MDef
-2-3% MDef-2% MDef-3% MDef-3% MDef-3% MDef-3% MDef-3% MDef-3% MDef-3% MDef
-3-4% MDef-3% MDef-4% MDef-4% MDef-4% MDef-5% MDef-5% MDef-4% MDef-4% MDef
-4-5% MDef-5% MDef-5% MDef-5% MDef-5% MDef-6% MDef-6% MDef-6% MDef-6% MDef
-5-7% MDef-6% MDef-7% MDef-6% MDef-6% MDef-7% MDef-8% MDef-7% MDef-7% MDef
-6-8% MDef-7% MDef-8% MDef-8% MDef-8% MDef-9% MDef-9% MDef-9% MDef-9% MDef
-7-9% MDef-8% MDef-9% MDef-9% MDef-9% MDef-10% MDef-10% MDef-10% MDef-10% MDef
-8-10% MDef-9% MDef-10% MDef-10% MDef-10% MDef-11% MDef-12% MDef-11% MDef-12% MDef
-9-11% MDef-11% MDef-11% MDef-11% MDef-11% MDef-13% MDef-13% MDef-13% MDef-13% MDef
-10-13% MDef-12% MDef-13% MDef-12% MDef-12% MDef-14% MDef-14% MDef-14% MDef-14% MDef

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