Lineage 2 Acronyms and Abbreviations List

Lineage 2 Acronyms and Abbreviations List by Masmune

DE – Dark Elf
LE – Light Elf
Dorf – Dwarf


DA – Dark Avenger
TH – Treasure Hunter
TK – Temple Knight
DD – Damage Dealer (fighter class basically)
HE – Hawkeye
SE – Shilien Elder

SOP – Stone of Purity
SOE – Scroll of Escape
SoE – Staff of Evil
SLS – Samurai Longsword
Ori – Orihakrun Ore
Ore – Usually Orihakrun Ore
Skin – Animal Skins
FP – Full Plate Armor
Brig – Brigadine Armor
SoR – Sword of Revolution
sor – Sword of Reflection – WHICH sor do you want? hehe
SoS – Sword of Solidarity
SoD – Sword of Damascus
sod – Sword of Delusion – WHICH sod do you want? hehe
SA – Special Ability / Weapon Bestowment


res – Resurection Type Spell
xp res – Resurection Type Spell that gives back lost XP
rez – same as res
xp rez – same as xp res
ww – Wind Walker

GC – Giants Cave
ToI – Tower of Insolence
FoM – Forrest of Mirrors
DP – Death Pass
DI – Devil’s Isle
AC – Abandoned Camp
FT – Forgotten Temple
Temple – Forgotten Temple
OB – Orc Barracks
Cruma – Cruma Tower
CT – Cruma Tower
FG – Forbidden Gateway
DV – Dragon Valley
RoD – Ruins of Despair
RoA – Ruins of Agony
IT – Ivory Tower

-Chat / Forum Terms-

AFK – away from keyboard
WTS – want to sell
WTB – want to buy
WTT – want to trade
lfg – looking for group
rec – recommend this person (rate them)
PK – player killer
noob – newbie or someone new to the game or lacking skills
KOS – kill on site, some maintain a list – oh no
+++ – please give me
55555 – some say crying some say laughing… you decide
O.o – whaaa?
^^ – happy
>.< – angry or frustrated
T.T – crying
IMO – in my opinion
IMHO – in my honest opinion
ROFL – roll on floor laughing
LOL – laugh out loud (anyone ever accidentally use this in real life)
woot – yay!
kthxby – okay thank you bye, sarcastic avoid using unless wanting PK (see PK)
PTS – Public Test Server

-Game Related Programs-
GG – gamegaurd (ya you know what it is by now)
TS – teamspeak (voice conferencing software)

DYJHA – don’t you just hate acronyms

Im sure I left many out… so feel free to add your own that you use.

Special thanks to ST. Thomas, MistryIQA, Woodsman, and DarkMotion for enhancing this list.

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