EverQuest 2 Sentinel’s Fate Guide

EverQuest 2 Sentinel’s Fate Guide by Oakmiser

Overland Zones(Solo Content)
-The Sundered Frontier: Reached by selecting it on any Ulteran Spire portal.
Druid Ring Location: 988.60, -49.60, 3,377.99, In Toxxulia Forest.

-Stoneburnt Highlands: Reached by using the Launch Pad Discs. From Paineel, use the teleporter Launch Pad>Toxxulia Forest, Talk to the Temporal
Pathfinder(Dark Robed NPC) and select Stonebrunt Mountains.

Instances(Heroic Content)
The Hole
Access: Reached by Teleporter or Feather Fall. Access to this specific teleporter location is gained via quest. —- This quest can be started
by clicking the damaged teleporter pad at 1,680.12, -111.42, 3,405.02 and you will recieve Ruined Teleporter quest, Finish to gain access to
the now fixed teleporter and to Old Paineel teleporter. (( CORRECTION http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Just_a_Jump_to_the_Left gives access to the hole, the ruined teleporter gives access only to old paineel ))
-The door to the East is the entrance to the three instanced single group versions of the hole. Each has unique AA, quests, and encounters
different from the contested version of The Hole. Hafiz offers the Mark of Manaar quests for the single group instances.

* The Outer Vault(Level 90~)
* Demitrik’s Bastion(Level 90~)
* Spirits Resonance(Level 88~)

-The door to the South leads to the contested zone. Weighing in at two times the size of Sanctum of the Scaleborn we have The Hole(Contested).
Use any evac spell and you are taken to the central area of the zone where you will find three helpful NPCs(They speak Words of Shade).
Petraeus offers information on the lore of the three warring factions of the Hole(The Defenders of the Seal, The Caertaxian Legion, The
Guardians of the Underfoot.) Gemon offers information on the locations of specific quest items you will need for faction questing. Lamis offers
you a suit that prevents faction loss for five platinum. This suit is important to furthering your faction with all factions at the same time
rather then needing to focus on one. It adjusts your faction standing to -50,000 with The Defenders of the Seal, The Caertaxian Legion, The
Guardians of the Underfoot. This prevents further loss of faction standing with the quest NPCs while remaining aggro to all quest mobs, and not
taking a faction loss when you kill them.

* The Hole(Level 82~)

-I have yet to found the purpose of the door to the West.

Vasty Deep
Access: Entrance is located at: -160.02, 174.49, -379.55 in The Stonebrunt Highlands and enter the Blue/Green teleport spiral.
Full Directions to this location: Launch Pad at Moonfield Hamlet, no connection from Landing in Stonebrunt from taking the Toxxulia Pad,so goto

61.66, 377.24, 1,257.92, Select Quel’ule, Select Marred Plateau, Select Deepwater Pavilion, go into the Pavilion and behind the entrance

Staircase to -160.02, 174.49, -379.55 and then walk through the Blue/Green teleport spiral.

* The Conservatory(Level 86~)
* Abandoned Labs(Level 90~)
* The Vestigial Cella(Level 92~)
*Perah’Celsis Abominable Laboratory(x4 Raid)

The Sentinel(The Vigilant)
Access: Use the teleporter in Paineel to goto the Airship Dock. Ismat offers Mark of Manaar quests.

* Incursion(Level 93~)
* Infiltration(Level 93~)
* Rescue(Level 93~)
*Final Destruction (x2 Raid)

Access: Launch Pad at Moonfield Hamlet, no connection from Landing in Stonebrunt from taking the Toxxulia Pad, so goto 61.66, 377.24, 1,257.92,

Select Quel’ule, Select Marred Plateau. Talk to the Temporal Pathfinder and select your zone. Quest hub for these heroic instances is located

at Deepwater Pavilion. Rafiqa offers the Mark of Manaar quests.

* Erudin Library(Level 93~)
* Erudin Research Halls(Level 93~)
* Erudin Royal Palace(Level 93~)
*The Palace of Roehn Theer (x4 Raid)

CRAFTING (Copy Pasted From Domino’s Post on Beta Forums, had her permission)
Transmuting and tinkering and adorning
tinkering recipes are all be on the beta buffer and ready for testing.
transmuting has been split into transmuting + adorning. All new characters should now start with the transmuting skill in their abilities (it’s now counted as a harvesting skill). The adorning skill requires you to speak to the adorning trainer (or beta buffer). The beta buffer also has the adorning recipes for sale now.
the rate of skill gain in both tinkering and adorning should be improved from the way it is currently on live servers.

Crafting factions
crafters can earn favour with 4 main factions in The Sentinel’s Fate: the Craftkeepers of Paineel, Kerra Isle, Researchers of Quel’ule, and Hua Mein Craftsmen. (Exact names may be subject to slight change). The last three are each oriented towards outfitters, scholars, and craftsmen, respectively.

Faction rewards (also sold by the beta buffer during beta) include additional recipes as well as house items and other non-combat type items.

Amounts of faction rewarded by the crafting quests should now be correct. Doing the main quest line for each of the 3 archtype factions (Kerra, Hua Mein, and Quel’ule) should leave you at +4000 faction. There are subsequent daily missions if you wish to increase this further. If you are not the archetype that aligns with that quest faction you will only be able to complete 5/7 daily missions they offer – those of the correct archetype for that faction will have an advantage.

Quest lines

The Sentinel’s Fate contains the longest tradeskill quest line in any expansion yet!

Start by speaking to Felice of the Far Seas Trading Company, down the slope from the arrival spires in the Sundered Frontier. She needs some help learning about the newly rediscovered continent, and her quests will lead you into all the others.

Felice has 6 quests

the Craftkeepers have 13 quests

Kerra Isle, Quel’ule, and Hua Mein each have 8 quests

there are also 7 daily missions for each of the 4 factions. The Craftkeepers’ is now available once you complete the last Craftkeepers quest, “Report to Quel’ule”: see Oolioomon in Paineel Commons. The Kerra missions (outfitter oriented) are also now available once you complete the last Kerra Isle quest, “A Strange Spirit”: see Harriet who stands right beside Chinook. The Hua Mein missions are available from Yun Zi once you finish the last Hua Mein quest, “Supplementary Camouflage”. The Quel’ule missions are available from Azira once you finish the last Quel’ule quest, “Stabilizing the Fields”.

In addition, Alchemist Janicia in Rivervale is offering a new quest to alchemists for further dust distillation recipes.

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