EverQuest II PvP Tier 2+ Guide

EverQuest II PvP Tier 2+ Guide by Wildfury77

This is aimed at new players and players from PvE who wish to PvP at the lower tiers and not just speed-level

On the island:

Keep adventure level at around 4 (lock xp – right click on xp bar). The point of keeping xp off is to gear up for tier 2 before you become attackable at lvl 10. Level Artisan to 9. Harvest raws. The loams sell well (tinkerers need them). Harvest as many appropriate rares as possible for spell/CA upgrades. Its MUCH easier to get Rare loams/metal/lapis on the island  – as the rocks are set spawns and regularly respawn unlike on the mainland. Collect treasured gear/adept 1s off the goblins just outside first gate —–> Again will sell well due to tradeskillers who are leveling transmuting. Now move to mainland.

In starter zone.

Keep xp off. Join a guild!! Either buy or ask someone in guild to make you a Sales display – these can be expensive…..if not enough cash/guild help a basic crate will do or you can make your own Alder(tier 1 rare) crate. Try and get at least 2.

Get your basic house, put up market board. Add the crates and start selling those treasured/rares. Next head to Qeynos harbor and pick a tradeskill…you will ding lvl 10. This gives you a new set of tradeskill buffs that raise durability. I generally think its a good idea to pick a tradeskill that lets you improve your CAs/Spells…..Scholar!!

Go back to starter zone….buy the (very cheap artisan books including advanced). Make Adept III tier 1 skills, start at lvl 9 and work back…..these will be the last skills you upgrade therefore boost them first.

Head to Ant/CL/Gfay etc…..

If you plan on competing this is the vital step…..Harvest raws, head back and level up tradeskill(scholar) to 19. Buy the basic books. During this process try and persuade a guildmate to make you bags for inventory and crates for bank. The bags should be at least 10 slot+. If no help buy these from broker (you should have made cash from selling island stuff by now!!). Check broker regularly for Advanced tradeskill books….sometimes they are expensive – just buy the cheaper ones and watch the market, prices will go up and down SMILEY

With your Scholar skills make spell/CA upgrades –>Adept III if possible/certainly AppIV. Put these in bank. You get a Master II skill choice at lvl 14 so i would tend to make that one just AppIV if you are short of harvested rares. Sell all the tier 2 rares you don’t need. Do broker search:

1)For legendary gear lvl 10-15 —-> Often better and cheaper than MC.

2)For treasured gear lvl 12-19 —-> Often better and cheaper than MC.

3)Rares you are short off.

Ask guildmates to make you MC armor/weapons (unless you found cheap legendary). Make the following slots in preference 1)Chest(imbued) 2)Legs(imbued) 3)Weapons (inc ranged – usually very cheap tier 2). 4)Rings(imbued). N.B. you can make your own rings and jewelry as a scholar!!

GET hex dolls!! Use one of the cheaper rares (sisal) and add a lot of stats. Get 2, and get rid of the torch now before you forget. Also if a scout take your poisons out of charm slot – they can be used from inventory. Also get hold of an ammo bag – even a tier 1 holds a lot!!!

By now you should have a fullset of gear for tier 2 PvP – but still be adventure lvl 4.

Time to lvl up!! turn xp on!

1) Run around all the city zones getting discovery xp (gives no AA anyway- achievement xp, needed to be competitive). Run to Nek and TS and do the griffon quests…again no AA. You may die if you get agro accidentally….but get these quest done. Now lvl to 10, equip hex dolls, rest of gear you probably can’t use until lvl 12. Lvl 10-12 you may die a bit!!!  I tend to relock-xp now.  Do ALL non-repeatable lvl 10+ quest now….most give AA xp and some xp. Level up via quests.  Personally i think targetting lvl 15 and stopping is the best aim. At level 15 you can attack/be attacked by lvl 11 to 19. And importantly not by an SK with Harm Touch – which will kill you instantly. Importantly mid-tier you have a large spread of PvP targets.

Some people “hate locking” but this will enable you to group up and get your PvP faction up. It starts at -10000 but u need 8-12k for the lvl 20/23/25 pvp gear. So I would stay locked at 15 – learn about PvP/get ganked and get your faction at least to 12k.


1) Adorns – get as many as you can afford. the weapon adorns add extra DPS and are VERY cheap.

2) Totems – power and health totems help downtime, i always use them. Wolf totems are useful. if you can’t get a SoW off a druid/mystic. They are the “Poor man’s horse”. Wolf totems are usable at lvl 15.

3) Wrist slots – you can’t get player made wrist items tier 2. The best choices come from 2 nameds in BB or from the Raid Chief in WCaves. The BBurrow ones drop from The Howler(legendary) and Captain Fraxz(fabled). For qeynos peeps. – check the fence. the Raid chief wrist items are usually MUCH cheaper via the fence. N.B the fence spawns in Ant/CL…ask a guard if “Fudd” is up…..the location will be marked on map or guard will shrug if fence isn’t up.

4) Extra AA – A lvl 15group equipped as above can handle almost every tier 2 named….kill them all for extra AA!!
a couple things i’ll add:

  • if you transmute items, you can make your own adornments for some slots. a t2 scholar should be able to make adorns for all the jewelery slots. transmuting skill is available on the right hand side of the docks at BBM
  • the Enigma of The [tradeskill] Volume 1 books seem to be very expensive on the broker. you can get lots of these on the island
  • right-click on chat window > chat options > turn on all the channels you can. you might find a guild while still on the island and then you can get those bags and boxes made


  • you’re still below lvl 10. do your racial quest. on both sides, some races have some very interesting items as rewards. on the freeport side, you often get a quest to go see the guy at the graveyard – free aa just for running over there. do this quest for sure as you get an item that gives you a 15 minute buff for +1 to all stats. this is equivalent to a one plat legendary adorn – why not use it.
  • time to lvl up!! DO NOT turn your xp on. you can easily get to lvl 10 by doing t1 quests and get more treasured stuff to sell or transmute. Personally I think targetting lvl 17 and stopping is the best aim. at lvl 17 you are out of range of the toons in lvl 22 MC gear. at lvl 17 you can attack down to 13 when people start twinking and can be attacked by lvl 21’s. i don’t usually even bother running down lvl 13’s. i will chase 14’s around as this is where the first people usually start locking, but i don’t generally go looking for them. HT – /invite a healer, and a good healer who knows to start spamming that group heal as soon as targets are sighted
  • quest gear: dlw has some quests that give some gear better than MC – at least for druids. i can’t remember if you get other choices or not for different classes

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