Eudemons Exp Balling Guide

Eudemons Exp Balling Guide by PieAddict

What is exp balling?
Exp balling is a steady and reasonable fast way to earn ep’s without any risk. Why? Because you can’t loose what you are making, even when you get pked you don’t drop exp balls.

How to start?
You need atleast 200 pot, preferably 300+ but 200 is enough to start effectively. Make sure you got Gods Blessing, if not, let a friend or your own mannequin buy the empty exp balls from the grocery for 245k each.

After you bought around 10-15 exp balls and around 100 randoms, maybe more or less, depending on how you play you can head to island, from there you pathfind to vulcano and go to Lost Land, there you walk to the right and talk to the npc to enter Catamaze, this total trip costs 730k.

Start by killing monsters while in no team at all. Decline all requests and just fill one at a time, here is an overview of the average filling rate per pot and with/without double exp and with/without exp gems (these are without the blue exp increasing spawns from the ground):

No double exp:
200 pot -> 2-4 per hour
300 pot -> 4-5 per hour
400 pot -> 6-7 per hour
500 pot -> 8-10 per hour

Double exp:
200 pot -> 5-7 per hour
300 pot -> 9-11 per hour
400 pot -> 13-15 per hour
500 pot -> 17-20 per hour

No double exp with 4 refined sapphires:
200 pot -> 3-5 per hour
300 pot -> 5-7 per hour
400 pot -> 8-9 per hour
500 pot -> 10-12 per hour

Double exp with 4 refined sapphires:
200 pot -> 7-11 per hour
300 pot -> 11-15 per hour
400 pot -> 17-19 per hour
500 pot -> 21-25 per hour

No double exp with 4 super sapphires:
200 pot -> 5-7 per hour
300 pot -> 7-9 per hour
400 pot -> 11-13 per hour
500 pot -> 15-17 per hour

Double exp with 4 super sapphires:
200 pot -> 11-15 per hour
300 pot -> 15-19 per hour
400 pot -> 23-27 per hour
500 pot -> 31-35 per hour

No double exp with 5 super sapphires:
200 pot -> 6-8 per hour
300 pot -> 8-10 per hour
400 pot -> 12-14 per hour
500 pot -> 16-18 per hour

Double exp with 5 super sapphires:
200 pot -> 12-16 per hour
300 pot -> 17-21 per hour
400 pot -> 25-29 per hour
500 pot -> 33-37 per hour

No double exp with 6 super sapphires:
200 pot -> 8-10 per hour
300 pot -> 10-12 per hour
400 pot -> 15-17 per hour
500 pot -> 19-23 per hour

Double exp with 6 super sapphires:
200 pot -> 18-22 per hour
300 pot -> 23-27 per hour
400 pot -> 34-37 per hour
500 pot -> 39-47 per hour

These are estimated numbers based on my own experience so not 100% accurate but close to it. And these numbers only apply in cata.

Why are sapphire gems better then amber gems for exp balling?
A Super Amber gives +30% on a monster right? Well those 30% bonus only count for the kill exp, let’s say a monster gives 50k exp for killing it (exp without the damage exp), well instead of 50k exp you get 65k exp. Let’s assume you get 200k exp for damaging the monster, that means the total exp is 265k.

With a Super Sapphire you get +25% bonus on killing the monster + on the damage exp (notice how you get exp whenever you damage a monster? well that’s what I mean with it) AND +5% for killing the monster, so let’s assume you get 200k exp for damaging the monster, that means instead of 200k exp you get 250k exp, instead of 50k kill exp you get 52.5k kill exp which makes the total amount 302.5k exp.

As you can see, Super Sapphires work better and that’s why all exp ballers including me have them.

Note: the +5% kill exp in the second formula is from the 1 BP you get from having a Super Sapphire.

How to start from scratch?
Boss hunt untill you got a 2 soc weapon, 1 soc boots and 1 soc bracelet, fill these with refined sapphires.

Remember, sell 3/7 of your exp balls for gold to make up for the cost of the empty exp balls, randoms and trip to cata. Always make sure you can stay long enough to make profit because once you log out you appear in cronus.

A few things that affect your exp balls per hour:
-> Amount of times of good randoms (on good spawns)
-> Amount of times of bad randoms (on bad spawns)
-> Amount of total randoms you use.
-> Amount of blue spawns that you find.
-> Amount of lagg and kills per xp skill.

Things you need to learn as a beginner:
-> The right time to press the hotkey to switch a full exp ball for an empty one.
-> The amount of randoms per exp ball that you need, this depends on your playing style so experiment with it yourself.

How do “Blue Spawns” work?
Often when you kill a monster you see a blue spawn laying on the ground, these things give cool free bonusses, a few of them are:
-> +50% experience for 10 minutes
-> +60% experience for 10 minutes
-> +80% experience for 10 minutes
-> +100% experience for 10 minutes

-> +50% recovery of your xp skill bar for 10 minutes
-> +60% recovery of your xp skill bar for 10 minutes
-> +80% recovery of your xp skill bar for 10 minutes
-> +100% recovery of your xp skill bar for 10 minutes

-> +50% dodge for 10 minutes
-> +60% dodge for 10 minutes
-> +80% dodge for 10 minutes
-> +100% dodge for 10 minutes

-> +50% gold for 10 minutes
-> +60% gold for 10 minutes
-> +80% gold for 10 minutes
-> +100% gold for 10 minutes

-> +50% attack for 10 minutes
-> +60% attack for 10 minutes
-> +80% attack for 10 minutes
-> +100% attack for 10 minutes

When you stand on 1 you can get 1 from the above bonusses, the ones you aim for are +experience and +recovery.

If you pick up 2 of the same spawns, let’s say experience, the first one is +80% experience and the 2th one is +50% experience, as you can see the 2th one is lower but sadly from now on you will only get +50% experience.

You can have 1 of each on you at the same time, but not 2 of the same, so if you got one on you and you pick a 2th one of the same kind you will delete your first one and replace it with the second one.

This means you can have luck and increase everything but also bad luck and loose your +80% experience for a +50% one.

These 2 things sound as really little things but at a long term these 2 things can increase your income quite good if done correctly.

Here follow a few tips to get the max per hour with exp balling:
-> Tell friends not to whisper you but use friends chat instead, or tell them not to talk for a while.
-> See an enemy? Just random away, even if you can kill him, the blue name makes you a target and will kill you eventually so better stay white named and continue to kill.
-> Close as many things as you can untill you have no lagg at all, this way you don’t get stuck or lagg during xp skills.
-> Put empty exp balls on the hotkeys 1~4 and use that to switch full balls for empty ones, helps alot.
-> Don’t pick up any gold or items, eggs only the valkery and vanquisher ones.
-> Appoint your highest star eudemon as Tactician in the Knights Table, this will increase your exp per monster to.
-> The most important tip: Stand on any blue spawns monsters leave behind, these often increase your exp (work the same as sapphire gems) or make your xp skill recharge faster!

Using these tips you will fill alot faster and get the max per hour for your pot.

I’m getting killed at Island …
As you may know, Island is a dangerous pk place, especially the “docks” since there are no guards there. The good thing about Gods Blessing is that you get a free Star Eye from the same guy where you get your 2x exp, you can use this Star Eye as long as you want whenever you have Gods Blessing.

The first trip is the hardest, pathfind to the Vulcano NPC at Island hope you don’t get pked, take a few randoms with you and if you see a pker on the docks just random out and try again in a few minutes.

Once you reach at that npc right click your Star Eye and set that place as your teleport place, from now on, every time you appear on the Island and you right click your Star Eye you will appear there, this way you won’t get pked while heading out to fill exp balls.

The castle is more besides some cool looking place, once you reach level 3 you can build a level 2 teleporter for 200 eps. This is an investment that takes a while to earn it back but worth it if you are going to make exp balls for a longer period of time.

What does a level 2 teleporter do? This npc allows you to teleport to LostLand for only 100k, this way you don’t have any risk of getting pked at Island and it saves you 100k per trip!

Like I said, it’s only worth investing in this if you are gonna make exp balls for a longer period of time.

How to sell exp balls effectively:
After you filled all the exp balls you bought you can head back to market, always use a mannequin for selling. Why? Because you can keep filling exp balls while your mannequin is selling for you.

Look for the average exp ball price in gold and ep on your server and sell 3/7 of your exp balls for gold to make up for all the costs and the rest for ep (your profit).

What also can be usefull is to find daily buyers, I got 5 daily buyers in my legion and thanks to this I sell 100+ exp balls per day at all times.

If the selling goes slow do NOT lower your exp ball price, this will start to ruin your market, thanks to people who did this is the average exp ball price on Las Vegas only 5 ep so I really suggest you don’t do it.

Staying the same level
After level 124+ you can’t exp ball effectively anymore but I suggest to stay level 100 or lower, why? Because you need less exp to fill an exp ball which makes it able to fill more per hour.

Here are a few ways so you won’t level up, you can use these tricks to get rid of any exp you get from Gods Blessing:

PK -> Go with a higher pot friend to EvilBeach in Vulcano, take off all your items and put them in your warehouse. Now let your friend summon a mage pet and attack it, the pet will kill you and you will loose 1%. Your friend gains 0 pk and takes over some of your exp. Revive with Gods Blessing and keep doing it untill you are back at your satisfied percentage.

Mentor -> My favorite trick that I personally use all the time, ask your mentor to meet you somewhere, delete him as mentor and re-add him again, doing this you don’t have to wait 3 days and you will loose a certain percentage every time you do this (depending on your level). This is the fastest way since it usually takes me around 10 minutes to get rid of 90% at level 100.

Well I hope this guide helps a bit, thanks for reading,

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