Eredan iTCG Card Types Guide

Eredan iTCG Card Types Guide by JarodG64

1) Rare cards
2) The upgrades
3) The restrictions (guild / class / race) see Guide.
4) Number of cards in a deck.
5) How to get new cards ?
Ambidextrous weapons (Guide)
Equipment limitation (Guide)

1) Rare cards:
The rarity of a card can be seen at the bottom left corner of the card. It is also the symbol of the series.
Symbol for the Fallen from the Sky series: 7049fa1b46523170cd8fc01ac7a18798.png

You can check if the card is rare by observing the symbol color:
White => common
Gray => uncommon
Gold => rare
Symbol + white background => legendary
Red cup: Exploit or Collector.
Note that the foil cards have the same rarity that their non-foil equivalent
(Eredan iTCG Foil Cards Information)

2) The Upgrades:
Each card that has a number on its top right hand corner can upgrade when it has reached the necessary amount of experience. When the number is yellow, it means that the card can no longer upgrade. The number of upgrades possible can vary (for example 1 to 5 for the characters).

To access the upgrade pannel, go to your collection, choose “Cards ready to upgrade only” in the navigation menu, select the card you want to upgrade, click on the symbol made of a small red card, a green arrow and a bigger card. A new pannel will open where you will see what your futur upgraded card looks like and you will also see the  cards required to produce the upgrade. (if others are needed).
Note that some upgrades are sealed (padlock). It means these cards require particular conditions to upgrade.

3) The restrictions (guild / class / race):
For cards that are available to more than one class or race, the restrictions are written in bold before the details of their effects. The symbol of race and / or guild will look different, like a star.


Ready to fight -> Warrior – Marauder. To play this card your character must be a Warrior OR a marauder OR both. There are no restrictions on the race and on the guild.
Beat it -> Kotoba – Warrior. To use this card, your character must belong to the Kotoba AND must be a warrior. No restriction on the race.

4) Number of cards in a deck:
You can only have 3 copies of the same card in your deck (upgrades included).
Some cards are unique – it’s written on them -therefore there can only be one copy of it in your deck. Pay attention to this kind of detail when you upgrade your cards.

5) How to get new cards ?
You can buy them in the market where players sale their cards or via the store.

There are 3 types of products in the shop:

Deck: You can buy the other starter decks with crystals

Cards: You can buy “exploit” cards (rare cards). Those cards are usually a bit more powerful. To buy some of them you will need to reach a certain level.

Boosters: Those are bought with Fee’z and Fee’z are bought with real money through the bank.
one booster contains 4 cards belonging to the series indicated and the other one contains 12 cards (1 rare, 4 uncommon and 7 common).

Note that buying a booster allows you to put some of your cards up for sale at the market
(Eredan iTCG Selling Cards Guide)

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