Eredan iTCG Feez and Marketplace FAQ

Eredan iTCG Feez and Marketplace FAQ by bleachman

Eredan iTCG is an online trading card game. You are able to purchase cards from other players as well as sell your own cards to other players. This part of the FAQ threads will explain how the in game marketplace works, how you can buy new cards, sell yours and where you have to go to take care of all of these things.

This FAQ thread is built as following:

-What are Feez and Crystals and How Can I Get Them?
Here you can read up on information pertaining to Feez and how you can purchase them and what they are there for. It will also explain ways to earn Crystals.

-In Game Store – What Are You Buying?
There are many great things you can purchase with Feez and Crystals in the in game shop. Here you will be able to read up on what you can buy, how to do so and what else awaits you in the in game shops.

-Marketplace – How Does It Work?
You want to buy specific cards or even sell your own? Well you need to visit the marketplace to do this. Here you can read up on how to do so, what to pay attention too and how to do all of the above.

-Feez & Marketplace FAQ
If you have questions pertaining to issues in this topic, that are not clarified in this thread, feel free to ask them. Ones that are asked often will be posted in this part of the thread for you to look up. So check here before you post a question!

*This thread is as any other FAQ thread subject to change and alteration. Some content in this thread may change over the course of time. We will do our best to keep it up to date. Feel free to suggest FAQ additions in this thread: Link to the FAQ Suggestions/Missing thread.*

1.01 What are Feez and Crystals? – How can I get them?

Eredan iTCG has two currencies, with which you can purchase cards and even unlockable trophies. The two currencies are Feez, one you receive for real money and Crystals, which has various ways you can earn it in game, in other words a free currency. This post will deal with how you can earn or get these currencies and the basics of what you can do with them.

1.02.1 Feez

[Image showing the Feez amount from the top left corner of the screen]*

You obtain Feez by purchasing them with real money or receiving them as a godfather. Each country has different payment options which can change and differ greatly from time to time. The most popular payment options are via Paypal and creditcard, others include directly debiting your bank account or even sending in text messages which charges your phone bill directly. Another great way to earn Feez is by being a godfather to another player.

Here is where you can find the Feez purchasing options:

[[This part of the post will contain images showing a sequence on how to find the Feez purchasing options, etc…]]*

[Screenshot 1: Shows the Buy Stuff button pressed and its tree of options shown, including the bank one, where people can purchase Feez.]*
[Screenshot 2: Shows the Feez purchasing screen with the different options to buy Feez.]*

Surveys are also a way to get some Feez, one especially liked by players who choose not to spend real money on the game. To access surveys, click on the marked image down below. Do note that some countries may not have any accessable surveys as these are not offered everywhere by the companies paying for the Feez. If you ever are not reimbursed for your surveys, please contact Feerik directly on the issue.

[Screenshot showing the Survey tab in the Feez purchasing options.]*

Feez are used to purchase booster packs containing new cards and also to purchase old event trophies. The packs vary in prices and contents, as well as the old trophies have a large variety of challenges you can unlock with Feez. More to that matter in the section below.

1.02.2 Crystals

[Image showing the crystals amount in the upper left corner]*

Crystals are the main currency of the game. You can earn them in various ways and have plenty of ways to spend them as well. There are quite a few ways to earn crystals. They are:

-Playing games:
Every time you play a game outside of the Training Rooms you gain an amount of crystals (as well as experience points). The better you play, the more crystals you gain. This means, if you lose, you get less than you would should you win. If you win with a perfect, you will gain even more! Low fairplay levels decrease the amount of crystals you gain! So play fair and safe!

-Daily income for Facebook users:
Like many online games linked to Facebook today, you gain a free amount of crystals every day as a login bonus. The more friends you have playing Eredan iTCG, the more crystals you can get this way (max 250C with 50 friends).

-Marketplace earnings:
Whenever you sell your own cards in the marketplace, you get crystals added to your amount. More on this down below.


There are a lot of challenging trophies you can earn in Eredan iTCG. Some of these offer Crystals as their entire reward or only part of it. These amounts can range up to thousands of crystals! More on trophies here.

Eredan iTCG has a growing tournament community and there you can earn a lot of crystals as well. Of course you have to play your best and beat the other players to get some tasty Cs.

-Events and Special Occasions:
Sometimes we will have unordinary tournaments or events that reward the player base with lots of goodies, including Crystals. Make sure to participate in such events to score some great goodies!

You can spend Crystals in various ways as well. The most likely scenario would be you purchasing cards from other players in the marketplace. Otherwise you can also buy some special cards from the in game shop to increase your collection of fun cards. More to which cards and the marketplace can be found here and here.

1.03 In Game Store – What Are You Buying?

The in game store has a lot of awesome things to offer. There you can spend your acquired Feez and crystals to buy awesome things, ranging from booster packs, single cards and even trophies, which unlock special and useful cards! This part of the guide will give you some insight on what you can buy there, how much it costs and if its really worth the money.

1.03.1 The In Game Store – Get to know it!

This is how you find the in game store:

[Screenshot sequence showing which buttons to click to get to the in game shop.]*

Now that you are here, let’s check out the different parts of the shop.

1.03.2 Booster Packs

Booster packs are a vital and important way to get cards. You can only purchase booster packs with Feez. The variety of booster packs ranges a bit and there is quite a bit you can buy from the in game store. To check them out, click on the ‘Boosters’ button.

Eredan iTCG currently only has one main edition of cards obtainable via booster packs: Fallen From The Sky. There are two main types of booster packs that contain cards from this edition:

4 card packs contain random four cards from the edition. 4 card packs cost 120 Feez each. These four cards can range from mere commons to epic legendary cards. The odds of getting rare cards are low, as you only have four chances and commons obviously come before rares and more.

The experiences with these packs vary. Some people have been ultimately lucky and have pulled extremely rare legendary or rare cards in their packs, whereas many others have been receiving lots of commons and uncommons in them.

There are also 12 card packs obtainable for 400 Feez. The cost for these 12 cards is higher than that of the four card packs, however, in these twelve card packs, you are guaranteed 1 rare card, 4 uncommon cards and 7 common cards. You also have a low chance at getting a famed Destiny card in every tenth pack.

There are alternative versions of the 12 card booster packs, which, including the above guaranteed cards, make sure four of those 12 cards belong to a specific guild or caste. Any four to six cards from that pack are 100% going to belong to the certain guild or caste the booster pack belongs too.

Those are the only booster packs available in the booster pack section of the store. More packs will surely make their way into the in game store, so keep up to date and check up on it regularly!

1.03.3 Decks

This section of the shop contains prebuilt decks you can purchase. These decks are the other two of the three starter decks, which you can choose from at the beginning of your Eredan iTCG career. Click on the ‘Decks’ button to view the purchasable decks.

There are three starter decks at the moment: Zil marauder deck, Noz mage deck and Kotoba warrior deck. If you wish to purchase the other two starter decks (recommended for newbies), you can here for 1200 Crystals each.

The cards contained in these decks are not really noteworthy, except for a few selected cards that will get you further, e.g. Assassination, Fireball, etc… These cards are all unsalable. For that they are still powerful cards you can use in many occasions and decks.

Other decks may be added in the future. We will just have to see how things turn out over the times to come.

1.03.4 Single Cards

The in game store contains a special collection of single cards you can purchase for crystals. There is a small amount of these cards available early on and the higher you level yourself, the more cards are available for you to purchase. In addition some of these cards can be earned through achievements. For those please check this post.

Click on the ‘Cards’ button to gain access to the cards you can buy from the in game shop. Here is a list of the cards you can purchase and which levels they become available at. In order to view the card, hover your mouse cursor over the underlined name of the card. Also, if you wish to view character evolutions, please check here.

-10000 Crystals, Level 06, Kyoshiro
-03000 Crystals, Level 06, An Eye for an Eye
-03000 Crystals, Level 07, Emerald Sword
-04000 Crystals, Level 08, Cubit Chakra *
-15000 Crystals, Level 09, Abyssien
-08000 Crystals, Level 09, Crown of the Border
-14000 Crystals, Level 10, It is Time *
-17000 Crystals, Level 10, Erevent *
-18000 Crystals, Level 11, Kriss *
-03000 Crystals, Level 14, Epic Fury
-02500 Crystals, Level 15, Eternal Glory
-18000 Crystals, Level 15, Helena
-04000 Crystals, Level 16, Mental Siphon
-30000 Crystals, Level 20, Quilingo
-30000 Crystals, Level 20, Okooni *
-04700 Crystals, Level 20, Desert Wooden Bow
-20000 Crystals, Level 20, StoneEater *
-25000 Crystals, Level 25, Door to Infinity

*These cards can be earned via achievements.

1.03.5 Purchasable Event Trophies

The in game store also contains event achievements/trophies you can purchase. Every week we get a new event based achievement, which, when accomplished, rewards you with a special card. These achievements can later on be bought in the in game store. Click on ‘Trophies’ to view the purchasable trophies in the store.

When you purchase such a trophy, you have unlimited time to finish it (Different from when they originally come out. There they last for one week only.). Each trophy/achievement has specific tasks and requirements for you to fulfill to be able to earn it. Once you finish that, you acquire a special card. For more information on trophies/achievements please check it out here.

Each of these achievement trophies costs 195 Feez. You can buy them more then once (When you finish it you can repurchase it again later to do it again!). Here’s a list of the trophies you get, their names and the name of the card you receive. For more information please check the trophy section.

Event Trophies – Act 1
-The Traveler, Journey
-The Rested, Camp
-The Stormy, Storm
-The Belligerent, Confrontation
-The Executioner, Time to Die
-The Avenger, Revenge
-The Monster, The Monster
-The Chaotic One, Finish Him !
-The Fatalist, Fatality
-The King, Challenge
-Infinity, The Seal
-The Called, The Calling
-The Treasure Hunter, The Precious
-The Blacksmith, Forge Your Destiny

Event Trophies – Act 2
-The Theurgical One, The Crystal’s Song
-The Lycanthrope, Volk’s Curse
-The Quest Seeker, The Ordeal
-The Berzeker, Fist Fight
-The Schemer, Scheme
-The Clairvoyant, Omen
-The Courtier, The Ball
-The Prophet, Reborn
-The Abandoned One, Revelation
-The Ambassador, The Ambassador
-The Mummified One, Death of the Dead
-The Awakened One, The Awakening

1.04 Marketplace – How does it work?

The marketplace is a busy location. A place where you can rummage around and find the cards you need as well as set up a stand and get rid of some delightful rarities or even commons. This part will explain how to find your way to the marketplace, how you set up ‘shop’ and how you can purchase cards.

1.04.1 Follow the yellow road – Click your way to the MP!

Finding the marketplace in the game interface is pretty easy! All you have to do is…

[image sequence of getting to the MP]

1.04.2 Now you are here. How to get around in the marketplace!

The marketplace contains a lot of cards for you to purchase. Getting around there is vital if you want to use it correctly. There are many groups and filters you can use to pinpoint the cards you wish to buy. They help you get around easier and find the stuff you want easier as well.

[image sequence showing around the MP and its special functions]

Just click on the name of the group and you will be present with an option of more groups and the cards shown to you will be limited to the area you clicked on, e.g. if you click on ‘Items’ you are shown all item cards available on the marketplace. If you then click on ‘Weapons’ beneath the ‘Items’ group  you are shown all of the weapon cards in the game.

Filters work a bit differently. They sort the cards shown to you, depending on how you want it. For instance filtering cards in alphabetical order (A-Z) the first cards you will first see cards starting with ‘A’ and at the last pages of the marketplace, cards ending around ‘Z’. There are many other filters, which you will just have to mess around with to find the one just right for you.

1.04.3 Selling and buying cards. Vend away!

Now you know how to get around the marketplace, now it is time to utilise your knowledge! The main thing you will be doing is buying cards at the marketplace. To do so, just browse around the marketplace until you find a card you would like.

[image of the card purchase bar]

Click on the card and a new screen will open, showing an enlarged image of the card as well as a list of sellers and their prices to the right. In addition an experience point bar is added, so you can see how far some cards have been leveled prior to being put into the market. If you find a card that you fancy and are happy with the seller’s price, you just have to click on the ‘Buy’ icon to the right and voila! You got a new card. You can view it in your collection and add it to decks (or even sell it), if you wish.

Selling cards is a bit more tricky, yet rest assured, it is still easy as cheese. First thing you must know about selling cards in the marketplace, is that you are required to spend Feez on any type of booster. Once you buy a booster pack, you can sell on the marketplace for up to 3 weeks. Each time you buy a pack, the time limit is refreshed and you have 3 weeks starting that very moment you purchased the booster pack.

Once you have done so, you can go ahead and sell cards from your collection. Go to your collection and choose a card you wish to sell. Click on the card and you will open up the card’s individual interface, very much like the one you see when purchasing cards in the marketplace.

[image of the card interface to sell, include foil and non foil version]

Remember when selling cards, that there are two kinds of cards, foil and non-foil cards. The foil ones are indicated with a yellow card symbol. These cards are generally worth more than the non-foil versions, as they are liked a lot by collectors and are fewer in number.

If you have a card you wish to sell, click into the white outlined box to the right of the card, and type in the amount of crystals you would like for the card. If you need help decided how much to sell a card for, check the average price range beneath the card image (Note: these amounts do not pertain to foil cards). There you can also see the lowest and the highest marketplace price at the moment.

Once you have decided and put in the amount you wish to receive for the card, click on the ‘Sell’ button to the right of the screen.

If you have more than one copy of a card, it is possible to sell multiple cards at the same time. Click on the ‘Multiple Card Sale’ button to the lower right and new options will appear at the bottom of the screen.

[Image showing this]

Now instead of a box to type in the amount to the right of each card, you have it at the left side of the new menu at the bottom. Type in the amount you wish to sell the cards each for, and then choose the copies you wish to sell (Some people like to keep some copies for decks and collection purposes). You can do this by clicking on the grey box to the right of each individual box, or you can mark them all to be sold, or you can click on ones you wish to keep and click on the ‘Invert Selection’ button to the lower right to mark all unwanted cards.

Once you have done all of that, click on the ‘Sale’ button and the cards you chose are going up for sale after that!

Important things to pay attention too when you sell cards: Cards are put up into the marketplace between 40 and 60 minutes after putting them up for sale in your collection as well as the earnings from each sold card is deducted by a 10% tax, meaning you do not get the full sum you put in.

Your cards will be returned to your collection, should they not have sold within 48 hours. You will receive a personal message from the system notifying you of both returned cards as well as sold ones.

1.05 Feez & Marketplace FAQ

‘Can I give my friends some of my crystals?’ – No you cannot. Direct transfers of crystals is not possible in Eredan iTCG. The only way to ‘pass’ on your crystals to another player is via the Marketplace.

‘I purchased Feez and I do not have them yet!’ – Please be patient. Some payment methods take a bit of time to verify and ok the transaction before Feez will be added to your account. If you do not receive your Feez a day after you have purchased them, check your transaction records and see if it was executed by whichever payment method you used. If it has been and you still do not have your Feez, please contact Feerik’s customer support.

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