Emross Wars Devil Armies Guide

Emross Wars Devil Armies Guide by LeeTage

Ok hey everyone I have just been doing some research on these devil armies. If your already hitting these and doing fine then don’t Bother reading :) but you clicked this meaning you are still a noob :)

Well for the noobies out there. When you win a battle against the devil armies you will loot gold.


Devil Armies are a major part of Emross Wars as they can be farmed for a good amount of gold and allow you to build quicker. The level of the armies are measured in stars, 1 star the weakest and 6 the strongest.

Level 1: 2000 gold

Level 2: 10000 gold, chance of a hero, bronze chest and key

Level 3: 20000 gold, chance of a hero, ill get to the heros later :) higher chance of bronze chest and bronze key

These are rough averages of what you can loot, It can also differ for every DevilArmy, also i have noticed that the gold starts to get lower and lower if you keep attacking the same DevilArmy..but thats what i can see

These devil armies have 2 main units, horrors and nightmares.

Nightmares are stronger out of the two units, they pack a punch and can kill off your whole army if you don’t becareful what you are attacking, especially in large numbers.

Horrors are the weakest and the unit you want the most of in the devil armies to be able to farm them with the most gain.
Attack: 20
Defense: 7

After the update you can now see an “attack quota” this shows how many more times you can attack a DevilArmy before it disappears forever!

Always scout the devil armies to see what troops they have and Look a their attack quota and if it is around 10, many people have attacked it because it is probably weak and be a pure horror army. If you are unsure scout the army and if you are unsure you are going to win attack it with 10 infantry and a bad hero, then attack a inactive lvl 0 castle with the troops you want to attack with and compare the results… SO! attack quota does not show their strength but how many times it has been attacked, you can use this to your advantage and instead of scouting every 16 attack quota DevilArmy. Take a look at its attack quota and if its high 15-16.. many people havent attacked it and is most likely a pure nightmare army. So make sure you scout the 16 attack quotas around you, in case some people missed the horror armies ;)

The hero you should use should be your best as it will minimize losses if you get any. Try and use a hero with high attack and defense.

When attacking Devil Armies you ALWAYS want to try and get your defense as high as their attack, this will minimize losses greatly. So while farming DevilArmies it is a necessity to have high defense troops. These can include: Protectors, lancers, berserkers and hellfires. So if the Devilarmy has 100k attack then you want to get 100k defense to get 0 losses!

Your attack should double their defense for winning and to be 100% sure triple it so you dont get any “tie”. Having a tie means you DO NOT get any reward and will lose troops. So x2.5 their defense usually :) if you have berserkers this will be easy as they have fantastic attack and defense. All you must do is add lancers with them and they will become the perfect farming tool.

To quicken up the pace of farming especially if you have lots to farm, put in either 1 hunter, hellfire, guardian or overlord to decrease marching time.

Devil Armies

Level 1

But ok first off level 1’s! They have horrors and rarely nightmares. I haven’t seen any of these for a while so if you see them they give an alright amount of gold and you can usually farm them with large amount of infantry, about 500 should be sufficient. You can swap some infantry for protecters which will decrease losses. Anything higher than these units will not make it worth  the food cost to get the gold. They have extremely low attack quotas so they will be wiped off the map quickly, however i think they are not present in the game anymore because they were farmed straight away.

Level 2

Level 2 devil armies are nice to farm as they are farmed by the more average player of the game. Level 2’s have a hero on their side! The hero is called “Chaos Slave” and you have a chance to capture one of these, however they are not that strong.

Level: 3
Attack: 20
Wisdom: 15
Defense: 20
The stats of the ChaosSlave decrease when you capture them..

The level 2 Devil Army has 3 combinations of units that it can have, they are listed below.

Pure nightmaresNightmares and HorrorsPure horrors

It is best to farm the Pure Horrors as they allow you to get the most bang for your buck. They dont need that many strong troops that eat a tonne of food to send on a trip. However you better scoop up the pure horror armies quick because many people will farm these for easy gold.

First off is the pure nightmare combination, you want to avoid these as much as possible because the troops needed to get the loot easily surpasses the food cost and troop loss. But if you do want to attack these then use your best hero that has a good command troop level (around 600) but less if you are using good units. You can use troops like starslayers, berserker’s and hunters. 250 berserker’s and the rest lancers.. this should minimize losses a lot but may or may not lose troops, depending on your hero’s attack/defense.

The half nightmares and horrors are good as you will lose some troops but can get them back with the gold you acquire. You can base this mostly with starslayers and lancers. Around 100 berserkers and the rest lancers should allow you to have a good balance of defense and attack. If you are losing troops add around 100 berserkers.

The pure horrors is what you want as you should not get any losses if you use decent troops. The troops you should use are starslayers and lancers. You can easily win with 50 starslayers, 50 berserkers and the rest lancers. But you may like to try out with some other units because using 30-40k food a shot is quite expensive but you recover all of it and still have lots of gold to spare :)

The berserkers provide the attack/defense and lancers there for extra defense. If you are unsure add more lancers or berserkers to increase defense. However these may not always work because of the different amounts of horrors/nightmares. ONLY USE AS A REFERENCE ON WHAT TO USE! it may NOT always work and results may vary.

Pure nightmare: they have 80k attack and 25k defense roughly. They usually have around 600 nightmares, give or take :)

Half/half: 40k attack 10k defense. They have mostly nightmares but are defintely reduced and have horrors but not heaps. When any horror is present the amount of nightmares are reduced significantly.

Pure horror: 10k attack 5k defense. Lots of horrors!!! 600 ish :)

All of these are rough approximations :)

Level 3

Level 3 Devil Armies are slightly differ to level 2 Devil Armies as they have a different Hero called a “Chaos Servant” you will also have a chance at capturing one of these if you win :)

Level: 6
Attack: 25
Wisdom: 20
Defense: 25

The stats of the ChaosServant decrease when you capture them..

I prefer ONLY attacking the pure horror combinations. Half nightmare and half horrors are ok.. but you will definitely lose troops if you aren’t using the big boys like hellfire and guardians D:!

Pure nightmare: they have 120k attack and 40k defense roughly. They usually have around 1100 nightmares, give or take :)

Half/half: 80k attack 25k defense. They have mostly nightmares but are defintely reduced and have horrors but not heaps. When any horror is present the amount of nightmares are reduced significantly. Sometimes there is 900 nightmares and 200 horrors.. other times there could be 900 horrors and 200 nightmares. You will want to get a higher portion of horrors compared to nightmares to reduce losses.

Pure horror: 25k attack 10k defense. Lots of horrors!!! 1200 ish :)

All of these are rough approximations :)

To attack this you would like to use a similar combination of troops like Level 2, I will first of all cover the pure horror combination. 600 lancers should be able to kill them all of without any losses :) if you lose some troops add some berserkers

Ok to Half/Half you would like to add berserkers instead of hunters and lancers as they have a much higher defense and attack. So probably around 300 berserkers and the rest lancers should allow you to win without losses but there may be some depending on techs and hero.

Pure Nightmares are tough and shouldn’t be attacked when the Devilarmy is higher then level 3 because it will create massive losses and very little gain. But if you do want to attempt it. Have a hero who can control 1000 troops, 600 berserkers and the rest lancers. Losses could happen depending on techs and attack/defense of hero. Becareful as this will drain alot of food and no gain. Also Pure nightmares can vary as their is a hidden factor determining attack/defense in every battle of Emross Wars. Also you can use hellfires for defense if you are that high to get the defense bonus.

Extra tips

While attacking high level devil armies it DOES NOT matter if you have insanely high attack, because this does not matter at all! the main focus you want is defense because if your defense is higher than the devil armies attack you will get no losses! so keep this in mind while attacking them!

To quicken your devil army farming try and be able to create overlords and guardians.. using these can 1/2 and even 1/4 your speed to arrive at the devil army. I usually use 1 overlord and 100 guardians in all my attacks. Adding 1 overlord will instantly decrease the time it takes to march there ^_^

You would like to have King heros or Queen heros because you can level them much more effectively than in the arena.. especially if its only lvl 10 or so

Before attacking Level 4+ devil armies make sure you will be able to create hellfires soon so you can attack higher level armies to increase your gold.. This will speed up your growth while playing this game.. Also try and save some gold up and look in trade often ;) i got 2 rares today for around 500k each :D!! so happy :D! haha anyway!

Lvl 4: 35k gold, chance of bronze chest and key… around 60k pure nightmare

Lvl 5: 70k gold, chance of bronze chest, bronze key, silver chest, silver key… around 90k pure nightmare

Lvl 6: 100k gold, chance of bronze chest, bronze key, silver chest, silver key… around 130k pure nightmare

^ only approx, attacking nightmare armies will increase gold looted.

Level 4

Level 4 devil armies are nice to start off with especially because iFree has boosted the defense of all high level units :) so while attacking always have at least berserkers or hellfires :) You also have a chance to capture the hero that is in it which is ChaosGuardian!

Level 9
Attack: 30

Remember that the stats decrease once you capture them

Level 4 devilarmies still have only horrors and nightmares as their units!

Pure Horror army
These are the more reccomended targets for lower ranked players as they give a nice 35k gold :)! they are also quite weak.. troops you should use are berserkers or hellfires! around 400 berserkers should easily kill all of them and have no losses, play around with the numbers if you want to lose less food!

Amount: 2000
Attack: 70k
Defense: 10k

Pure Nightmare army
Attacking these is MUCH MUCH harder because of the crazy attack levels they have! the gold you get is around 65k which is higher then what you get from a pure horror army! To attack these you defintely want to have hellfires because the fantastic defense they have :) 100 guardians and 600 hellfires should allow you to win with 0 losses :)

Amount: 2000
Attack: 230k
Defense: 20k

Level 5

Level 5 devil armies are easily distinguishable between the level 6’s and 4’s because they are a red in colour, as there is practically no more level 1’s around you can easily know where they are :D! They are nice to farm especially when you are moving up from lvl 4’s to 5’s or just chilling around because you killed all the level 6’s in your area :) Make sure you have hellfires to attack these especially if you want to attack the nightmare armies as they are a nessecity because of their high defense. While attacking level 5’s you have a chance to get a new hero called ChaosDevourer

Level: 12
Attack: 35
Wisdom: 25
Defense: 35

Remember stats decrease after capturing :D!

Pure horror army
These are great to farm as they are easy and can loot a tonne of gold to build up your empire ^_^! make sure you use hellfires because most of the lower units dont give the greatest of all defense boosts! About 300 hellfires can easily kill these because of the extremely weak horrors :) remember to play around with the amount you send as you can use less so you dont use so much food :P

Amount: 3500
Attack: 90k
Defense: 15k

Pure nightmare army
These boys will blitz your army if you dont have enough troops but you should be able to make even more hellfires from the amount of gold you have been farming from attacking other devil armies :D! it is important to know that you have a high level hero to boost your attack/defense to beat these. It is highly not reccomended if dont have at least 900+ hellfires and at least lvl 10 armour upgrade. Around 100 guardians and 950 hellfires should allow you to win but if you acquire losses, add more hellfires :) These are great to farm because they give out 95k gold ;)!

Amount: 3500
Attack: 340k
Defense: 40k

Level 6

Level 6 devil armies are FANTASTIC to farm and is the best way to maximize the growth of your empire and power level! However attacking the pure nightmare armies will demolish you.. Attacking horror armies, you must have hellfires so you wont lose :) but attacking pure nightmare armies.. i havent quite got the guts to attack one yet :D! i need to build some dragons before i try it out.. You have a new hero which is the strongest out of all the Chaos heros called the ChaosLord

Level: 15
Attack: 35
Wisdom: 38
Defense: 40

Pure horror armies
They are weak and can easily be killed with around 600 hellfires :D! they are great to farm but the only problem is that they disappear rapidly because of the vast wealth that you can produce by attacking them! Adding 100 guardians will also help out because they look cool when you get a war report.. :3… anyway! Make sure you attack these ASAP!

Amount: 5300
Attack: 140k
Defense: 50k

Pure nightmare armies
These guys are insanely strong and can only be killed by the strongest players, i have yet to know someone that has killed these and have 0 losses.. You get a nice boost of money from these.. 130k gold :)! I still need to find out what troops to attack these bad boys with! You must have a KING hero who has 1500 troop capacity.. and 50+ defense! at least! also 15+ armour upgrade is reccomended :)! send 1500 hellfires and own them!! ENJOYY!

Amount: 5300
Attack: 480k – 700k Defense: 65k

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