Eligium Archer Skills Guide

Eligium Archer Skills Guide by Djevik

Archer vocational skills

-Smart shooting —-level 1 Skill —- Type”Single Target”—For single target damage caused by physical attack additional anger

–Hunting of the Mark — level 5 Skill –Type”Monomer reduction benefits” —-A stigma attached to the target, the objectives within a certain time to increase damage.

–Cold Shooting — Level 10 Skill — Type”Single Target”—-Cause cold damage on single target and the target speed within a certain period of time decreased.

Now you can Branch into 2 Different Classes.. It seems like at lvl 15 you can choose Wind Archer or Phantom Shooter Vocational Skills.. and under each of those 2 you have 2 more jobs on each side..

Here are the Wind Archer skills first..

Wind Archer

—Stalker Shooting —Level 15 skill — Type”Single Target”— Cause fundamental damage to the single target additional Shadow damage and an additional small amount of damage.

— Blinding –Level 19 skill —Type “debuff”—To a single target within a certain time with a blinding effect, the target unit attacking the same camp, if the target is a monster, then you have some chance of attack around the monster.

–Wind Fire–Level 23 Skill— Type”Aoe”—Fan-shaped area in front against multiple targets within a radius of base damage caused by additional shadow damage.

–Smart Tip— Level 27 Skill— Type”Passive”—Dexterity skills have a chance to shoot the target poisoning.

— Rapid Fire—Level 31 Skill– Type”Self Buff”—Certain period of time to enhance their attack speed.

— Shot Wound— Level 35 Skill —Type”DoT”—Cause shadow damage against single targets, default body to a certain time.

Phantom Shooter

—Authorities Trap–level 15 skill– type” Single Target”—An organ arrangement of the trap, when the enemy targets close to the trap, the trap will automatically spray flame against enemy targets.

–Serpent’s Kiss–Level 19 Skill– Type”Single Target”—-Release a toxic arrows, targets over time, causing additional toxicity of sustained physical attack damage.

—Flame Hail of Bullets– Level 23 — Type”AoE”—-Against the single enemy as the center, within a certain range of enemy units, causing additional fire damage physical attacks.

–Insight into the ?— Level 27— Type”Passive”—-Permanently enhance their own hits.

— Disappear– Level 31– Type”Self Buff”—Into the invisible state, but move, attack will cancel this state.

—Slow Trap– Level 35–Type”AoE debuff????”—An organ arrangement of the trap, with a certain attack skills and will slow down the release.

These are the skills down the Wind Archer side the next tree..

called “Hunting magic Ranger vocational skills

–Scarecrow–level 40– Type”AoE up to 2 mobs”—Consecutive two-hit single target causing secondary damage, resulting in physical attacks on each additional shadow damage while enough damage can be absorbed from some magic values.

— Kill Command–level 45—Type”Buff”—Make their own deadly skill level and physical level of fatal within a certain time to improve.

—Piercing Batter—level 50—Type”Single Target”—Consecutive two-hit single target causing secondary damage, resulting in physical attacks on each additional shadow damage, and injuries can absorb enough from the magic value.

—Blinding Strengthen—Level 55 —Type”Passive”—The effect of prolonged blindness.

–Guardian of the Soul–level 60—Type”Buff”—Certain period of time to enhance their speed.

–Curse–Level 65–Type”Single Target Debuff DoT??”—Curse of the target goals within a certain time limit can only play hurt.

These are the ones on the Phantom Shooter Side:
I will leave out 2 pictures since the forum only always 10 pictures in one post Q.Q that wil be 60 and 65 skill pics

These skill are coming from the Tree Shadow Lord, Its under Phantom Shooter

–Silencing Shot–Level 40–Type”Single Target Debuff”–Toxicity against single target damage caused to a short silence.

— Sneak–Level 45—Type”Self buff Invisibility”—-Into the invisible state, and can be moved but the attack will be canceled in this state.

— Dark Assassination– Level 50– Type”Single Target”—-Stealth mode for single target physical attacks causing additional damage darkness, the great chance of deadly skills.

— Strenghten Dodge– Level 55–Type”Passive”—Permanently enhance their own get away.

Plague of Scorpion Venom—Level 60—Type”Single Target DoT”—Shot arrows infected with a plague, caused by physical attacks on single targets, and the target continued to cause toxic damage, but around the radius of the infected target multiple targets.

Raid of Thorns—Level 65— Type”Debuff and Single Target Stun”—Stealth mode can use the skill, inflicting Shadow damage against single targets, but has a chance to stun the target.

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