Drift City Making Dockings Guide

Drift City Making Dockings Guide by Coasterfreak

Lots of people are are asking/whining about how to make dockings.
since this drift city is new and if the dockings already go for such a high price this wouldnt be such a good thing for the people with a ”fresh start”
so here a guide on how to make dockings, some people will hate me, some will love me, whatever.
get 3 parts that u want to craft, in this case 2 ogre’s and 1 kraken.

put the 2 parts of the 3 parts u want to craft in the 1st 2 slots.

put the seed in the 3rd slot
TIP: U need 2 seeds to get a docking, it wont work with 1 or 3 or more.

Put the seed in the 3rd tab, then it looks something like this.

put the 3rd part u want to craft ON TOP of the seed.

Here u see how it looks like with all the parts and seeds in there.

press combine and get ur docking!

Hope this helped u out :)

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