Dragon Nest CN Physician T4 PvE Build

Dragon Nest CN Physician T4 PvE Build by Villa23

1.0 – Introduction

I’m a player from Dragon Nest Sea. My skillbuild focus purely on Dpsing ( Ice element ) and giving decent support ( Light element ) at the same time. For veteran alchemist player here, please do give me your valuable oppinion on my skill build so i can further improve it. Thank you ^.^.

2.0 – Skill Build

Academic Tree

Alchemist Tree

Physician Tree

2.1 – Why I choose this skill

Lvl 9 Stun grenade – This skill no longer give 100% stun in T4, however at level 9 it still give a 50:50 stun chance. Can be a different in ladder.

Lvl 5 bubble bubble – Max at level 50 because one of a few skill in academic tree which base on magic attack. Can be use to support ( absorb 5.7k damage for 14 sec ), as well as dealing decent damage ( magic attack base ) and immobilize your opponent in ladder ( 3 sec ).

Lvl 5 wax – This skill make academic special. Boost movement speed in PVE, protect yourself from monster getting near and definitely a key skill in ladder.

All passive in academic tree is max for obvious reason.

Lvl 1 Magma Punch – Not a dps skill for physician since we dont have the EX. Spam for bubbles.

Lvl 6 Magma Wall    – Due to SP limitation, I’m not able to max this skill, however lvl 6 is enough as alchemist have sufficient bursting skill.

Lvl 7 Magma Wave- Large area of explosion, huge damage, burning damage, high super armor breaking. Definitely a must max skill.

Lvl 1 elemental bubble charging – 2 bubbles for any fire and ice skill cast.

Lvl 1 Icicle expression – Hate to admit it but this ultimate pawn poison pool in T4. Combo of using this skill ( Love virus + Icicle mass + Icicle expression for imba damage ).

Lvl 4 Cocktail – One of the best skill for alchemist, decrease cooldown, increase stats, increase healing power ( this’s what make ur injector more overpower ).

Lvl 1 Icing punch – Spam for bubbles.

Lvl 6 Icicle Mass – Reduce ice resistant to make your ice palm and any ice skill dealing more damage. Minuse 30% ice resistant, 30% movement speed reduction, low cooldown, decent damage, add bubble, this skill make some ice EL skill a joke. Note I have 1 sp left, because SP limitation in alchemist tree for sea server is 91, would add that extra SP to this skill for an additional 2 sec debuff if Sea server get the 94 skill limitation.

Lvl 10 Ice palm – MAX!! One of my favourite skill, deal high damage, able to dodge around while ice palm doing damage for you, high super armor breaking, with cocktail u can almost spam this skill ( 4 sec cooldown reduction with cocktail, last for 13 second, which mean wait every 16 second and another ice palm is up ). Benefit from icing mass. If possible get a skill accessories because Lvl 11 will give a huge jump in damage.

Lvl 1 Eureka – Overpower skill, nuff say. This skill make me able to tank rotation breath in normal sea dragon ( with howl ), I only have around 70k hp that time.

Lvl 1 Summon Slime – Not worth to get more, as increasing the skill only increase the impact damage.

Lvl 0 Sacrifice Slime – Lame healing, ignore this.

Lvl 1 Poison Charging – Increase your mobility, extra tumble after use, inflict poison effect, and waste your enemy aerial evasion in ladder. Just level 1 for utility, damage not impressive.

Lvl 1 Mix infection – One of the reason i rather pick icing mass over mix infection is at lvl 50 cap, u can only get it up to lvl 5. In addition my weapon focus on Ice and Light element. Inflict poison effect for poison break.

Lvl 0 Hypnosis – Most physician add this but for me its just too low cooldown. After all i’m more toward to PVE type. If you’re Pvp alchemist, a definitely must get skill.

Lvl 8 Injector – Max it, deal decent damage, heal yourself, heal your teamate. This skill is what make the different between adept and physician. However my only complain is at level 50, adept get to add their magma punch to lvl 12 while physician only able to max it to lvl 8. ( Note : Can stop the charging, left click after use this skill ).

Lvl 1 Disease – Spam for bubbles, inflict poison status for poison break.

Lvl 7 Poison Break – Many complain about how much this skill has been nerf, however do note that its cooldown has been buff. With T4, most adept/physician will able to get both elemental bubble and chemical bubble charging, which mean you wont have a problem in dealing 5 bubbles poison break to maximise its damage. This skill now have higher super armor breaking compare to magma wave, u can even disable rotation breath in sea dragon by using poison break.

Lvl 1 chemical bubble charge – For more bubbles.

Lvl 1 Poison Pool – One of the reason I’m a physician but hate to admit it that its so weak now compare to icicle expression. I’ve try a skill plate poison pool ( with love virus ) vs a none skill plate icicle expression ( without anything ), and the results is poison pool still lose in term of total damage. However the nenenenene sound still cute xD. Hope some balancing in the future >.<.

Lvl 2 Love virus – This is what make alchemist special at level 50! While any other class only able to get their level 50 skill at level 1, adept and physician able to get their lvl 50 skill to level 2! This skill debuff monster making it unable to attack u for 10 sec, increase magic power damage taken on particular monster which affect from love virus ,also dealing good damage with low cool down and adding 2 bubbles to your pool. This skill is the main reason i pick physician over adept.

Lvl 1 Healing shower – If you have high magic power, and 10 bubbles with cocktail, this skill able to heal higher than a saint!
Not to mention it also remove any negative status element on you and your team, a 2 in 1 skill ( Priest heal + Warrior Relieve ).

Lvl 1 Injector EX – Boost 20% damage, and injector heal all your team with 8% of your total injector damage.

Dark Element
Light Element
Fire element
Ice element

2.2 – Summary of my choice of skill.

Mainly maximize my ice and light tree, max all the skill which consume bubbles except summon slime.

3.0 – Skill plate

Injector ( Cooldown ) – Able to constantly heal yourself and your team as well as increase bubbles in your pool.

Magma Wave ( Damage ) – One of your highest 1 hit bursting damage, consume bubbles which make this skill even more deadly.

Poison Break ( Damage ) – Not as strong compare to magma wave in term of damage but able to spam more often with its low cooldown now. Still deal high damage as it still consume bubble in your pool to increase its damage.

Icicle Expression ( Damage ) – Icing Mass + love virus + Icicle Expression with skill plate = overkill.

Ice Palm ( damage ) – Replace icicle expression if u feel its cooldown is too long.

Healing shower ( cool down ) – Replace icicle expression/icepalm if you are more into supporting.

4.0 – Equipment plan

Main weapon – L rank
Potential – 8% light, 8% ice, 8% dark/fire, 2.25% str 2.25% agi, 3.5% int, 4.31% matk, 4.31 patk.

Sub weapon – L rank
Potential – 8% light, 8% ice, 8% dark/fire, 2.25% str 2.25% agi, 3.5% int, 4.31% matk, 4.31 patk.

Shoe – L rank
Potential – 2.25% str, 2.25% agi, 1.75% int, 1.63% vit, max hp 6.5%, max mp 6.5%, crit resist 9.75%, Mp recovery 15%

Cuff – L rank
Potential – 2.25% str, 2.25% agi, 1.75% int, 1.63% vit, max hp 6.5%, max mp 6.5%, crit resist 9.75%, Mp recovery 15%

Upper armor – Corrupted set ( giga nest set )
Potential – Int, agi/vit, Max hp

Lower armor – Corrupted set
Potential – Int, agi/vit, Max hp

Head Gear – Corrupted set
Potential – Int, agi/vit, Max hp

4.1 – Reason of picking particular combo.

Level 50 epic set still give more defends compare to L rank, hence I pick corrupter on the 3 parts which offer the most defends, Head gear, upper armor and lower armor. Combo of this set also give raw stats and 300 FD set bonus.
Reason I go 4 parts L rank because it offer higher survivability as well as giving high raw magic attack and the 3 element ( Note alchemist have all 4 element in its tree ).

5.0 – 3rd stats choice of plate

For perfect build, all your 3rd stats plate should have FD to cover up the FD lost choosing 4 L rank in stead of 4 totem, however personally I cant afford it :P Hence I am picking 3rd stats crit for all my epic plate.

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