Dragon Nest SEA Mercenary PvP Tips

Dragon Nest SEA Mercenary PvP Tips by Kajima

Same with my Swordmaster one:

[Dragon Nest SEA Sword Master PvP Tips]

This time I’ll share my experiences as a Mercenary:

– Taunting howl is an excellent gap closer (it even goes through walls! hax!) Just make sure to hit the guy at max range (this’ll take some practice)

– Punishing swing is better off used as a pick me up skill. Whenever you see an enemy trying to roll away, immediately throw PS at them. They either stay on the ground, or if timed right, stand upright but will be staggered. Using it as a ranged move is kinda… meh (unless your aim is really good, haha).

– When your opponent is near the wall and lying on the ground, use this combo:

Heavy Slash -> Demolition Punch

guaranteed to wall juggle ;) (you can also forego using Heavy Slash and just use DF immediately, if your oppoent is close enough to the wall already.)

– try to delay your Soccer Kick combo a bit (but not too much, or it won’t activate), so that when your opponent lands after getting hit, you will be on the ground as well, waiting for him. Activating it too soon tends to make SKC miss for some reson.

– can’t dodge Fireball in time? use Flying Swing to reduce the damage as a last resort! (better than taking 10k damage, haha)

– not really sure about this, but after you use Stomp on a grounded opponent, usually he will immediately get up afterwards (automatically, I think it means you can’t OTG combo him anymore) Try a delayed Flying Swing to catch your opponent by surprise.

– against Swordmasters, a good time to use flying swing is when you see them use Tumble -> Dash. They’ll be coming in with a Dash Slash/Combo and Flying Swing has enough Super Armor to withstand it. (Just be sure not to have been hit by Eclipse beforehand)

There ya go, add your own as well. :)

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