Dragon Nest SEA Sword Master PvP Tips

Dragon Nest SEA Sword Master PvP Tips by Kajima

For my Mercenary PvP Experiences, go to: Dragon Nest SEA Mercenary PvP Tips

Just wanted to add this video. Enjoy!

I decided to place the video at the top (since it’s reaaaaally helpful for beginners and veterans alike)

A Swordmaster In-depth Tutorial Video (a MUST watch for all Swordmasters)
Credit goes to IcingDeath for letting me know about this video:


Here’s a couple of things you can learn from the video:

1. Basic (Floor a.k.a. no wall usage, BnB’s) and Advanced (includes tumble for positioning, wall usage) Combos

2. Why W+W is inferior to Shift+W (re: Tumble)

3. Skill canceling

4. Proper use of Cyclone

5. Chaining skills (quite different from combo)

6. The importance of putting Impact Punch to slot 1

7. Jump slashing (when to use the delayed version and the early version, and its benefits)

and more.

(Translation for chinese text here)

And now, back on topic:

*Note: Tip #’s 1-28 were made back when the level cap was still 24. So, some of the gameplay may have changed quite a bit. But don’t worry, these tips can still help.

1. Never use the Rising Slash + Aerial Combo… combo. After the second upward slash from Rising Slash, land and use normal attacks instead. It allows more combos, plus, if the enemy decides to use Aerial Evasion, you’ll be prepared for him/her.

Update: Depending on the situation (you and your opponent are near a wall), it might be better to use the above combo after all (i.e. using Aerial combo near a wall will wall juggle the opponent).

2. A Mercenary (in the hands of a good player a.k.a. actually knows how to combo) is deadly. X_x

Update: Yeah, this still proves true… freakin’ Taunting Howl and Crisis Howl…

Visit this thread if you want to learn more: (courtesy of tmpmaya):


3. Heavy Slash (staggered) + Cyclone = win

Update: By this, I mean hitting him while’s he still standing. On the ground, there a small chance he will get to roll away after HS connects.

Update2: If HS is on cooldown, try this combo instead:
Impact punch -> 1 normal attack -> Cyclone Slash (This combo is BnB for SM’s.)
Impact punch -> 4 Normal attacks -> Cyclone Slash (Only if you’re sure that all four attacks can hit your opponent)

Use the above combos if you need some of your skills to reset their cooldowns.

4. Side kick = SPAM it (especially when close to a wall for a chance to wall juggle)

Update: If you’re gonna PvP a lot, investing in a Side Kick plate is a great advantage (I’m considering getting one myself )

5. Aerial combo can be used as a gap closer (it has a couple of invincibility frames in the end, good to follow up with other skills)

6. Impact wave – use sparingly, it has a long recovery afterwards.

Update: Yeah, never really found a good use for this other than to end a combo, but Moonlight Splitter does it so much better…

7. Group PvP – do not charge into the fray. Pick stray targets and focus on them.

8. I friggin’ hate Mace using Paladins, haha. (their infinite combos hurt)

9. use Moonlight splitter to use up the Block charges of clerics (do not waste essential skills like Eclipse on it)
Update: Just realized the debuff from Eclipse still applies even when blocked. Disregard the part for Eclipse.

10. if you see a no-armor swordmaster (Normal PvP matches, not Ladder), you can expect 2 things:
a. he watches too many YangYang combo videos
b. expect a tough fight (depends on how many times he’s watched the video)

11. Never underestimate heavy slash. It’s a great setup skill. But don’t even think about using it as an initiating skill, haha. X_x (Unless the opponent is just standing there like a… cactus.)

12. If your Cyclone slash hits, land a Circle break immediately. As soon as Circle break lands, the cyclone will start juggling the enemy instead of the enemy being pushed back,

13. Never throw a Cyclone slash randomly in an open area. I mean, come on… you really wanna waste a good juggling skill by throwing it around and hoping you’re gonna hit with it? Pro players are just gonna tumble away from it (or walk to the side). We have Moonlight Splitter for ranged attacks. It’s better to include Cyclone Slash into a combo (the heavy slash + cyclone combo comes to play here)

But for Team PvP: Sure, go ahead. Just make sure they’re distracted by something else, haha.

14. When fighting a Paladin, they usually start off with Shin Breaker, that sliding air-juggling rush skill thingy, so be sure to save Tumble at the right moment (watch out if he does Sliding Step because Shin Breaker is coming up next).

Quote by Raexius

A little bit of correction here.

“14. When fighting a Paladin, they usually start off with Shin Breaker, that sliding air-juggling rush skill thingy, so be sure to save Tumble at the right moment (watch out if he does Sliding Step because Shin Breaker is coming up next). It has a decent amount of super armor, so be careful about counter-attacking.”
Shin Breaker doesn’t have super armor but it provides invincibility frames so it’s pointless trying to stop Paladins from using it.

To avoid it, Tumble towards the Paladin at the right time.

15. When playing in large maps (i.e. Lost Temple) for 1v1. don’t rush in! Usually it’s better to walk to your opponent so that some of your skills can be off cooldown by the time you’re within attack range. It also gives you time to analyze his fighting style. (i.e. Is he gonna rush you?, Is he waiting for skill cooldowns?)

16. VS a Paladin: When in a pinch (usually during his infinite combo), save your Aerial Evasion until he uses Lightning Upper (after the lightning bolt hits you). After it hits, immediately hold a directional key and then use Aerial Evasion (this allows you to hop towards the direction you were holding). Hopefully you jump over his head after that. When you land, IMMEDIATELY try to Tumble -> Dash away from him. He’s gonna try and catch you again, most likely with a Shin Breaker. Oh, and try to be unpredictable. He might throw in the huge relic in your direction once he’s on to your tactic. (Run a bit, but then return with a Dash Slash just as he starts casting the relic thingy.)

On that note, ALWAYS watch out when he decides to Slide Step towards you, because 90% of the time Shin Breaker is coming up next. However, a smart Paladin will mix up his attacks (he might dash then use Armor Break instead of Shin breaker to bait you into tumble towards him, which he wants you to do.)

VS Merc: Your best chances to counter is when he starts using Flying Swing at the wrong time and his Crisis Howl/Taunting howl is on cooldown. I repeat, be careful if he still has Crisis Howl (this could turn the tables on you if you were in the middle of a combo)

Try to poke him from range with Moonlight Splitter. If he retaliates with Punishing Swing, dodge it. Where to dodge depends on different situations:

1. Did he use Crisis Howl recently? Dodge towards him and initiate with Dash Slash.

2. Will he be using Crisis Howl? Dodge away from him and resume poking him, until he decides to rush in. Use Aerial Combo to try and break his momentum.

17. When an Elemental Lord charges up Fireball, dash towards her (while dashing, count 2 seconds), then immediately go towards the other direction (if you were heading in from her right, go to her left). The EL will often lead their fireball in the direction you were running to, so that sudden change in direction could save you from eating a 10k damaging skill. Another tip is to run away a bit so that you have enough time and distance to see where it’s going.

18. Try to avoid forcing your way through the Ice Wall thingy* of theirs (the one that remains in the field for about 3-5 seconds. You’re more likely to be frozen afterwards with the rest of her ice spells.

19. The first hit of Deep Straight can wall juggle a grounded opponent.

20. A small window of opportunity for attacking an FU is when they use Teleport offensively (meaning, they use it as a gap closer to start their combos). Predict when you think they’ll be doing it, and use Eclipse or any instacast skills you’ve got immediately (there’s a small delay when they step out of the teleport animation, this is the opportunity I’m talking about.

21. If you want them to force an offensive teleport, try playing chicken :) (but don’t run away, just increase the gap between you two). They might get impatient and start using teleport to get near you. Apply above tactic.

22. As a SwordMaster, you have four initiating skills, namely:
– Aerial Combo (excellent gap closer and has a deceptively long range on it)

– Eclipse (instant 360 attack + Super arnor debuff)

– Dash Slash

– Drop Kick* (lolwtfuu)
Depending on your opponent, deciding which one to use is something you need to learn yourself. Mixing them up every now and then helps as well to confuse your opponent.

Fighting a merc? Be careful about initiating with Dash slash, since Dash Blow has a faster cast time.

Paladins too tough? weaken them with an Eclipse first.

Against an acro? Aerial Combo works pretty good against them.

BM problems? Dash slash is your best bet.

*against a rushing warrior? surprise ’em with a Drop kick :)

23. Change your keybinds to something easier. For keybinds 6 to 0 (it’s just too far for my left hand to reach), I changed them to Z, X, C, Q, E respectively. It also reduces the frequency of switching skill bars since you use all the hotkeys in 1 bar.
I also placed my skills in the hotbar depending on these: Frequency, Easy access, and Comboability (is this a word? lol).
Frequency – 1 is Impact Punch, since it’s the basic starter for my combos.

Easy Access – E for eclipse, C for Cyclone, etc

Comboability – I placed Heavy Slash in X, so that when I want to do my HS -> Cyclone slash combo, all I do is press X then C (which are next to each other).

24. For mouse sensitivity, try 30 and above. If you could handle it, at least try setting it so that moving your mouse 16-20 cm will give you a 360 degree rotation on-screen. (Easy enough if you play a bunch of first person shooter games.)

25. If you want smoother pvp gameplay, consider toning down the graphics (it won’t help if you start lagging (graphic wise) because a sorceress casted Firewall near you)

26. Deep straight sometimes puts you too close to the enemy when the second slash connects. If that happens, you can connect the 2nd hit to a normal attack if your opponent staggers from the 2nd hit of Deep Straight. This also knocks him off his feet, allowing you to continue your combo.

27. Just like Mercs, the wall is your best combo friend.

28. Against skill spamming SM’s (a.k.a. I-HIT-YOU-SOON-WID-MA-SKILLS swordmaster), just run around the guy and wait for him to start using Rising Slash to get near you. Dash Slash cancels his attack.
29. Read your opponents moves. This is quite hard to learn, but essential in PvP.

– You notice that the enemy Acro always uses Eagle Dive right after Aerial Evasion, so save a tumble when that happens.

– SM’s most often use these 3 skills together:

1. Triple Slash

2. Deep Straight

3. Eclipse

the thing you need realize here is that they tend to mix up these skills a bit, but they will most likely be used one after the other.

Special Section:

Rage (a.k.a. Line Drive)

– ‘WTF, where’d my life bar go?’ -enemy mobs/players/bosses

– excellent chasing skill (expecting the FU to teleport soon? *snicker*)

– for gladiators, our best DPS skill (second only to Infinity Edge)

– best used near a grounded opponent while he’s near a wall (All six hits of rage will connect!)

– Do not underestimate this skill. I mean it. I’ve won a couple of close matches with this skill as my last resort.

– It comes out really, reaaally quick, which gives your opponent little time to react if they’re not aware you’ve casted it.

– This’ll definitely be one of the skills I’m gonna max once lvl cap increases.

– Did I mention I really reaaaally love this skill?

– Regarding the skill heraldy, it’ll be personal preference. (I went for the 20% damage increase one though, since I’m pretty good with my aim on this skill anyway. Wanna know how? Read on!)

– once your opponents ujses Tumble, that’ll be your opportunity to use Rage

– it also has a small amount of super armor, but can be easily cancelled by other skills (so make it count)

– to maximize its damage potential, use it while the enemy is under Luring Slice’s debuff (phy/mag damage received is increased while debuffed)

– a downside to this skill is the cooldown. (45 seconds aargh…), and with the epic cd reduction plate, reduces it to 40 secs (which in my opinion, is still kinda long…)

– watch this video (credit goes to AikawaKazu):


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