Die2Nite Random Survival Tips

Die2Nite Random Survival Tips by ChooJeremy

Only venture out into unexplored zones when you know you have a coalition friend who can help you. Otherwise, go to known routes where you know you won’t get stuck or go help someone who’s stuck

Feel free to keep a deco item (just one though!) in your chest. Most people won’t care if you only have 1 deco item.

If there is very little food in the bank and you are afraid that you cannot get a food ration before you log in the next day, retrieve a food ration from the bank before you log out for that day.

If you do manage to scavenge a food ration from the world beyond, and if you want to, bring it back and keep it in your inventory. However, DO retrieve a food ration from the bank daily after that, as if you did not scavenge a food ration. Keep that food ration in your inventory (except when you go out and scavenge, then place it in your bank). Keep the food ration for use when all the food in the bank has ran out. Also, if possible, retrieve a food ration from the bank that is the same type as the food ration you have scavenged.

Obviously, prioritize 7 AP food above 6 AP food (when taking food from the bank)
Do not be worried about running out of water. If the well does decrease to a very low number of water rations left, the whole town will go and vote on pump. You will not be able to change this decision. It’s usually 3-4 votes on the more essential building that helps long term versus 15 votes on pump. And 1 vote on workshop. For some reason, workshop always gets one vote to upgrade. Anyway, don’t worry about rationing. Drink daily. Maximize your distinctions :) Don’t worry, you’ll die due to Zombies before you die due to lack of water.

Feel free to use ANYTHING found in the world beyond to kill Zombies. No one knows you found them anyway :) Plus, I heard it’s good to start Zombie control from Day 1.

In fact, feel free to use anything you found in the world beyond to help you to get distinctions. I do that anyway. For example, if you find a bandage, keep it and use the town’s EMS. If you find drugs, use them to search more. If you find alcohol, use them. If you find 2 PP, combine them. No one knows you found them! Don’t just stop there. If you want to get rarer distinctions, plan ahead a bit. If you find a calibrator and a N&B;, drop them. Don’t update maps on that zone. Pretend there’s nothing there. Slowly work up to a battery launcher distinction. ;)

Be active on the forums. Post plans, act as if you’re working for the good of the town. On the day of the breach, upgrade your house to a hovel. You won’t get shunned that day, randoms are too slow to notice and most of them that do are active on the forums and will send a message to you first asking why you did that (considering your activeness on the forums). The one or two complaints and their messages won’t matter once the town falls into chaos :)

If you are going for the theft distinction, do post on the forums that you’re going for it, and that you will return the items.

If you are helping the randoms and posting guides, post a tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) section of the guide at the TOP of the guide if the guide is long. Most randoms refuse to read long text. It doesn’t matter if the text is nicely divided into paragraphs with bolded and italics and whatnot to help people’s understanding, they usually won’t read it.

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