Die2Nite Team Building Guide

Die2Nite Team Building Guide by brahe

Welcome to the Desert, Citizen!

You’re a smart one. When every one else decided to hole up in the local community centers, packing themselves in the tasty, orderly fashion of a Chinese buffet, you made a break for it.

Of course, these are not greener pastures. If you were hoping for a zombie-free paradise, you came to the wrong place. We have just as many brain munchers out here as we have grains of sand.

You want to live in town, sure, you can do it. But we have rules out here. This ain’t no beach holiday extravaganza.

So, listen up. Learn. Otherwise, you’re just the next item on the menu in these parts.

And I’m not just talking about the Z’s.

Be a Player, Not a Hater

Rules. They’re important, not just to your survival, but to everyone here in town. Some people aren’t going to follow them, certainly.

We’ll deal with them. Harshly.

Let’s get you some education.

White Picket Fences Kill – Check your town’s forum to see what the majority opinion is for your house upgrades. Some towns don’t mind tents, while others would rather those AP go into town constructions, instead. Different strategies for different folk; however, you’ll want to stay on the good side of the town majority, so pay attention and make your choice carefully.

Do not build a hovel, especially your first day in town. That’s extra AP and resources… and will quickly get your name on the Bad Karma list.

Reading is Funducational – The forums exist for a reason: Communication! Read them, take part in the discussions, learn from the experienced survivors and test your opinions in the waters of the community. The better the citizens talk amongst one another, the better the chances of the town’s survival.

Dig in the Dirt – This is vital when scavenging for items we can use. Pick a spot on the map, go there, search and, most importantly, stay! Once you search, you will go into an autosearch mode. This means you will search the zone once every two hours. It’s an incredibly efficient method for finding materials and will use much less than AP wandering aimlessly around the desert.

Daily Subscriptions Available – Regardless of what else the town is doing, there are two actions you should take each and every day.

First, go to the Watchtower and help estimate the size of approaching horde. This will help the town determine how best to build defenses and prepare to survive the night. This should be the first thing you do, even before snagging a ration from the well.

Second, vote on upgrades. Some buildings just get better and better if you take some time with them. However, do not vote too early. The town may have a construction in progress that will need an upgrade. If you vote early on a different project, you could muck up the plans. Save your vote for the end of the day to maximize the benefits.

Bless the Maker and His Water – Water is our greatest and most limited commodity in these parts. It is the lifeblood of the town. Do not go guzzling it down like a Twinoid-geeked orca out cruising for baby seals. Every town has a rationing plan; you should learn it and stick to it. The better we care for our water reserves, the better our chances of surviving.

Zen and the Art of Team Maintenance

So, you know some basic rules to help you and your community have a good chance at surviving the next midnight snack attack; however, there are some other suggestions that could make your stay here more enjoyable.

It’s one simple concept: Teams.

There are three basic team designs, though they can be modified to suit a particular town’s needs. Let’s give you the run down, shall we?

The Scavenging Team – Without materials and supplies, a town is not going to last much longer than a lonely pig at a bacon convention. This team’s sole purpose is to brave the dangers of the desert in order to find what the town needs. Solo scavenging can yield decent results, but a few small, organized crews can travel through zombie heavy zones and find even better loot. Scavengers should be running planned expeditions on a daily basis in order to maximize efficient use of AP.

The Building Team – These are your work horses. When new defenses are needed, when you need to say goodbye to your pet cat and kibble him up or when you need to expand the well’s reservoir, these are the strong bodies that will get it done. Builders reserve almost all of their AP for daily construction projects. However, builders can also help with some localized scavenging by stepping one zone out of town to autosearch for raw materials (rotting log and scrap metal).

The Swing Team – Sometimes, just sometimes, plans fall apart. Builders don’t have enough AP, expeditions come up short a person or three… sometimes things just go wrong. The Swing Team exists to keep things going smoothly. They ooze back and forth between the other two teams, making sure the town’s needs are covered. Swingers (no innuendo, please) should be very active forum readers, as they will need to pay attention to problem areas that need to be fixed.

To All Good Things

Well, citizen, you now have a bit of knowledge to pack into that zombie treat rattling around in your skull. There’s plenty more to learn, but you’re going to learn it best by getting your hands dirty. You know enough now to keep on the right track, enough to keep you from being the next stop on the Chew Chew Brain Midnight Express.

Now, just keep it all in mind and keep your mind all in your head and you’ll find some good success out here in the sun.

Off you go, now. Grab some water, get a little grub and remember to be in bed before 2300.

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