Die2Nite Successful Scavenging Guide

Die2Nite Successful Scavenging Guide by OmniSzron

Oh, boy! You’re alive and it’s a fresh new day. You feel the urge to just go outside and scavenge a bit, don’t you? Well, hold your proverbial horses. There’s a couple of things you need to do before you leave the armoured gates of the craphole you call home.

Chapter 1: Preparation.
A well prepared scavenger is a successful scavenger. Not to mention, an alive one.

1.1 Visit the Watchtower and help estimate the zombie numbers for tonight.
Explanation: This actually doesn’t have anything to do with scavenging, but it’s essential and doesn’t cost you anything. Always start your day at the watchtower. A good estimation helps plan what buildings should be erected on any given day.

1.2 Decide on how much :ap: you want to use for scavenging today.
Tip: Your options will be limited due to what kind of consumables are available to you. Here’s the run-down:

:*:Up to 6:ap: without food, water or intoxicants.
:*:Up to 10:ap: with food only (even with quality food)
:*:Up to 12:ap: with a water ration only
:*:Up to 18:ap: with both food and water
:*:18:ap:+ with both food, water and intoxicants (alcohol and/or drugs)

Explanation: Unless you’re injured, you get 6:ap: every day. One water ration can restore your :ap: as can food (which can even bump it to 7 if it’s good quality). Why then does the limit with just food equal 10:ap: and with water 12:ap:? Marvellous question! You see, if you use 11:ap: during the day, for the purpose of moving through The World Beyond, you will become :eau:Thirsty. If you go to sleep Thirsty, you will wake up Dehydrated. Dehydration means you will die if you go to sleep without drinking, but drinking will only get you back to Thirsty status, so you’ll need to drink 2 water rations to avoid further Dehydration. Needles to say, you don’t want to go to sleep thirsty.

1.3 Turn on the external map and plan a route.
Explanation: The external map is far superior to the in-game one. If properly updated it will show zombie numbers, all items lying on the ground, zone and building depletion.
Tip: Always try to plan routes that go through as many undepleted zones as possible. Avoid zombies and be very careful if going into unexplored territory. Be very wary of unexplored special zones (the ones with buildings), since they usually have the most zombies.
Tip: If you can’t get the map to work, make sure you have external applications enabled in your Die2Nite profile. Go to Your Soul -> Settings. Make sure the “Authorise external applications” box is checked. Now, log in at the external map application. It will redirect you to the Die2Nite log-in screen where you use your regular D2N credentials.

1.4 If possible, try to organize an expedition group.
Explanation: If you move in groups you can enter zones with more than 2 zombies and deplete them faster. Every group member gives your group 2CP (Control Points). Every zombie has 1CP. If your group’s Control Points are equal or higher than the zombie Control Points in a given zone, you won’t get trapped and can search the zone freely.
Tip: Organizing groups usually takes some time, so try to plan expeditions at least one day in advance. Use the route planning tool at the Town Gates and make a thread for the expedition on the forums.

1.5 Pack all the necessary provisions (food/water) in your rucksack and head off.
Tip: Remember – when you’re gone anything in your home’s storage can be stolen by other citizens. If you don’t plan to take water with you, but you do want to drink it after you come back, then don’t take your ration from the well and put it in your home’s storage. Someone will probably steal it. You can get your ration when you come back.

Chapter 2: Scavenging.
Where you’ll learn useful tricks that help you haul in the optimal loads every day.

2.1 Search every zone you enter.
Explanation: searching zones doesn’t cost any :ap:, so there is no downside to searching.

2.2 Update the external map before you leave any zone.
Explanation: the external map is one of the most important tools in the game. A well updated map can save people’s lives and action points, because people will know where to go and what to expect at any given zone. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

2.3. Always mark a zone as depleted if it’s depleted. If a building is depleted, make sure to mark it on the external map.
Explanation: once a zone is searched a sufficient number of times it will deplete. Depleted zones will basically yield only Rotten Logs and Scrap Metal, which are very poor quality items. That’s why it’s important to let other people know that they won’t find any quality items in a particular zone. To do this, just use the Zone Marker drop-down menu and choose “Depleted zone”. This information will be automatically carried over to the external map. Buildings can be depleted (and replenished) independently from the zone they’re situated in. If a building is depleted, it will show the following message when you try to search it:
After a sneaky scout around the building, you are sure there is nothing left to recover. Shame…If that’s the case, use the external map to mark the building as depleted (it will be displayed with a big red cross mark over it from then on).

2.4 Try to spend a lot of time auto-searching outside. Don’t auto-search near the town (up to 3 km) or in depleted areas.
Explanation: auto-searching is a mechanic that allows you to leave your character in a zone on the map to perform a search of the zone every two hours. You don’t need to be online for auto-search to work, so it’s a good idea to leave your character auto-searching before you go to bed or school/work. But be wary where you leave your character. The areas near the town get a lot of traffic from other players. Every person coming through a zone can search it, so the ones in close proximity to the town get depleted very quickly. Auto-searching a depleted zone will only yield low quality items.

2.5 Drop found items on the ground while moving away from the town.
Explanation: your rucksack has limited space for items. If you fill it with items while going away from town, you will reach a point where no more can fit in it. You will be forced to drop some of the items on the ground. The problem is, you can be really far away from town when this happens. If you had left them on the ground earlier, they would be lying much closer to town, allowing other scavengers to bring them in (and use less action points to do it). Of course, once you’re on your way back to town, fill your rucksack with everything you can find.

2.6 Use your heavy slot optimally and try to haul defensive items every day.
Explanation: You have one slot in your rucksack for heavy items. Use it wisely. The absolute best use for your heavy slot are defensive items (i.e.: Mattress, Sheet Metal, Door, Concrete, etc.). They are super-valuable and can give up to 8 :gard: for the town later in the game.

Chapter 3: I’m trapped!
You went and got yourself trapped by those decomposing bastards, did you? Well, it happens, but don’t make a habit out of it and don’t panic!

3.1 Don’t run away from zombies!
Explanation: Running away will cause you to get injured. Injuries are very bad. First of all, they reduce your maximum :ap: by 1. They also usually have side effects like making you unable to construct buildings, lock the gates, scavenge effectively or make you lose extra :ap: while moving in the desert. If that’s not bad enough, if you go to sleep injured, you will wake up infected. If you go to sleep infected, there is a 50% chance the infection will kill you. So don’t run away!

3.2 Don’t fight zombies with your bare hands.
Explanation: Listen, you’re no Bruce Lee. You probably couldn’t beat up a schoolgirl, not to mention a flesh eating zombie that likely doesn’t feel any pain. Trying to kill a zombie with your bare hands has a VERY LOW chance of success and it will cost you :ap:. Don’t even try it!

3.3 Update the external map and set the zone status to “:!!:Call for help”.
Explanation: You’ll be stuck for a while now and you probably got stuck because you didn’t know how many zeds were here. Since you’re already waiting, make it easier for people to help you. An updated map will let them know how many zeds you’re facing and the Call for help marker will help them find you easier.

3.4 Send a distress call on the forums.
Explanation: Remain calm and send a distress call on your town’s forum. State where you are, how many zombies are keeping you trapped, when do you intend to be online that day and any other useful information. Make sure to check the “This message is a call for help” box before posting it. Wait for help.

That’s it! If you’ve read this whole guide, you are ready to go outside and make your town proud! Just remember to be back for supper!

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