Die2Nite Basic Guide

Die2Nite Basic Guide (Tactics to Survive Until Day 20) by Admin

———- Basics ———-

Success in this game is all about working well as a team and good communication.

Everybody’s AP are important to the town, so please (at least) read the 4 “Important Threads” before deciding what to spend them on…

Please try and keep discussions and arguments off the 4 main threads in order to keep them easy and quick to read for those who only have a few minutes to log on and spend their AP.

Food and water should be saved for expeditions only (and others drink only when thirsty – or when we need to finish a defence building for an attack). Please do not use drugs or alcohol unless an emergency!

———- Voting ———-

Priority upgrades should be done in the following order. This strategy requires a lot of defence building in the first 7 days, but from day 8 (when starting to vote defence upgrades) allows time to build Foundation projects.

Searchtower Level 5
Watchtower Level 2 (possibly higher if needed)
Defence Focus Level 5
Upgradable Wall Level 5

———- Scavenging ———-

There need to be a minimum of 2 expeditions going out every day and builders should always try to step 1 square out of town and auto-search all day to bring home lots of Rotting Logs and Scrap Metal.

The key to a long-lasting town is the Searchtower and Defence Focus.

We need to find lots of Defense items – with Defense Focus Level 5 they are worth 8 defence each – by day 20 we should be looking at having around 100 defense items in the bank (equaling 800 Defense) – that’s an average of finding 5 per day – which is easily possible thanks to an early Level 5 Search tower.

EDIT: Defense Focus no longer makes defense items give 8 defense. It is now 2 defense at level 5.

———- Building ———-

After the first few obvious priority buildings (watchtower, workshop, factory), the build order is pretty flexible; in building what we find resources for. It’s nice to try and get the veg garden asap too. By day 20 we will have pretty much built everything on the list.

———- Council of the Forum ———-

Some people try to stand up and take the role of the leader… The town should be run as a Council, where the leader is not a person, but the best idea suggested on the forum.

Discussions and arguments are a big part of how this game is designed – please keep them civil.

If you object with someone’s suggested plan, explain why and suggest a better plan… make an effort to understand both sides of any argument.

———- Complaints ———-

Please do not use the anonymous complaint button to “complain”.

The complaint button should only be used to banish/shun disruptive players – not to grief about players because you don’t like what they have said or done.

A successful town needs good communication. If you don’t like what someone has said or done, stay civil and ask why they have done it, and explain to them why it was a bad idea – help them learn.

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