Bounty Hounds Online Reaper Build Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Reaper Build Guide by Obet

first of all, this is not a complete guide. this is for only to those who doesnt have an idea or doesnt know what to do with their reapers. so easy with ur comments

so what is a reaper? reaper is a single target dps character with massive crit chance and good debuffs.

glass cannon/PVP build. so, if u want havoc to the mobs, then this guide or class is not for you.

reaper mechanics: we just simply put marks on our target which means some skill requires to have a mark on it to be activated. and,also we have good debuff skills, so, use it wisely. “as listed below”

lvl 60 cap with 36 total skill points

WEAPON : i personally prefer CIRCLE BLADES for melee and SNIPER RIFLE for range. since this two have the highest critical chance among other weapons.


i prefer iron back at first, it`ll tank for u at lower levels. but in higher levels, u will have better armors, and yeah, by this time u will start to like killing anybody. so i suggest using steelblade, or thunderbolt if u prefer. but i like melee so, yeah. steelblade for me. its up to you though, on which suits you best.


most common is 2 agi and 1 str. str for base and crit damage, and agi for crit chance and evasion. 2 agi`s since its crucial for our well being. CRIT CHANCE AND EVA>..


VOID SNIPE 1/6 = low damage skill, just a skill to put marks on target. leave it to 1

VOID STRIKE 6/6 = main damage skill with 120% base damage per mark x3. so, do the math, max mark is 3.

UMBRON ATTACHER 4/6 = crit chance buff for you and your parteee. proly max it later

UMBRA ARMS = 3/6 = crit damage buff for ur self only. proly max it later

VOID SLASH = 3/6 = good damage at start but become much useless later. get it to 3 to get other skills.

REFLEX AUGMENTATION 4/6 = permanently inceases ur evasion. poly max it later.

VOIDS EMBRACE 2/6 = passive skill that increases ur evasion when u use void slash.

VOID NEURALIZER 1/1 = debuff/ removes target’s good buffs. this will reap them off, and you can also use this on PVP countdown. so,by the time pvp starts. u`ll get to reap off their buffs. feel sorry for them. good for PVP/PVE

VOID RIFT 1/2 = interupt . u know, for those players who take all the time in the world just to launch a skill. u use this then poof! did u just sh*t ur self? good for pvp/pve

VOID CHOKE 4/4 = silence. hmmmm u know what that means . good for PVP/PVE

VOID STEP 1/2 = dash + root.because theres always that one annoying guy who keeps on running around. this will serve him good sorry kiters. good for PVP/PVE.

VOID CONVERSION 2/2 = IMBA reaper skill. massive damage and heal over time. GET THIS!.

UMBRON FILL 1/1 = resets the void step’s CD. so u can use it again for kiters

VOID PHANTOM 2/2 = give us great evasion for 10 seconds. crucial if ur being ganked, or just want to get away with those annoying players or mobs and says “oh!, i didnt notice you there”

LIFE QUANTUM 1/2 = passive skill when u use void phantom. gives u massive HP 1.8k

thats it. and thanks for bounty hounds global. there, ilearned how my reapers work there. enjoy

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  1. ForgottenS says:

    cant you give a screenshot?

  2. Anonymous says:

    dude, are all your stats str 1, agi 2???

  3. Anonymous says:

    what lvl did you get having all these skill stats?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chemical Bralwer = Sentinel

  5. Anonymous says:

    Make one for Sentinel :)

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