Blackshot T1 Grenade Tutorial

Blackshot T1 Grenade Tutorial by SOYAMilk

The Art Of Using T1 Bomb.

By popular demand to make a video or a post on how to use T1 bomb, I decided to post it out.
In this post, you will not see any pictures or video for now.
I am just going to show you some tips that may be good for you regardless as a T1 beginner or normal Blackshot player.

Tip #1: Run, Drop, Run.

You may ask what do you mean by Run Drop Run? It’s simple. In the event that you are so close to your opponent, maybe very close, or even body contact. Throw your T1 on the floor and run pass him. Natural instinct, the person will automatically shoot you at where he is when he sees you, but by the time he knows it, the bomb is in front of him and there he goes, boom.

Chances Of Oneself Dying : 40%
– Depends on how fast the opponent shoot you.
Chances of Opponent Exploding : 90%
– Such extreme speed that have shown, I doubt the person can run anywhere.
– Unless he escapes and decided to stop shooting you, and run away.
– High chances of him getting blast off even if he runs.
– Minimum chance of you getting blast off with him too, hehe.

Tip #2: Don’t Estimate, Throw Accurately.

Normally people throw T1 bombs to certain walls or grounds even if they never see the opponent. There’s a disadvantage of T1, which is when you are grabbing the bomb and you die ******************ly, it’s not gonna explode like frag grenade. Throw the t1 only when you saw your opponent. Do not throw directly towards him, unless he is squatting down and shooting you. Natural instinct is that he will keep running towards you while shooting you, so just throw in front of the opponent, to have better accuracy of blasting him off.

Chances of Oneself Dying : 50%
-Maybe/Maybe Not, depends really.
Chances of Opponent Exploding : 80%
-For most players, they will run towards you, so higher the chance.
– Maximum chance of you dying plus him blasting off too, hehe.

(Maybe I will make a screenshot someday regarding Tip #2.)

Tip #3: Low Life, Be Alert.

This skill requires full concentration. In the event when your med kit is still recharging, and your life is very low, with your t1 on hand, hold your t1 and run. Look left and right and front and back constantly, and once you hear something or saw him, throw it towards him and he will fly away.

Chances of Oneself Dying: 90%
-Low life definitely die even if you bomb him.
Chances of Opponent Exploding: 80%

Tip #4: T1 is heavy, don’t throw over buildings.

Don’t have the mindset that T1 has the same weight as Frag Grenade. It is way heavier than you thought. I would advise not to throw over buildings, but to use it in close combat or short-distance shootout.

Tip #5: Throw Yourself

SOYAMilk? What The Fish is Throw Yourself? Sure die ma. Relax, the good news is there is a skill in it. The bad news is you still have to die no matter what, haha! Okay here’s the deal.
I talk about close contact before, when enemy is just right in front of you, most likely you are going to die, why not have a higher chance of assurance he will die with you? Throw yourself, and while you die and he reaches your spot, BOOM, he’s dead.

Tell you this, this is good.. for MELEE MATCH! Just run grab the flag, and throw yourself, you may not get the 10 points, but at least you can kill one, or two.. or FOUR? FIVE?! SIX? Haha!

Tip #6: Double Nading Strategy (SD) [LATEST]

Double Nading Strategy, more for SD game purposes. Here’s how it goes. Maybe when the person is marking at you from a distance, first you throw towards the person with the frag grenade in front of him, naturally he would want to run as quick as possible (of course, using his knife), then you throw the t1 to the spot you see him running to. High chance of him, getting naded. Bad thing is, you need two nades in this case.

A SOYAMilk Production
To be continued..
Hope this information helps, anything to clarify can leave your comments below.
Let me know how do you feel about this guide.
Thumbs Up?
Thumbs Down?
Thumbs In The Middle?
Is it useful is it not?
Thanks alot.

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