Blackshot AWP Black Guide

Blackshot AWP Black Guide by Benmei

Today, one of the star player in Singapore, XTC.Deathz will teach you how to use AWP Black and useful Snipe Point .


The basic of being a sniper requires you to be calm and of course be a good partner with your dear mouse. (Good sensitivity control)

I suggest new snipers begin working out their sensitivity from a lower range, till you are comfortable with your accuracy. This is important when you get panicky when your opponent starts shooting at you, and you move your mouse too fast to concentrate your shot on him.

One key important area for shooting game is to always mark locations that are smaller in exposed area compared to those bigger in exposed area. It is to reduce difficulty in aiming and killing your opponents.

An intelligent killer should not camp in an area excessively, as this will make you extremely vulnerable to grenades, so… switch your spot often =)

Sandstorm 1 Sniper Spot for Blue Side

Starting from the storage, scan the upper sniper lane after making sure the ground lane is clear.


Secondly, check the camping spot just beside the ladder and behind the car, and occasionally scan for enemies standing behind the white wall.

On the top of the sniper lane, crouching and annihilate out incoming enemies.

A spot to check for enemies when you are at the bridge entrance, coming out from the blue side area.

Sandstorm 1 Sniper Spot for Red Side

Sniper lane , behind the barrel, aiming into their storage. Take cover behind the wall beside <<.

Behind the car, aiming the whole storage and incoming enemies from the front lane. Taking cover using the car.

In the central storage, snipe for incoming enemies in the alleyway.

At the stairs, snipe in the central storage room.

As on the map ?Meeting Hall 2nd Floor? guarding the entire lane for incoming enemies.

Combat Sniper

Lastly, being a close range sniper – This means that you are a walking sniper, you travel around meeting enemies face to face. You quick scope and Bang!
Firstly, you must learn to be familiar with your ‘Centre of Screen’ spot, which is the green crosshair in the picture below. This will be your focus on spot when using a AWP sniper gun.

The reason for familiarising is when you are using a sniper gun, you don’t have the crosshair to aim at your opponent. You need to feel the ‘Centre of Screen’ point, so that when you quick scope(right click as fast as you can react), you can focus on your opponent body and take him down faster

Being a combat sniper requires good accuracy/aim to achieve kills Learning quick switching weapon

With the help of gears, equip elbow grease which decreases switching of weapon delay. For default key, press QQ which allows you to switch to either a knife or a pistol then back to your sniper rifle. Switching weapon is crucial in close range combat as well as far range combat. It allows you to faster clear your body from sight and from enemies shot by jumping away as well as allow you to fire another shot faster. You will have to practise till you are comfortable with the habit of switching weapons.


Tactical gear slots – Assassin, Guardian I,II , Skirmisher 1 as default.
Preferred armor will be Armor Level 4 , as it gives you another chance to fight with snipers who are marking out for you. Armor Level 2 or 3 won’t make much of a difference to a sniper.

Jump Shot

Jump shot is another tactic to annihilate camping enemies. Advantage will be that you will be faster to take down your enemy. However, the disadvantage is the difficulty in aiming accurately at your opponent if you are not quick enough to target.

Try out Bunker Defence

Practise more, play more. Don’t feel bad to try practising in Bunker Defence, until you are ready to take a higher level of difficulty. Good luck.

*The above AWP gun can be replaced by any other sniping rifles.
*There are more areas where a sniper can defend. It’s totally up to you to decide. Above points are suggestions and usual sniping spots.
*Remember you have to see your enemy in the sniper scope point to shoot accurately from far.
*The above guide are purely from my point of views, you can have your style of playing, a mixture of here and there. It is not the perfect die-die guide to follow. ^^

By Deathz™, member of Blackshot SG No.1 Team Invictus.XTC

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