WonderKing Archer and Ranger Secret Tricks Guide

WonderKing Archer and Ranger Secret Tricks Guide by Penguin

This post includes some tricks in the skills of the Archer/Ranger path…
With my ranger, Kando, I discovered some secrets [though you may have already known some]. Enjoy! :D

Tempest Wolf

-Just like the Wizard’s Volcanic Bomber skill, the Rangers also “sweat” when you use Tempest Wolf. You have to stand VERY close to the edges and face toward the edge while activating the skill. The wolf would appear and disappear in less than a second and your character will sweat!

Earth Bear

-The trick is the same as the Tempest Wolf trick. If you use the Earth Bear Skill while facing and standing near the edge of a platform structure, your character sweats!

Leaf Shield

Leaf shield may sometimes look underpowered but it has some nice secrets to it.

-We all know that the Leaf Shield skill grants you XX% of your current Physical defense stat…it would go something like this when activated::

Physical Defense | 3XX (1XX).

Well did you know that when you use all your swirling leaves around you, the bonus defense [the one in the parentheses] merges with your current defense!!! It would go something like this::

Physical Defense | 5XX ( )

Remember that this only merges when you used up all the leaves around DURING the buff. If the buff ends and you haven’t used up all the swirling leaves, it doesn’t merge but goes back to your normal Physical Defense number. Another side-effect is that when you use another buff WHILE your defense has merged, then it will return back to neutral. Example:::

Physical Defense | 5XX ( )  —– this is the merge of your bonus defense and your normal physical defense.

*you used a buff. (Lightning Eagle, Flower of Recovery [Yet to confirm if this affects], Soul of Order, Rest)

Physical Defense | 3XX ( ) —- your defense goes back to your normal defense due to buff activation.

Even AFTER your defense merges, your Leaf Shield buff ENDS, and you DIDN’T do another buff after the merge, your merged defense will still go back to normal in a given time duration to balance the effect. [I have yet to confirm how long the duration is]

It might not seem useful… but if you have a good equips and max the Leaf Shield buff, you would get SUPER defense. Remember that the larger your physical defense… the more bonus Defense you get.

Hope you guys enjoyed!!! I would add some more info if I discover more!…….

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