WonderKing Find the Dragon Eggs Quest Guide

WonderKing Find the Dragon Eggs Quest Guide by Fikri

What is this? It is a quest that you are able to receive from Old Turtle in Giant Potion II at level 40 and above. In the description it says it is a Lv.80 quest however.

What do you receive from completing the quest? Some XP and Zed but mainly, a Scouter. The Scouter is an accessory that goes into the Earrings Equip Slot. The stats of this item are:

How do you complete this quest? Get all 6 of the Dragon Eggs needed, also stated down below and bring them to Old Turtle in Giant Potion II and talk to him.

Will I be able to complete the quest if I buy some/all of the Dragon Eggs or obtain them in a way other than picking it/them up from the boss monsters? Yes. All you need to do is get all 6 of them.

Dragon Egg I (Red Egg): Fake Rambong (Temple Roof Mission Portal First Boss) Lvl. ??? (literally)
Dragon Egg II (Orange Egg): Crown Witch Bug (Mushroom Hills I-III) Lvl. 55
Dragon Egg III (Yellow Egg): Turtle Monster (Inner Night Market II) Lvl. 55
Dragon Egg IV (Green Egg): Scorpion Moro (Whale Grave I Mission Portal) Lvl. 60
Dragon Egg V (Blue Egg): 19th Floor of Abeldras Temple with weird name (Ganharghe) (Looks like Lara) Lvl. ???
Dragon Egg VI (Purple Egg): Haechi (Mission Portal in 19th Floor of Abeldras Temple) Lvl 90

Note: Turtle Monster’s Yellow Dragon Egg (Dragon Egg III) can also be found in Temple Roof if you kill Turtle Monster there you may get the egg. Lvl. ??

Areas of Boss Monsters

Fake Ramong: Go to Francis Town and go to Wapi and go to Abeldras Temple. Go to the right and jump on the rock keep jumping move on higher rocks. You will see a portal. Go into the portal. Keep jumping on springs to get on rocks and go all the way to the top. Pass the Blue portal and go to the red Mission Portal. The chances of getting the egg are very high.

Crown Witch Bug: Go left of Francis Town. You will see bugs there. The one on the radar with the big red dot is the crown witch bug. The chances of the egg dropping is not 100%

Turtle Monster: Go left of WonderPlus. Keep going til Night Market II. Enter the Inner Night Market I portal and go right. Wait for Turtle Monster to respawn or change channel if it isn’t at Inner Night Market II. If you want to kill the Fake Turtle Monster follow the Fake Rambong directions. The chances of the egg dropping is not 100%

Scorpion Moro: Head left of Francis Dock til you reach Whale Grave I and keep going til you see a Mission Portal. Enter it. There, Scorpion Moro will be in there. The chances of the egg dropping is not 100%

Go to WonderPlus. Go to Wapi and go to Entrance of North Lab. Head downward until you reach the bottom left portal. Enter that and head left til you reach Wreck. Head down right and enter to Whale Grave II. Go right and down til you see Whale Grave I portal and enter it. Then you can see Mission Portal to Scorpion Moro down there.

Gregory: Go to Wapi at Francis Town and go to Abeldras Temple or go left of Francis Town til you reach the Entrance of Abeldras Temple portal. Go right and jump on a rock. Keep going up til you reach Temple Roof portal. Enter the portal leading to 17th floor. Go left to 18th floor and go up to 19th floor. Down there should be the boss unless it was killed and is gonna respawn. The chances of the egg dropping is not 100%

Haechi: Follow Ganharghe steps except after you reach 19th floor, go to Mission Portal. You need one Ancient Key per person and must be in a party with a member with you entering the mission portal and the room to Haechi (Abeldras Nest). The chances of getting the egg aren’t 100%.

I just transfered an old version of the guide to the forums, so I’ll edit it or something. It stills seems useful. @_@

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