WonderKing Making Zed Guide

WonderKing Making Zed Guide by Kanga

Hello thar!!~~

You are most likely visiting this page, because you are interested in the concept of making money in WonderKing!!

It’s very simple… Follow these rules and you’ll be pushing the zed limiter of 1bil faster than you can say IThinkISawACat…

1.0. : Save money to make money: Do you really need that orange equip? No, yellows are almost as good, and can be 1/20 of the price of an orange version.

1.1. : Don’t buy things that you don’t need >.> … Your crafter can be maxed when you have reached the level cap, and you have nothing else to do… Quite frankly, they suck up zed like a black hole and you will be on the skin of your arse until it is maxed…

1.2 : Negotiate… If the item is in the OM for 2mil, offer 1.8mil… When I say negotiate, I don’t mean offer them 1zed and expect them to accept, the offer still has to be reasonable.

1.3 : Look out for the WK Black Market  … Might seem silly, but I know for a fact that you can get things cheap if you know who to buy from… This is more suitable for items, such as Ifrit’s Breath, not things like equips.

1.4 : Guildies are there to help! ~~ When I say that, I don’t mean nag them for everything you need…. Nobody likes a nagger.

That section was on saving money, now for the part where you make your own!

2.0 : Farm Pots and sell them~~. This is my business in Kado. Steal it and die >.>

2.1 : Moro. Quite profitable but really boring.

2.2 : Mining Not recommended. Only profitable if you’re lucky enough to get WS.

2.3 : Farm Pruneus! One of the more fun options… You will have to make your own WayStarters, otherwise it won’t be profitable, but other than that, you can expect 5mil from 10 runs sometimes.  Note: the prices of Way Starters and the resulting sealed items has dropped by a huge amount, and therefore this is less profitable then it used to be 

2.4 : Farm Keys, then Haechi. Similar to pruneus runs, but Haechi runs involve less work. In relativity, it also makes less profit.

2.5 : Merchanting… This is when you buy things from the OM and sell them for a profit. This can be risky if you’re not fully aware of how the OM works.

2.6 : Zed party’s … Recommended at Hellen Kunta Square 1 and 2, as well as Forgotten Beach. Spike Kids and Okello Kids also make for fast zed…

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