WonderKing Pre-Level 30 Hidden SP Quests Guide

WonderKing Pre-Level 30 Hidden SP Quests Guide by chibiFTW

Countless times throughout the forum, people have been stating that completing all quests from level 1-29 (does not require Break Out Quests) will result in extra SP compared to a person that did not complete the quests before job advancement. It was confirmed that instead of having 58 SP at the completion of Job Advancement, a user that completed all quests from 1-29 could obtain 67 SP instead. However, completing every quest from 1-29 would become quite tedious and incredibly dull. Surely there had to be specific quests that rewarded the hidden SP.

After several months of trial and error, Tantei-kun had finally narrowed down the list of quests necessary to earn the 9 extra Hidden SP. Instead of a user having to complete all pre-level 30 quests, they now only need to complete a total of 15 quests in order to obtain the Hidden SP. Here is what Tantei-kun discovered:

Tantei-kun – 8/29/2010 7:40 AM

It took me two-three days to complete the missions and come to a different conclusion. Please disregard the original post, which included Wind Altar missions and No one can stop us! completely. They are incorrect.

Instead, please use this revised information to locate the missing SP. Before you decide to use a Skill Reset (R2) or Skill Reset (All), please make sure that you have tested this on a different character. Though I have received the correct amount, it may lead to a different amount on its own. With a lot of thanks to alter88 for this information would not have been resolved properly without the help.

Level 5 (1 SP)
Pickaxe Usage Instructions
Mining Guide II
Mining Guide III

Level 25 (2 SP)
Angry Lovebirds I
Angry Lovebirds II
Angry Lovebirds III
Angry Lovebirds IV

Level 26 (2 SP)
Basics of Trade I
Basics of Trade I-1
Basics of Trade I-2

Level 27 (3 SP)
Basics of Trade II
Basics of Trade II-1
Kids are the Future I
Kids are the Future II

Level 28 (1 SP)
Grey Hair Stress

Upon hearing this news, many users became discouraged since, like me, they too did not complete the necessary pre-level 30 quests and did not receive the bonus SP. Many began to ponder if there was a way to still obtain the bonus SP past level 30. My guild mates and I wondered that if we went back and completed the necessary pre-level 30 quests would we be able to receive the bonus SP if we used a skill reset? I then set off to complete the needed quests before I used my skill reset.

*Note: I am a level 140 Berserker that completed every post-level 30 SP quest

I started my journey back in Elgail Town and proceeded to complete every quest Tantei-kun noted above, one by one. When I completed the last quest I made sure to document the amount of skill points I had:

My SP Before the Skill-Reset
1 Upper Flash (1 SP)
5 Flame Break (5 SP)
8 Weapon Mastery (8 SP)
5 Crash Down (10 SP)
10 Power Up (20 SP)
3 Flame Gazer (6 SP)
3 Sword Mastery (3 SP)
3 Dragon Kaiser (6 SP)
8 Fire Spirit (8 SP)
15 Dragon Blast (15 SP)
10 WarCry (20 SP)
15 Burning Slash (30 SP)
15 Dragon Bite (30 SP)
10 Rage (30 SP)
2 Fist of Ifrit (6 SP)
15 Rising Dragon (45 SP)
5 Blood Revenge (10 SP)
1 Blood Rage (3 SP)
7 Blazing Storm (28 SP)
2 Extra SP
Total SP: 286

Initial SP (pre skill reset): 286
Final SP (post skill reset): 294
Difference: 8 SP

I was surprised to see that my SP had increased by an additional 8 points after completing the quests. However, I did notice that 67 minus 58 results in 9 SP and not 8. Tantei-kun was able to explain this difference in SP:

If you add up your SP, you received all 9 missing SP from those quests.139 x 2 = 278 (Leveling)
2 + 2 + 3 = 7 (Deeply Moved Automan, Courage Directs Justice chain, & Nagpha Swamp Incident)

Add those up, and you get 285. Now, add the missing 9 SP and you have a total of 294 SP.

The only difference that occurred was you received an original 1 SP prior to resetting, which is quite common to those who skipped most quests much earlier. This 1 SP is directly from the beginning quests.

I certainly agree with Tantei-kun’s explanation since I clearly remember completing the Level 5, Mining chain quests on my Swordsman before I job advanced. This led to my one extra SP before skill resetting.

Regardless, I am still thankful for my 8 extra SP. It may seem minuscule but this method benefits those who did not complete pre-level 30 quests and seek to maximize their total SP.

If anyone else would like to confirm that this method works, feel free to post your results as well.

I would sincerely like to thank Tantei-kun for his valiant efforts in discovering which quests were needed to obtain the 9, Pre-Level 30, Hidden SP. His contributions to the community are simply remarkable and he deserves all credit for this guide.

I would also like to thank alter88 for careful analysis and testing of the necessary SP quests, which led to further revisions and corrected infromation.

Finally, I’d like to thank:

Kusogaki(Paladin-Windus): for the intial idea.
blore(Assassin-Windus): for testing this method first.
Tantei-kun: for his explanation of my 1 extra SP

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