WindSlayer 2 Deciding on Second Class Guide

WindSlayer 2 Deciding on Second Class Guide by Fojib

This is all based on my opinion and experience  and its based on pvp
Second ClassTier 1

Dark Priest (A good Dark Priest with perfect skill timing can bring your hp from full to 0 with you not standing a chance.)

Beserker (Probably the scariest class with the right equipment. You will see what I mean soon enough ;) ) (yes eq makes a huge difference in this game)

Beast Master (0 cool down for animal summons. Once a Beast Master hits you with a sloth he could kill you within seconds.)

Tier 2

Trapper (Not much has changed with this class except 1 major skill. The puppet now has a huge weakness mainly due to a glitch in the game. If the glitched is fixed for the English version then Trapper goes back up to 1st Tier)

Counter ( My favorite class to play in Windslayer S, iv had so many people complain about how the skills are broken (hit box wise), but when you start to play the class the only real way to pull off combos is to be 1 step ahead of your opponent.)

Paladin (Every Paladins wish has finally come true. Buffs are actually perfect now giving you a choice of healing and speed or extra attack, and you replace the useless buffs with attack skills. Reasons why this class isnt 1st Tiers is because the new attack skills are terrible in my opinion xD)

Summoner (Anyone who has seen my Summoner video has seen my do a double ice attack then meteor to put my opponent to red. Only problem is you have to really out play your opponent to get that initial ice hit. Also I have reason to believe that the ice combo when used right can bring somebody from full to 0 but its too hard to test on the Korean servers.)

Bishop (I barely fought any Bishops due to the fact that they are so rare. Though from what iv noticed their skills do get an upgrade range wise. Not much else to say but they seem pretty decent.)

Tier 3

Elementalist ( This class went from 1st to 3rd Tier simply because how Earthquake, Fire wave, and Blizzard got nerfed bad. Hitting anyone with any of these skills is a miracle)

Shaolin ( Terrible combos is all I need to say, I would only recommend this class to beginners who are new to combo systems and Windslayer)

Assassin ( Difficult class to play due to the lack of combos but its speed and slightly upgraded skills make up for it which gives this class potential.)

Sniper ( I feel bad for any Sniper going into 1vs1 pvp, in Windslayer S your camera does not allow you to see as far as the original giving the Sniper a huge crutch.)

Later on ill upgrade the list to 3rd classes which makes this a whole different game, changing the list entirely.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with a lot of this, Summoners can easily do 1 combo kill so they belong in tier1, Darkpriests are good but you have to learn how to be good first, there is so many things that can affect a dp in battle, one thing how yur opponent move and what class your opponent it. Beserker are spam lords meaning, though i hate them, they are very good I agree. Assassins are awesome they can easily just stay back until assassinate is up then pwn. Snipers are good but hhaarrdd to be good with soo i do agree. And elementalists were not nerfed at all excpet for earthquake because the time is so short now, its easy to hit with blizzard. Finally, paladins i think that until 3rd class, they are at a little disavantage because of there low damage, and lack of skill combos so id say tier 3. Everything else is fine. Mako6103

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good to see you Fojib been a while lol.

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