WindSlayer 2 Leveling Guide

WindSlayer 2 Leveling Guide: Get to 51 Fast! by Stoven

This guide covers how you can very easily level to 51.

This guide does NOT cover the following:

-Recommended skills per class for mobbing
-Recommended zones/dungeons per class for mobbing
-Getting gold

This is a general guide for all classes.

This guide assumes you have enough gold/pots as well as proper equips to steamroll from 1 to 51. Within 12-18 hours, or less you will be level 51.

My fastest time using this guide is,  I think 11 hours (only counting towards time playing and nothing else). This DOES include the 100% experience boost power hour bonus.


If possible*, become a mentee! Get a Mentor so that while they’re online you gain more experience. This is why I would suggest someone who is online for a very long time, but more on that later. The process is very simple, just click on your “Char” icon in the lower right of your screen, click community and go to the mentor tab. If someone agrees to be your mentor, click the “Add Mentor” button and enter their name. Alternatively they may add you as a mentee and you’ll get this weird message dialog box asking if you want to join a guild battle. Click yes, and you are now that person’s Mentee. Be warned that in order for you to gain additional experience via Mentorship, your Mentor must be online. Another thing to watch out for is switching Mentors… you’ll be on a 24 hour cooldown before you can delete your current Mentor and add a different one (meaning once you register a Mentor that person will be your Mentor for at least 24 hours whether they’re online or not), so be certain that the person you’re choosing will be on reliably for you to get good exp gains.

My recommendation is to get someone from the Flea Market or Zohabriner’s Item Laboratory in one of the gathering places. In both locations people keep their compy on for awhile to either trade or gather items… so these people are your best bet to getting really good exp gains. Another area, since it’s such a leveling c-b is Balderan Mining Settlement. Lots of people hang out there and there’s a good chance someone who is very active will mentor for you.

Another location to consider is the pvp arena. Spectate a game and whisper the specs or even pvp’ers to see if they’re staying online for awhile.

*If nobody else is high level this may not be an option for you.

Also, before I go on… let’s say you’re mobbing in an area and your inventory gets full. If you really want to keep grinding, going back to town minimal times, it’s really good to invest in Mobile Merchants (“Hawker”). They can be found at the Grocer shop. Make sure you always have some of these at your disposal so you can vendor items in the same zone you’re mobbing, and keep mobbing.

Cards are your friend! Cards are items that occasionally drop from monsters that when registered to your encyclopedia (via right-clicking them) give you a 10% exp boost from that monster. After looking through this guide, ask around or check the Flea Market for cards from the monsters you will be killing on your way to leveling.

Additionally, the question in your head if you’re new to games like this is “what is mobbing?”. The answer is pretty simple, you’re just gathering up a bunch of monsters on the map and hitting them with skills that strike more than one monster at a time. It’s the fastest way to clear a map versus taking on each monster one by 1. Here’s a picture example of taking down many monsters at once, aka “mobbing”.

Finally, what do you do if someone is hoarding a zone, or a party is in a zone mobbing when you need that zone to level faster? Have no fear! Kindly ask “party” in all chat and see if someone from that party will invite you. Or if it’s just one person you can invite them by rightclicking them and clicking on “make party”. The “make party” button also works if you’re in a party and you want to invite someone into it.

I don’t want to get too mathy, so I’ll just say this. Being in a party is sometimes better than being solo, and sometimes not as good as being solo. It depends strictly on how big the map is and how good your party is at mobbing versus you doing the map solo. It’s better to party up and do a map that is already being mobbed than to wait around for them to leave, unless you don’t mind dungeon running a lot or farming lessor mobs. If you’re training and someone else comes into the map and needs to train there, please do invite them.

Also remember… don’t KS. What this means is don’t stay out of party and kill mobs someone else is training. It will just cause problems between you and the person farming (they’ll refuse to party you, or try to harass you by waiting until you mob and kill yours, or bring a higher level char to farm the map just to spite you… etc… just don’t do it please). Be the better person and wait out the map or find somewhere else to train. Chain-dungeon run if you must get past a leveling zone so you can proceed to the next and hopefully run into less people.

Level 1-10 (Popola Town)

Skip the Tutorial. Do the newby quests. You’ll get to 10 really quickly. Do not waste your time doing the level 6 dungeon place.

Level 10-13 (Ozi Village)

After you choose your job, do the quest for your “Guard” skill (they’ll call it “A” despite what you may have bound guard to). Then proceed to any map of your choice that features mostly lvl 13 monkeys. Gather them up and kill them. Rinse and repeat for 3 levels.

At level 13, in Nirvana Cave 2 speak to Gate and do the quest. Proceed into the Ascetic Quarter dungeon area.

Level 13-16 (Ascetic Quarter)

I actually really enjoy this dungeon because its one of the few where it’s not a complete grind-fest. You actually have some mini-objectives in some maps. Even so, we’re trying to level from 1-51 quickly, so be ready to speed through the dialogue using the “Space” key and/or whatever your current pickup key is.

Map 1: Grindfest. Kill monkeys. Proceed to next map.
Map 2: There’s no need to kill anything at all. Push the first stone onto the platform by punching it. Move along the floating rocks and when they end head to the left where another rock resides. Push that one onto the platform and follow the new path of floating rocks. Kill the Magic Engine thing and proceed to the next map.
Map3: Grindfest again. Kill monkeys then fight Ape King.
Map4: Posting a picture of the exact location of the light may help so I will. Once you light the place up, head east and break down the stone cube blocking your way.

Map5: There’s no need to kill yet again. Head east and you’ll see 3 stone cubes on top of a rock plateau. You can actually jump onto the edge where the leftmost cube is. Beat down each one, skip dialogue and proceed to the next area.
Map6: Drop down, hit the stone to the platform, go up the floating rocks and kill the Magic Engine… more floating rocks… another engine to kill… then drop all the way back down to the area where you hit the first rock and kill the Magic Engine that is up yet another set of floating rocks. I would have posted pictures, but as you can see it would be a waste of space considering you’re doing the same thing over and over again in here. Proceed to the next map.
Map7: You don’t have to kill any of the apes, head west to the Magic Engine and kill it, then head up the platforms. Guess what? Another magic engine in the center of the 2nd area of this map… but be warned, make sure your HP is somewhat high to survive the cutscene. Even if you skip it quickly if you’re already low on hp you might die to apes during the cutscene. Head up the final set of platforms and focus all of your attacks on the Ape King (when he dies, everything else dies so focus him).

This might seem like a long process, but you can get the dungeon done VERY quickly with a bit of practice and cutscene skipping.

You will probably gain 2 levels in one run with a mentor, or really close to 2 levels. Do this until level 16+ then proceed to the next area.

Level 16-18 (Balderan)

Go straight to Steel Heights and mob Iron Golems. You will get insane amounts of exp.

Level 18-19 (Amakasu)

Mob down crows at the Amakasu Main Street

Level 19-20 (Amakasu)

Mob down crows and kenshis at Amakasu Settlement

Level 20-21 (Amakasu)

Mob down crows and ghost ninjas at Amakasu Outskirts

Level 21-22 (Amakasu)

Mob down shuriken ninja, kenshis and ghost ninjas at Amakasu Fortress 1

Level 22-27 (War Zone Dungeon (25-29))

Level 27-33 (War Zone Dungeon (29-33))

Level 33-39 (Red Mine dungeon (33-40))

(If leveling is too slow between 36-39 you can instead head to Red Rock Mountain Slope, Red Rock Mountaintop or Baguk Gang Camp and mob at those places for the Mouldywarps).

Level 39-42 (Red Mine dungeon (36-46))

Level 42-43 (Red Mine dungeon (39-49))

Level 43-47 (Balderan Mining Settlement)

Mob in areas with Stone Golems. This might actually be the slowest phase in leveling, so try to be patient. If people are taking the areas with golems just stick to chain running the Red Mines dungeon (39-49 difficulty) until you hit 47.

Level 47-48 (Atajokuna Settlement)

Mob in areas with Hyenas and Warthogs.

Level 48-49 (Atajokuna Settlement)

Mob at Yanata Road for the Rhino Turtles there

Level 49-51 (Yanata’s Trial Entrance)

You’re at the finishing stretch! Chain run the lowest level dungeon zone to 51. If this is too boring you can actually just keep farming Yanata Road.

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