WindSlayer 2 Best Class Discussion

WindSlayer 2 Best Class Discussion by Fakie

SO.. After not PVPING a single time in WS2. I think I’ve come up with enough knowledge to give you a sufficient base of information so that you know my thoughts on the best classes for PVP. This guide will help you become the best ultimate chicken fighter alive.

But before I begin.. don’t hate! This is my personal thoughts on the best classes thanks to GoatWS vids. Go hate on Goat! Just playin’.

Let’s start with..


Team based pvp is the BEST PVP to participate in for quite a few reasons. It offers the best WSP/EXP experience, and it also gives you a general idea of the combos noobs like yourself like to create. (jokes about noobs) Combos come and go as time progresses. New combos appear and the old combos are thrown out. I’m going to refer back to WS1  because there are classic examples of combos that were used in the beginning until the end (where I quit). One combo used most often by the Rogue class (before 2nd job) was

Grab -> Stun -> Hit hit hit -> Poison!

Then it became (after second job [referring to trapper])

Grab -> Stun -> Hit hit hit -> Net -> Grab -> Puppet -> hit hit hit -> Stun -> hit hit hit poison (or repeated net)

Now obviously this is not going to be the case in WS2 since, simply put, grabbing is apparently nerfed. So now there’s new combos! These new combos are going to evolve and get progressively better. Now try to memorize the combos most used by frequent PVPers. This will allow you to adjust your own combos and forms of attack so that you can counter their combos. Frequently, there’s a lot of spamming of the normal/strong attack by rogues, warriors, and monks. Based off of this, the counter you can use is to keep distancing yourself and wait for that second jump. A lot of the time I see a spam fight rather than a timed attack. Back in Ws1, timing is everything. In WS2, it’s still the same but in a different form. You can’t randomly spam wind attacks (yeah..talking to you elementalists) and hope one hits. Keep the distance against those close ranged fighters and get closer to the long ranged ones. I guess that’s enough talk about combos and timing. Let’s move onto classes that I think are the most effective.

A lot of my knowledge base on PVP comes from WS1. I will have to relearn a lot of new tactics and skills, but based off of the communities display in PVP I can tell you one thing – this “ain’t” going to be hard. The TEAM based PVPs are GREAT for teamwork. Although I’m not particularly impressed that people on a team will team up (5v1) a single person, it’s a team game so what can I do?Enough of that though! Here are the main classes you’d want if you would like to assist your team!


I can guarantee you that this is the ultimate combo of a team. The Mage classes are still overpowered as usual, the priest heals and buffs with insane stats again, and the archer has the range of a damn sniper. Although they’re crap up close, they deal the most damage together and will win against ANY team that’s not experienced.

The archer is, honestly, better than most classes in my opinion. They’re able to, regardless of the class, shoot to the very end of their computer screen. They also possess good enough damage so, if you were to not give them any skill openings, they could just spam strong attack and still kill you. I’ll talk about the weaknesses of all classes later, but for now these is my findings. The archer is much better a team player if they know what they’re doing. A lot of the time I see archers group up with their team- smart choice. Your role as an archer on a team is to ensure that your teammates don’t get singled out of your group. BTW when I say group I don’t mean everybody stand one inch and let the enemy destroy you. A group is just where your team is visible on your screen. This class is for those who want to be able to fight long ranged and enjoy team matches. You will be a factor in the outcome of the game.

The mage is the most OVERPOWERED class in the game. I am not complaining though as my first character in WS1 was a mage. The elementalist and summoner are both incredibly strong. They’re probably the biggest factors in team games. They have the best AoE that I’ve seen so far and they’re capable of fighting off most classes by themselves with little damage if they know what they’re doing. This class is those who are power hungry and want to be destroying the enemy team easily.

The priest is my favorite class (not to play though)! They’re the second biggest factor in games due to the fact that they can stay alive for 200 years. It’s always a + when you get a priest on your team who knows who he/she’s doing. They should be able to easily lead your team to a win if you know that the enemy team is strong. Damage means nothing if it can be healed instantly. This class is for those who enjoy getting thanked and hated at the same time.

Let’s talk about weaknesses that I’ve witnessed.

The mage class is extremely bad against anyone better than the user of this class. It sucks in defense. The only thing it’s good for is attacking.

The priest class is really hard to judge. I used to kill priests all the time but it took FOREVER. You can say they’re weak against any class but they’re also strong against any class due to their healing. I won’t judge this class fully yet. They’re very weak against combos though- memorize a combo that kills.

The archer is weak against any close ranged player. They’re always trying to escape and get away. If you are able to catch up with an archer and use your classes combo to the fullest- you’ll win. However, don’t let them use one skill (probably their last) that lets them spam arrows at close range.

NOW that we have that crap out of the way! Let’s talk about the solo/side classes.


Now you must be thinking “Why do I want these crappy classes? They aren’t big factors!”. That’s why you’re reading this! The trapper has the best combo out of anybody and can take a person from full health to no health in one combo. The monks in this game are still great front liners, and the warriors are still extremely strong. I remember a warrior in WS1 who always used a fish (was the best warrior until I made a warrior class) and was amazing.

The Rogue, what I’m playing now until the end, is the most deadly class in terms of combos that I’ve seen so far. The rogue class is often mistaken for being weak which always ends up in that persons defeat. The rogue is a MAJOR factor in your teams win or loss. If a mage is the last one alive- forget it! (Unless it’s me. -jk) If a rogue is the last one alive, then you might win. Their stealthy moves and strong skill set abilities made them one of the most preferred classes in WS1. The only things rogue’s lost was the ability to grab (a major thing we used to use). However, a good rogue will defeat any major team class easily.

Looking at monks, they’re INCREDIBLE at combos. They can lock you in a combo before you know it, just like the rest of these classes. However monks are a bit special since their damage is equal to that (if not stronger than that) of a warrior. Monks are a very fun class to play at high levels in any mode (PVP or Grinding).

The Warriors in WS2 seem to be WAY stronger than the warriors in WS1 (aside from their retarded skill unlocked at level 30 in WS1). Their combos are one of the best combos on WS as well. They’re able to take you from full health to none extremely quickly. This class is for those who like to be able to destroy in small team games. Warriors are a big factor in smaller team gametypes.

OKAY! So we’re finished with class reviews. Which one is right for you? Here’s a little survey!

1. Do you like doing lots of damage?
A. Yes
B. No

2. Do you like big team games?
A. Yes
B. No

3. Do you like helping your team out?
A. Yes
B. No

4. Do you like healing people?
A. Yes
B. No

5. What class are you playing now?

6. Based off of that class- are you happy with my thoughts on your class?
A. Yes
B. No

7. If Yes, stay that class. If no, continue.

8. Do you like combos?
A. Yes
B. No

9. Are you satisfied with losing?
A. Yes- it’s about fun!
B. Hell no- the enemy team is going to get crushed next round.

10. (Big question) If you could be any of these classes, which one would it be?

Based off of this evaluation find a class that fits your description. I won’t create an answer key cause I don’t KNOW what YOU like. So if you like to win, hate losing, and like team games – choose a Major class. If you like winning, like small games, and love combos – choose the other classes.

This is obviously not accurate at all if you don’t know how to use a class. Remember I made this so that YOU can choose something that you are interested in. My point is to pick a class that you like and are comfortable playing with.

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