The World of Magic How to Use a Ranger Guide

The World of Magic How to Use a Ranger Guide by Raiwin

Requirements for You

1. You need a pair of working thumbs
2. You need a couple more suitable fingers to hold the ipod/iphone/ipad
3. You need to be able to see the screen
4. You need to understand the basics of IMO
5. You need to know how to button spam
6. You need to like using a ranged character

Requirements for your Ranger

(from most to least important)

1. A weapon, most preferably a bow.
2. Skill named double shot, preferably III.
3. Good stats (18 dex 15 con)
4. Armor and everything else.

How to use a Ranger in PVP

Attack combo’s

(assuming 3-4 crystals)

When the person has a shield:

Double shot, Double shot, Impact shot

When the person does not have a shield:

Double shot, Impact shot, Double shot

When you have fast thumbs

Put a Weakness in front of your attacking combo. Preferably a III…

Combos for different classes

If versing another ranger

Weakness, Doubleshot, Impact, Doubleshot,

If versing a mage

Weakness, Doubleshot, Doubleshot, Impactshot

If versing a warrior

Weakness, Doubleshot, Impactshot, Ensnare and Shift when he/she Wildcharges. So basically you just run around him shooting him down.


Always be on Full Crystals

Always have Thorns and Concentrate on and stone skin if it brings you across the 5 limit armor bridge.

Never use Impact shot first as a half crystal will be wasted (assuming full crystals)

Try and get some pots because they will always come in handy.

Try to always attack first, it gives a big edge if you are versing a mage or a ranger. For a warrior, not so much.

Always keep a couple of thawing potions handy (we have no defence against freeze)

Never ensnare unless you are winning the battle

Always aim to farm for a weapon before farming for armor

Try to get crit equips as criticals not only double your damage but double the amount of crystals you get. Therefore increasing the amount of damage you do in a shot by around 300%. (Someone else can do the math…I suck at maths…)

How to use your ranger in PVE

Try to ‘snipe’ as much as possible

Use ensnare if you are just around the corner from the monster

If facing monster in open field…impact then ensnare then shift backwards then shoot ‘im down

Try not to train on ranged mobs (for obvious reasons)

Bossing…try not to boss without a mage or a tank. You can get one shot killed by the main bosses….355 crit from Wadangka….O.o


xFantasyx (using crit gear not hp)

xFantasyx: Go miss heal me while I kill this mofo
MissSeiko: I want fs iv!!!!!
xFantasyx: *pew pew pew pew*
MissSeiko: Heal heal heal shield heal heal heal heal etc
xFantasyx: *His health on party bar – bomp* (I was partied with them as I had summoned them. But i was not part of this raid)
MissSeiko: OMGOMGOMGOMG *starts running around cave desperately*
xFantasyx: -.- I ran out of hearts…%$#^%$# Wadangka…355 crit my azz.
MissSeiko: *health…bomp…bomp….dead*

1 minute later

~Atrial stole our Wadangka~

From thereon…Fan always wanted my 35 hp necklace. He even offered as much as 2 mil for it. :3

Try to only kill one monster at a time (unless sure sniping)

Use the farming mob entrance glich whenever you can (works in pirate ship’s stairways too)

Advanced Techniques and Guidelines

Guide for the annoying mage skill called Fear

1. If encountering a level 35 or more mage try to run unless you can kill them in 1 second.
2. Try to bring buddies to gang that lvl 35+ mage
3. If caught by fear you are officially screwed if the mage knows what they are doing. Unless you know the ‘trick’. Even with the trick you are screwed. But it stops you from walking where you don’t want.
4. Press menu or chat button to stop walking. You will still be under the effects of fear. But it stops you from running into places like their BT.

‘Glitch Killing’


Removed due to Popular Demand.

How to kill a player that is stronger than you and has more fame than you


You have to be able to hit this character sufficiently
You need at least 1 phoenix heart
You need the skill called ensnare
You need to gain alot more fame from killing him. Than losing when you start dying from him.


1. Impact then ensnare.
2. Spamm till you die. (Since he is stronger he wont be dead)
3. Heart and shoot him. ( He wont be able to get away since you have ensnare him)
4. Repeat step above until he dies.
5. Shift and run.


If you don’t like using hearts then this method is not for you.
This is good for getting someone who will give an awsome amount of fame when you kill him. Example

xXAkiraXx (killed me 3 times. I lost 150 fame) is with red name

I used tactic. I killed him with one heart and a potion. I gained 345 fame from one kill.
This is not exactly fair. But think about it…. its not that fair if a higher level is killing/ absolutely destroying you.


Ranger is perfect for newbies as it does not need any combos or skill set flipping. It takes hardly any skill to use. Just weaken target and spam ds and impact. In later levels clarity allows you too spam non stop.

YAY :3

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