Terraria Surviving a Blood Moon Guide

Terraria Surviving a Blood Moon Guide by Daystar


Hello, and welcome, to my first guide. in this section I shall define some of the formatting tricks used that may be incomprehensible without my aid. At the end of this section I will welcome you again (if you need it or not). Btw, the formatting gets simpler as we go along.
Text colors:
Titles in blue indicate overall views.
Text in red indicates important words, sentences, or sections that, if ignored, may result in your characters death.
Warning markers (!warning!) indicate warnings (and i think you all know what that means…).
Titles in purple indicate sections either about profit or are profitable.
Titles in green indicate safe, but not necessarily profitable sections.
Tip markers (*tip*) indicate useful information.
|| !warning!
|| I dabble in ASCII art, so I’ll make small art for the tags.
and, once again, welcome.

What is a blood moon?

A blood moon is an event that is both dangerous and profitable. Every night there is a 1/7 chance of there being a blood moon which can, rarely, last up to three days.
|| !warning!
|| If you hold a water candle the chance of there being a blood moon increases.
The special things about a blood moon:
  • Enemy spawn rates double
  • Zombies can open doors
  • Goldfish/bunnies turn corrupt
  • Deathweed blooms and can be harvested for seeds

The two ways to survive a blood moon

There are two main ways of surviving a blood moon the first one is fairly simple, while the second one is more complex. The first one is to proof your house against blood moons.
The second is to spend the night fighting outside.
Method 1: proofing your house against blood moons
There are several ways to do this. The three most effective ones are:
1. Elevated doors
There are three things that are odd about this picture:
  • The Chinese lantern is unseasonal
  • I have a door in by basement that goes nowhere (this appears to be a bug, I gave up replacing the wall after a while).
  • the door is 1 block higher than the ground
I see we have some thing here, the door is 1 block higher than people would normally build it. now, why do you think that is? It’s because zombies can’t break down the door if it’s elevated like this. The best part? You can mine out the ground to get this, you don’t have to move your whole house up!
2. Double door locks
As you may have noticed, I moved the weird basement door (it’ll be back) to serve as a lock for the other one. The way this works is: zombies always try to open the door inwards, however, if you try to open the door while facing away from it it’ll open outwards and allow you to go inside.
3. Zombie trench
While this one was generated 100% naturally, it still works perfectly. This pit and arch serves two purposes. The first is: to keep zombies from crossing said pit. The second is: to serve as a safe place to swing your pick at zombies. The way the first use works is: zombies jump just before they fall into the flat area, but they miss and can’t jump up through the overhang. The way the second works: you hide under the ledge and “harvest their faces off” with your pick.
Aside from all these methods there is a simple way to “lock” your doors in an emergency.
To do this, all you need is some dirt blocks. Go to each door and place a dirt block right inside so that it blocks the door from opening
Method 2: fighting it out
To fight it out the minimum of gear is:
  • The best pick you can make
  • 10 lesser healing potions
  • 6 blocks of dirt
How to use these: make a wall four blocks high and extend it two blocks, hide underneath. swing your pick continuously, when the mobs start to thin lure the ones that where behind you while you where fighting down and kill them, repeat.
| | *tip*
| | If you built the zombie pit you can use that instead of the arch
The gear i recommend:
  • a spear
  • Any armor
  • 6 blocks of dirt
  • 10 healing potions
  • a band of regeneration/2 regeneration potions
Use this gear in the same way as the minimum gear, with these differences: periodically push the zombies back instead of swinging your pick at them, use a regeneration potion at the start of the blood moon.
| | *tip*
| | You don’t have to go deep to find a spear, searching the dirt layer for chests is
| | sufficient.

The profits of blood moons

a blood moon is a profitable event, these are some of the profits you can get.
The groom (top hat zombie)
The groom is a rare spawn at night. His likeliness to spawn is increased during a blood moon.
He looks like this:
He always drops the top hat. Here’s my character wearing the hat:
during an average blood moon the coin yield from zombies is about 50 silver. The best way to increase this is by killing corrupted goldfish and bunnies
Special goods from NPCs
During a blood moon four of the 7 npcs sell additional goods they are:
Arms dealer
During a blood moon the arms dealer sells silver bullets for 15 copper. They offerthe same damage as meteor shot, only without the piercing and bouncing qualities of meteor shot (though they do offer knock back).
During a blood moon the clothier will sell you the mime mask vanity item for 2 gold.
During a blood moon she will sell you vile powder for 1 silver and corrupt seeds for 5 silver.
During a blood moon the merchant will sell you throwing knives for 50 copper coins each.
The “bunny hood”
The bunny hood is a semi-rare drop from corrupt bunnies, they can be found during a blood moon, in the corruption, or made by throwing vile powder at a normal bunny.
A player (not me) wearing the bunny hood standing above a corrupt bunny:
Well, i hope you enjoyed that. feel free to give feedback, maybe even a like.

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