Terraria Skeletron Ownage Guide

Terraria Skeletron Ownage Guide by stba

This is a guide on how to kill Skeletron, not quickly, but without losing much health.

You will need:
Rocket Boots
Demon Scythe
Dark Lance
Full Mana
Full Health

So, as mentioned above, you will NOT kill Skeletron quickly this way. It will take some time. This is how to do it for your first time, or just without losing much health.

The key to all of this is the gaps between Skeletrons hands and his head. You must utilize these wisely.

Remove the ramparts on top of the Dungeon entrance before you start. This is crucial to your success.

Speak to Old Man the moment nighttime music starts. You don’t want Skeletron to disappear while you’re kicking his nonexistent ass.

Once Skeletron has awoken, get to the top of the entrance as quickly as possible.

When the head is in the air, spam it with the Demon Scythe. If you run out of mana, use the Dark Lance.

When Skeletron tries to swat at you, use the rocket boots to jump through the gap between the attacking hand and his head. This is what you will be doing for some time.

When the head begins rolling on the floor, use your rocket boots to fly over it and attack it with whichever weapon you want multiple times.

Repeat. You will eventually kill Skeletron and have access to the Dungeon. Good luck!

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