Terraria Stealth Bomber PvP Guide

Terraria Stealth Bomber PvP Guide by stba

This is a guide on how to locate a certain enemy and drop a bomb on them without being caught.

You Will Need:
Invisibility Potions
Gravitation Potions
A Mic (IRL)
A Friend With A Mic (IRL)
Skype (IRL)

Step 1: Set up tombstones semi-frequently across the map. Write on them so that they look like a Hardcore character died there. On the first stone, choose a name that starts with A, on second use B, on the third use C, and so on. These tombstones will be identified as Point (Insert Letter Here).

Step 2: Set up a huge platform bridge over the entire world. Set up signs on the bridge that show which tombstone are directly beneath them.

Step 3: Set up a Skype call with your friend.

Step 4: Have your friend use the invisibility potions. Tell your friend to NEVER let thr invisibility buff wear off.

Step 5: Have your friend use the gravitation potions to add mobility without being spotted.

Step 6: Have your friend find the hiding enemy of interest. They will tell you which two tombstone way points the are between. (Ex: The enemy is between points R and S.)

Step 7: Get on the bridge. Find the sign for the first point. Spam grenades downward all the way to the second point. Repeat. Do this until the enemy is dead.

This has been a guide on a stealth bomber.

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