Terraria Eater of Worlds Guide

Terraria Eater of Worlds Guide

For Flail Users by AntonJLA

So, I made this guide to tell You guys that I found out a really easy way to kill the EoW.

First:[IMG]Conceal Yourself like this so You cant bounce around. ( Either this or use a cobalt shield.)

Second: [IMG] Break the orb, fling out Your flail and let the EoW kill himself.

Short guide I know, but it didnt need to be so big.

Anyways, hope this guide helped, idk if anyone already did this but I thought of it the other day. c:
So, bye!

Easy Method by Lawsonater

Hi there, this guide will show you how to defeat the eater of worlds with ease; for farming gold or for demonite / shadow scales.

Let’s begin:

Step 1 (Choice of weapon / armour) :

First of all, you will need a weapon that is relatively long, and has fast / average speed. (I reccomend dark lance or trident). You can find these in chests, or in the underworld. For armour, gold / necro / shadow armour are great.

Step 2 (Building a suitable arena) :

This will probably be the easiest step, because this takes little effort. What you want to do is build a box out of a material, such as dirt, in the corruption. This will keep eaters out. You also will need wooden platforms, to evade the EoW. It should look something like this (Note: This is my Rotten chunk farm, and it’s still a suitable arena) :

Step 3 (The battle): Now, this is the tricky part. You will need to summon the EoW, and go up to the second platform. He will come from the side, and you must damage his body with your lance / trident for a little bit, but make sure you don’t split him in half. Wait a little while, and he should appear below. Now this is where the magic starts. Equip your dark lance / trident, and spam the left click at the EoW head. He will stay still, while you are mashing his brains to a pulp. Picture:
EoW death.png
Step 4: Do this over and over again, and sell the demonite.


Hope this guide helped you!

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