Rise of Immortals Tier List

Rise of Immortals Tier List by Kelathin

I’m going to make my own little contribution to this thread with my own evaluation and scale

Current Meta
Please note that this is more of a guide on how to choose which immortals you want on a team. Immortals do fall multiple roles and it is important to choose how you to address flaws and strength of your team. Mind you the Tier list implies the choice that is currently recommended via the meta and trial and error. It does not imply that it is the only way to do something. I hope this aids all players in crafting a viable team comp of their own. It is important to realize that picking what most players would consider the stronger choice does not ensure or imply superior composition.

PS: The letters next to the name are the abilities that correspond to the implied function of the immortal.

Carries are the major source of lategame Sustained DPS.
Tier 1
Nyssus easily has the highest DPS of the two ranged carries. She also has a stronger early game presence due to magical damage single target poking. Due to her stack shield, she also has an easier time surviving early game than Balak does currently. Due to the 9/27 patch she isn’t a strong choice for solo mid lane due to her early game damage being nerfed. Her lategame damage is still quite high however.

Balak falls more into the role of support early game. His weaker APS and DPS and mana hungry abilities prevent him from controlling mid like nyssus can early game. This means Balak should not lane in mid early game especially if the opposing team is running a Strong Creep Controller such as Vezin or Neth.

Tier 2
*Props to SuchisLife*
I’ve never seen a kryie built in this particular way but a unique build as kryie basically turned kryie from an anti-carry to a carry. He built armor pen and tank relying on laceration posts and armor pen to take down tanks. While the DPS was significantly lower than Balak and Nyssus, it was a sustainable DPS which made that Kryie capable of carrying.

The anti-carry has high burst attack in order to kill or setup for the death of the carry.
Tier 1
Tzai [Q,W,R,D]
Tzai comes in a clear stronger position at the moment due to the fearful fact of his kick into ult combo which can strip away the health of a ranged carry extremely fast. Furthermore Tzai has a much stronger lane presence 1-6 due to his demon gaze and kick combo can strip away the health of weak casters forcing them out of lane.

Tier 2

Kryie [Q,W,R]
While weaker as an anti-carry than tzai due to the obnoxious sound of her ult letting everyone know where she is and that she’s gunning for someone. Kryie has a much stronger CC presence than tzai allowing her to fill a different role on the team.

Tier 3
Tat [W,E]]
While significantly less in the DPS department, Tat can allow disable the carry long enough for team-mates to help finish off the Carry. W,E combo is extremely devastating early especially when paired with an additional magic damage character in the beginning.

The guys that don’t die and you keep wondering how the hell they walk through all the burning infernos they do.
Tier 1
Scorpix [Q/P,E,R]
Scorpix is the king of Tanks, able to amass beastly amounts of health, Armor and Magic resist, a strong scorpix is a scary monster to face. Scorpix’s Q on passive mode provides armor while E provides Passive regen allowing him to stay in lane for a very long time. His ultimate provides massive damage reduction on top of a powerful slow.

Tier 2
Aisylnn [W,D]
While Aisylnn may not appear to be tanky, higher persistent levels makes Aisylnn look like a total beast. Aisylnn naturally gains Mana regen for magic resist so it’s quite common to see high level aisylnns only need lytle’s windrunners and complete tank to dominate opponents. Subsequently with Revive, Light of the moon, and Shield of The mountain, she can be endure beastly amount of damage. The key is to silence Aisylnn to ensure she can burst her tankiness up into near infinity.

Lazarus [R]
A low level Lazarus is something to joke about, a high level laz is something not to trifled with. Lazarus at higher persistent level can have a near perpetual lane phase to massive leaching and health pool it’s possible to build. Lazarus is also a great mid choice to face CC casters.

Tier 3
*Neither of these are actual dedicated Tanks, but traditionally are built tanky so they can perform their CC roles*
Vezin [D]
It use to the slogan of ROI, “Tank Vezin is OP” why was that? Vezin’s damage was mediocre after a few changes but he has incredible utility with his abilities. Why not make it so that he’s tanky enough that even if you silence him, that he stays alive and can his abilities? Thus tank Vezin became a common staple. It is easier to build him at higher persistent levels tanky due to defensive tree helping out mana regen.

While despite being a caster, Neth actually has a remarkably high base Health pool with his damage being fairly solid, it’s easy to build him tank and rely on his powerful ult sig combo to melt everyone. Like Vezin, it became important to ensure your survival in order to melt teams.

Heal Support
The ones that make you wish your team’s healer was as good.
Tier 1
Aisylnn [Q,W,E,R,D]
Goddess of Healing anyone? Aisylnn is the dedicated stomp on your face troll. Heals, Resurrection, Shielding, Pseudo Invulnerability, she essentially can almost perpetually keep someone alive. While a strong person to contend with, she is weak to silences and contributes 200 damage to a team fight aka almost negligible.

Tier 2
Ichorr [Q,W,R,D]
Ichorr while a weaker Heal Support, is a very strong lane pusher due to his superior creep control than Aisylnn. Subsequently Ichorr at high persistent levels tank quite beastly with his sig. His ensare vines is every Aisylnn and Tzai’s tearful reminder while jumping and boosting speed causes you to die.

CC Stuns/Slows/Silences/Pulls
Who can perform CC in ROI? Who is the best in CC area?
Tier 1
Vezin [Q,W,E,R,D]
Odd? look at his ability. It seems as if I’ve listed every ability? With an AOE slow, silence, a pull, AOE stun, AOE slow, Vezin is the king of the versatility and power in the CC War. While Vezin does contain tremendeous power, it’s all from abilities which means that once silenced, he’s just a lead paperweight emphasis on lead since he is usually rather slow heavy and tanky

Neth [W,E,R,D]
Close runner up to Vezin, but limited due to his abilities only slow, and his powerful sig pulls. However nothing is more frightening than seeing a neth ult than sig. If you aren’t built with MR and Health, you die. Due to his ult’s powerful slow and dark spirit’s AOE silencing capability. Neth is a good alternative to Vezin.

Trovoc [Q,E,R]
Trovoc has taken his place on the CC hill of awesome. Trovoc’s Q is a push and low damage.His E is a single target silence. His ult however is very powerful ultimate which disables auto attacks and pushes targets back from the sphere. This enables Trovoc to disable entire teams. When his ult is correctly placed. He is best used with Vezin or another AOE caster to ensure that Trovoc can help keep opponent’s in AOE range.

Tier 2

Kyrie [Q,R,D]
Kyrie tends to be overshadowed by Vezin, Neth, and Psychozen, however when built correctly she can permanently slow any single target plus has an AOE silence. This tends to be how Carry Kyrie is built as an Anti-carry Kyrie isn’t durable to withstand lategame DPS and burst.

Psychozen [Q,W]
Psychozen is extremely nasty but has one minor limitation. Single target. He excels with his slow and silence in ensuring the casters are shut down near permanently preventing those clutch saves and heals. While his damage is fairly mediocre, his disabling abilities are quite high.

Scorpix [Q,W,R,D]
Scorpix is a bit of the mix between having 2 AOE slows his ultimate and signature and single target broodlings and sting. Scorpix hands down has the most slows in a game and can actually slow a person the maximum cap of 75%

Tier 3
Tatania [W,R,D]
Tatania has a single target stun, an AOE slow, and an AOE prison. Her signature is rather meh by itself lacking the certain thunder that most revamp sigs have, but locking enemies in place for another sig or two can certainly swing the tides.
Tzai [R]
What’s not to say about an ult that stun deals magical and physical damage being one of the best CC moves out there?

Creep Control
Who kills creeps good?
Tier 1
*Can 1 shot creep waves with AOE ability*
Vezin [Q,W]
Neth [Q]
Trovoc [Q,W]

Tier 2
Tzai [Q,W]
Ichorr [Q,W]
Lazarus [W,E]
Balak [W,E]

Tier 3
Aisylnn [Q]
Nyssus [W]
Scorpix [E]

Tier 4
*Absolutely terrible at killing creeps*
Tatiania [E]
Psychozen [E]

How you should interpret this information.
When picking out team members and figuring out which immortals you desire. It is important to establish solid lane compositions. For instance a Scorpix, Kryie lane is absolutely terrible due to both being Tier 3 creep controllers. While both being decent at CC, you will be forced to be defensive until level 6 and risk potentially being out leveled. Whereas Tatania, Tzai lane has a lot of natural synergy due to tzai being decent at creep control and Tatania being good at shutting down immortals with the addition to Tzai’s burst.

The current meta encourages a Healer, 1-2 Tank/Tank Caster, Anti Carry, Carry.
So an example of a well rounded team would be:
Ichorr Balak Kryie Scorpix Vezin
Nyssus Tzai Tatania Trovoc Aisylnn

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