Rise of Immortals Neutral Creeps Info Guide

Rise of Immortals Neutral Creeps Info Guide by Brochilles

When I started the game I wondered where/what the baron, dragon, golem, and lizard are. After a lot playing I wrote down most of the buffs and approximate respawn timers to help out fellow immortals.

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This is a map of the neutral mobs inside the jungle. As you know the jungle is flipped for the other side, so I only numbered one side.

At the start of the game the jungle mobs have mostly spawned. Making a common strategy to pick up some creeps before minions spawn at 1minute in. The basic route is killing creep camps 1,2,4. You will finish the 4th camp usually right around the minute mark. A less common route but I have seen by the higher class of players is to three people for the 1,2,4 camps and two people for camp 7 and 8. Camps 1,2,3,4,7,8,9 and 10 are common camps. They give 50g-75g(depending on how long the match has been going on for) each and respawn in a few minutes. Camps 3 and 9 spawn shortly after laning phase begins.

Camps 5 and 11 are unique camps. There are two lesser creeps giving 50gold each, and then a stronger creep that gives 100g to your whole team and a small buff to the killer. Camp 5 gives you increase in health and mana regen. Camp 11 gives you a brief invisibility when you kill the leader, and a movement speed buff. The invisibility lasts, I believe, for 20 seconds, it also breaks if you attack something. So it is a good idea to kill the 50g mobs first so you don’t instantly lose your invisibility. The buffs for both camps last for 5 minutes or until you die. These camps have a 5 minute respawn time.

Camps 6 and 12 are Elite camps. Camp 6 is a Golem and camp 12 is a Spider. Both camps are extremely strong and wouldn’t recommend to get til mid game with a full team. Late game a tank/support and a high damage output can two man it but it may take a bit.

The Golem has a few special moves. One he will hit the ground in an AoE attack dealing high damage to everyone in it. Another is he will spawn mini golems to do a little attacking. Once you kill him you get 200 global gold and a buff that gives an increase to Max Health, Health Regen, Magic Regen, and Mana Siphon.

The Spider has a couple moves of its own. He has an AoE immobilize, an AoE ground poison, and spawns mini spiders. Like Golem he gives 200g to everyone and a buff. This buff gives added Life Steal, Attack Speed, and Magic Resist.
Both Spider and Golems buffs last 5 minutes.

The two Elite buffs stack.

Creeps and Towers level up through the match. The times where they level are set markers starting with 4:30, 8:00, 15:00, 25:30. Haven’t noticed anything past then so I will continue to monitor and keep providing times. I have also noticed that there is another set of times, I don’t know if its based on towers down or just randomly set. But it seems to be only two sets of times the second set of times will be coming shortly.

If I got anything wrong, or need to add anything just post it and I’ll update this post. If anyone actually knows specific times on respawns, buff timers, and individual neutral gold it would also be greatly appreciated. I always try to get exact numbers but I either get distracted with a fight or I die. I also have no idea if Spider or Golem respawns at all, or what the timer is for their respawns. I have only gotten them right before we finish games, or just never went back afterwards.

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