Pokemon TCG Online Trading FAQ

Pokemon TCG Online Trading FAQ by Prof_Snow

Hey everyone!

We’ve had quite a few updates since our last Trading FAQ, so I’d like to go over the trading process once again! Now with more fun doo-dads!

  • Well first thing’s first, let’s set yourself up for trading. This means adding cards that you want and cards that you would like to trade to your “binder.”

Q: What is a “binder?”

A: The binder is where other players can view the cards that you have marked “wanted” or “for trade.” That way they know exactly what to trade to you!

Marking Cards as “Wanted” or “For Trade” (Updating Your Binder)

Open up your trading window by clicking the “Trading” button:

Now there are two ways to mark your cards, that is individually, or using the advanced controls option. Let’s try individually first!

Click on the card that you wish to mark “for trade” as in you want to trade this card, then you’re going to click “Binder” in order to pull up the wanted and trade options. Simply add as many cards that you wish to put up for trade, like so:

Similarily, you can also mark any card as “Wanted” which means you want that card!

Q: But what if I want a card that I don’t have?

Just click on the “Show All” button in the top left corner of the collection in order to display all cards, you can then select any TCG card available, like this:

Now let’s try marking cards with the “Advanced Controls.”

Click on the “Adv. Controls tab in your trading window.

Here you can drag as many cards as you want to the lower table and mark them all as “Wanted” or “For Trade” all at once by using the various buttons located on the table. Here I have marked a bunch of various cards as “Wanted”:

You can also Grab All the cards currently displayed in your collection and add them to the lower table. If you wish to start over or add a different set of cards, click Clear.

Now you’re all set to start trading and receiving trades!

Creating Trade Offers

Let’s start trading! In order to create an offer, click the “New Trade” tab, which will bring you here:

Select a partner to trade with from the drop down list. Prof. Tech and I will be doing this example.

Once you have selected a partner, their binder will load for your viewing by clicking on the tab that says “Getting from [player’s name].” In this case Prof. Tech only has one card available for trade.:

I want that card so I’ll drag it into the trade window:

Now I’ll switch to what I want to give her for that card by clicking the “I am offering” tab. Drag the card(s) you wish to trade into the trade window here:

Then simply click “Create!” You just created a trade! You should see this window pop up:

This window should appear to the player that has received the offer:

Q: Players are always saying to “view their binder” in chat, how do I do that?

“Viewing a binder” is just when you begin to create a trade and can view the other player’s cards. When you select your partner, or the person whose binder you wish to view, you can look through their cards or “binder” by clicking the “Getting from [player’s name]” tab.

Accepting/Rejecting a Trade Offer

If you make/receive a trade, you can check on its status through the trading window by clicking the “Offers” tab.

You can check on the offers that you Made, that have been sent To You, that have been completed or Closed, and the Public offers.

By clicking any of the trades listed, you can display their exact contents, which will look like this:

Q: How do I withdraw an offer I have made?

You can cancel a trade you have created by clicking that trade in your “made” offers and using the “Withdraw Offer” button.

  • In this same way, you can accept or reject trade offers sent to you. Instead of a “Withdraw Offer” button, there will be Accept/Reject buttons

When you have accepted an offer or one of your trades has been accepted, this window will appear for the player who had created the trade:

When rejected, the player who had created the trade will receive this screen:

Public Offers

You also have the ability to create or accept public offers, which are trades that anyone can accept, even while you’re away! To create a public offer, create a trade as you normally would, but instead of choosing a partner, choose “Public Offer.”

To accept a public offer, view them in the “Offers” tab like you would any of your other trades and click a trade that is listed in order to view the contents.

The public offers are automatically sorted to reflect what you are able to trade, if you wish to see all trades, click the “Show Unfulfillable” button. You can also sort them by what you have marked as “Wanted” in you binder by selecting “My Wanted.” Finally, you can view even more trades by selecting “Get More” and refresh the offers for any new trades by selecting “Refresh.”

Remember, “Giving” is what YOU are giving. “Offered” is what IS BEING GIVEN to you:

Be sure to avoid any scams!

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