Pockie Ninja Tips and Helpful Information for Beginners and Intermediate Players

Pockie Ninja Tips and Helpful Information for Beginners and Intermediate Players by kazesta

This guide is about the experience I’ve been through in the game so far and how my experimenting and failures have helped me to rise in a better understanding in the game. Like the concept of “You learn more through failure than when you achieve” This guide is especially for Beginners and of those of an Intermediate standard.

– Some of these tips and information can be seen from past Strategy Posts

Let’s get started with some of the basics:

1s – A gear with 1 Stat: These are Grey labelled
2s – A gear with 2 Stats: These are Blue labelled
3s – A gear with 3 Stats: These are Orange labelled
4s – A gear with 4 Stats: These are gold labeled or the stat itself is Gold compared to rest of them.

4s’s are useful but are quite hard to get in less you have luck from Valhalla or Slots. In ways these are worth and not worth it. Worth it in fact you get a bonus stat which can go a long way. Not worth it in the factor if you are attempting to make one yourself these can be costly.

Common Synthesis Recipes:

Grey Suit+ 2s+2s = Blue Suit
Blue Suit+ Blue Suit+ 3s | Blue Suit+ 3s + 3s = Orange Suit
Pet (30 Synth) + 3s + 3s = Pet (40 Synth)

An easier way to synthesize items into 3s is not go by what the stats are but the Synthesis level of the item.

1s Item will have a low Synthesize level of around – 22
2s Would be – 31
3s Would be – 39

In terms of making 3s the easy solution is:
2s + 32 Synthesize item + 32 Synthesize item = 3s

By doing this you can use half useful items you get from Server Events to create 3s easily.
For example the “HP Candies are 32(Synth)” All you need to do is:
2s + HP Candy + HP Candy = 3s
*Note this not 100%*

As I do this a lot I have a current ratio of 2/3 that is successful so the % of success is not as low as 2s+2s+2s
WARNING: Blue Suit + 32 Synth + 32 Synth may not make an Orange Suit  (Tested Twice result Blue Suit) Blue Suit + 39 + 39 synthesis level = Orange Suit

A common thought to a lot of people: “Which is the best pet or which pet should I choose?”

In my opinion one of the two best pet that I suggest would be the Vulture because along with Attack you unlock its special skill you can end up doing a Normal Attack + a % attack (3% to HP perhaps) which adds up in say the Arena or Player verse Enemy/Monster (PVE)

To Obtain the Vulture the easiest way is to:
Random Pet (30 Synth) + Anonymous Name Card + Anonymous Name Card = Vulture (100% Chance)

The second pet is the Frozen Dragonling Pet

This one is a cool looking Ice Base Dragon which is the best looking pet you can get. Passive skills such as Defence +100 and other buffs make this pet a great support and Frozen Dragonling can Attack, Block like all the rest of the pets.
*Watch out for the Ice Freezing skill the current use for it can really mess your character up*

There is many ways to obtain a Frozen Dragonling Pet but it can be highly tedious in creating one.

Frozen Dragonling is a Pet (40 Synth) while the common pets are Pet (30 Synth)

To achieve a 40 Synth pet you can use the method of:
Random Pet (30 Synth) + 3s+3s and that will get you a Random Pet (40 Synth) – 80% chance

To get the Frozen Dragonling you can continue to do:
Pet (40 Synth) + 1s+1s = Random Pet 40(Synth) till you get the Frozen Dragonling Pet

That’s enough of Synthesis let’s get on with the game play and choices.

Firstly let’s talk about Daily Routine

All Pockie Ninja Servers reset at 0:00 Daily US Time
–        1 PM in the Philippines (GMT+8)
–        3 PM in Australia (GMT+10)
Based on the 2 times above me you can figure out your time of reset. This is highly important as you want to complete as much as you can before it. *Work it out in GMT Times*

Look at things you would want to do


Exploration is an important factor in the game, you have 8-10 tries a day for this *Pay gold/coupons its 16-20 exploration tries in total*
What you will want to do is go to the best location you can for example your level 31 go to 31 Location and explore because you will indeed get better/high level drops.

There is an option when exploring where you can actually peek at the cards:
–        First peek will cost around 800 – 900 Stones
–        Second peek will cost about 2 Gold

If you can afford this option you should use it because it is basically a second life just in case you stumble on a bad card. I use this sometimes and when I do I got about 4 Demon Proof Scrolls in a row.
*Demon Proof Scrolls should be one of your number 1 most wanted as they allow you to fight the map bosses for un-bound/bound rares and quest items. Don’t forget a good amount of Experience 2000-3000.

Items from Exploration can be different each time a few of the items are:

– Random Enchant Stone
– Hand Grenade
– Demon Proof Scroll
– Stones (1200-1300)
– Pet(30) Attempt Catching

and many more

Demon City

Welcome to the Demon City of Pockie Ninja, in this city there are 2 things to do here

First is Valhalla where you can team up with other people*Optional* to go through stages of fighting monsters and there are different level requirements for each Arena in the Valhalla. The most common one is the Valhalla Hard Option for level’s 16 and over. Rewards are given either after each Completed part in the chosen stage or at the end of the Stage. The rewards vary and are based on luck, not statistical luck but actual luck. Pray to Lady Luck that you get rewarded for your efforts. The leader of the party can check out the List of items that can be given in the Stage, you can see them via clicking the Stage and click Display Rewards. Rewards vary you may get 1 Item or 3 items and the unlucky possibility of gaining nothing. You can get 1s gear, 2s gear, 3s gear and 4s.

*You can only use the Valhalla Arena 3 times a day*

Tips: There is no stopping some of these people but I call them Val Trolls, where they join your party then intentionally leave or disconnect themselves to leave you and your secondary member alone to fend for yourselves in hope you lose. To avoid this, try to party with high levels where there is a lower chance of this happening.

Do not attempt the next Stage in less you are with high leveled party or you yourself are around 5 levels higher than the minimum level  so you are able to pass through easily.

The second game or event you can play in Demon City is the ‘Las Noches Challenge‘ The climb to Aizen
In this one you are fighting by yourself and not with a team, the goal of Las Noches is to climb through the numerous amounts of stages. *Basically Survival Challenge* Las Noches is your main source of Experience in the game. Where climbing to stage 40 gives you around 30,000 Experience which is handy.

You have one Faux Body which allows you to revive when you lose and automatically pushes you onto the next stage after the one you lost and allows you to continue. Don’t worry for you get 1 Faux Body per Las Noches challenge as you may challenge Las Noches only twice a day.

NOTE: Claiming your experience is highly recommended after losing your Faux Body because you will not gain the experience if you die with no Faux Bodies remaining!

Using the Quick Step Skill and the Bomb Skill is Highly Advised as you need some power and speed to fight some of the tough challenges that await you. Some defensive skills are highly recommended as well like Prayer or even Static Field. Detonating Clay is your number 1 skill for Las Noches where your Damage Total adds up and slams the enemy with a total impact of your previous damage very useful in the high level rounds.

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