Pockie Ninja Pro Secrets Guide

Pockie Ninja Pro Secrets Guide by DamageInc

Hello Ninjas,
Welcome to Little Ninja Camp! Where you will discover many hidden secrets this game beholds.

Each of the following Sections, is Split/Organized in such a way, that it almost forces you to read each section, this way you do not miss anything! Enjoy and Goodluck, oh. And Your Welcome ^_^

BTW! Just a note, there at 2 posts open and available for further input towards this guide that i will be adding! Check back for updates, as well you can leave a suggestion for further content you would like me to discuss ^_^

Table Of Contents:

– Using Medals for Exp  – //POST #1
– Arena Judges – //POST #1

– Refreshing/Speeding Up Fights – //POST #2
– Demon Proofs – // POST #2

– Get RICH Guide – // POST #3
– Things [To/Not To] Spend Your Coupons On – // POST #3

– Pet Secrets/Tips – // POST #4
– Synthesis Secrets –  //POST #4

I. [Using Medals For Exp]

When starting in the arena, the game system will provide you with a basic tutorial on using [ARENA MEDALS] to open a jar, for the cost of 200 [ARENA MEDALS].

– The System, will tempt you to use them, for obtaining Outfits through Jars, aswell as being awarded prizes for opening the most amount of jars in the Day. [IGNORE IT]

These Medals, are your precious key to leveling up, and becoming a very strong surviving Ninja in this fast paced growing world.

– When reaching new Ranks in the arena, you will receive a higher [EXCHANGE RATE] for your [ARENA MEDALS] which you can turn into [EXPERIENCE!]

The Arena, is Designed like this:

  1. Elementary I, II, III, IV, V
  2. Junior [PREP], I, II, III
  3. Senior I, II, III
  4. College I, II, III, IV
  5. Master I, II, III
  6. HeadTeacher
  7. Discipline Master
  8. Principle
  9. *Principle* -(No further ranking)

Copy Code

*Tip: Save ALL of your medals, until you reach Principal Rank, which is the Final Rank. At this point, you will have THE BEST [EXCHANGE RATE] for all of your [ARENA MEDALS] you have saved. This will give you a HUGE ADVANTAGE against other players! It will take some time, but if you follow my [ARENA JUDGES] Guide, you will get there in no time! ^_^


What Are Arena Judges? *Common Question*


– These little monsters, are very well designed beasts. When you fight them, they will instantly be better then you in EVERY way shape/form. They will use YOUR SKILLS, YOUR STATS, YOUR PET, and have BETTER [HP] and BETTER ATTACK!


How Can I Find Them? How DO We Kill Them?!*Common Question*

The reason that judges show up is because there are no opponents high enough RANK left to face, they are a default to facing nothing, thats why if you start in as soon as the server starts out at lvl 6 and beat the first 3 sets of people the second set of people has judges, same thing with high levels, if there are no higher people then you or very few there will be lots of judges to make up the spots.

METHOD TO THE MADNESS: [CREDITS] to Kuzuryu for discovery/testing on Mystical Palm Technique.

SKILLS: Pre-Healing Jutsu, Static Shield, Flying Thunder God, Mystical-Palm Technique.
PET: HEALING PET – (RiceBall Monster)

YES, only 4 skills. SO: HOW DOES THIS WORK? *Common Question*

Lets Start, with the question everyones going to ask:
1) Wont my opponents DESTROY me in the Arena, with NO SKILLS! *AHH*? If they catch you during this time then yes, HOWEVER, if you read further into this guide, in the [REFRESHING/SPEEDING UP FIGHTS] section, you will see this is easily avoidable!

A Fight, can only last 60 rounds *(MAX)*. This Skill setup is designed to LOCK the battle up, for 60 rounds. The player with the MOST HP LOSS at the end of the fight, [LOSES]

SO: Lets say, YOU are going to arena, to do this trick.

YOU, start the fight with 1000 HP.
Judge, start the fight with 1500 HP.

2 Ways to win.
1) Your HP is full, Static Shield is ON. = WIN!
2) Your HP is not full, Static Shield is ON, However YOUR [HP LOSS] is [LESS THEN] the judges = WIN
3) Mystical Palm technique aids in keeping your HP from damage loss.
4) Healing pet, pretty much takes care of any lost damage you have encountered. which = WIN! ;)

1 Way to lose
1) Your HP LOSS is [GREATER THAN] the judges when your STATIC shield goes on.

TIP: Having the HEALING pet for the trick is crucial, if you have it [WITH 10% HP RESTORE SKILL] you will win, 90% of the time. If you do not have the pet, it is no problem, however your % success rate will drop slightly to roughly 70% of wins. which still is not bad. [A LOSS = ranges pts from – 1 to – 6]. [A WIN = ranges pts from +11 to +33]. Works out even if u lose, in the end.

[“So how do i rank up, Fighting ONLY judges!? I cant beat ANYONE ELSE!”]- Credits to: Wolfrine98 on this discovery.


After Defeating an entire row of judges, you will have the [FLIP A CARD] prize.!

you have the chance to obtain a very specific item, which you should save!


these point bags, can be used when your arena ranking experience bar has reached its max, now you can rank up by using this bag! it will automatically allow you to fight the evil-cat-boss! ENJOY RANKING – Worry Free ^_^

[OR] – *Easy Alternative]

In the Arena, when your points are over the max needed to Rank up, Use [FIND A DUEL] and fight anyone! weither you win or lose, you will be given the chance to fight cat-boss. And your arena fights total will not be deducted!

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