Legends of Xian Emigration Tips

Legends of Xian Emigration Tips by Simeny

Some players asked me for the Emigration tips yesterday,so i written this hope it will help you!

Tips on Emigration
1 Strong &weak; Nation
1)Strong:occupy cities(including Capital city)≥7
2)Weak:occupy cities(including Capital city)≤5

2 The condition of Emigration
1)Only the players who are from Strong Nation can emigrate.
2)Only the weak nation can accept the emigrates.
3)Only those players who are not in any Clan can emigrate. If you are join in a clan plz quit it before you decide to emigrate.
4)Only those whose player lvl is ≥50 lvl can emigrate.

3 Emigration effect.
1)The title of the player will be reset to original state –Soldier
2)3 –Day Honor and Current Honor will be reset to 0.
3)The quests that is claimed before will be quitted automatically and you need to claim it again when the emigration done!
4)The players who emigrated successfully can not do the low lvl Main quests anymore.

4 How toEmigrate.
1)Visa Officer–Longting Square–Kaifeng

2)Requirement:Tablet of Emigration or 1000sivler or 100Gold
3)Chat with the Visa Officer.
Note:Your Tablet of Emigration will be deducted first; if you have not Tablet of Emigration ,1000 silver will deducted; if you have not both Tablet of Emigration and 1000silver,100Gold will be deducted.

Emigration Strategy by xianhu

1 Strength of a country

A strong country: occupies ≥7 cities (including its capital city)

A weak country: occupies ≤5 cities (including its capital city)

2 Qualifications for emigration

(1) Only players from a ‘strong country’ have the right to emigrate.

(2) Only a ‘weak country’ has the right to accept immigrants.

(3) Players that belong to any clan cannot emigrate until they quit their clan.

(4) Player’s LV: ≥50

(5) Unlimited times

3 Results of emigration

(1) Any player after emigration will become a “Warrior” no matter what title they had before.

(2) All honors (including total honors and 3-day honor) will be cleared.

(3) The player will be deemed to give up all quests received. Any emigration, the player may re-receive the quests.

(4) After emigration, a player cannot receive low-level quests, including: all main quests below LV 30, quests for LV 15-60 gift boxes, and side quests below LV 50.

4 How to emigrate

(1) Find the Visa Officer, an NPC in Longting Square, Kaifeng;

(2) Use an item to emigrate: a Tablet of Emigration (you can get one after beating the BOSS);

(3) Pay to emigrate: 1,000 silver or 100 gold;

(4) Talk to the Visa Officer. If you’re qualified for emigration, the said item or fee will be deducted (priority: Tablet of Emigration; in case of no Tablet of Emigration, 1,000 silver would be deducted; in case of insufficient silver, 100 gold would be deducted).

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