Legends of Xian Settings for Higher Floor of Jiayu Pass

Legends of Xian Settings for Higher Floor of Jiayu Pass by xianhu

Jiayu Pass is always the best place to get good equipments and plenty of experience. But when you get to floor 80+, it gets really hard, if you don’t use the right array, you may die on that floor and lose half of your experience and also your chance to get nice stuff. Following is some suggested arrays for higher floors that I collected from other forum and experienced players, hope this might do you a favor.

First of all, you should know the exact order that your archer and artillery will attack.
The attack order of Archer:  artillery-archer-ranger-cavalry-infantry
The attack order of Artillery: cavalry- infantry- ranger- archer- artillery

It is very important for you to make a meat shield hero in your array, especially in a all-archer array, this meat shield hero should lead those soldier types that would be attacked first by your enermy, so that your meat shield could take the most damage from your enermy troop. It is even better if you could have 2 meat shield heroes. One leads archer and one leads infantry. Because infantry has the highest DEF and it moves very slow, when ranger and cavalry get close to you archer troops, infantry can become their protection. And the archer meat shield at the same time, takes most of the damage from your enermy’s archer and artillery troops. An array with 2 meat shield heroes is super hard to die.

Following are the suggested arrays for the higher floors of the Jiayu Pass
Guarder Array                  Suggested Array for Your Troop
All-infantry                       All-archer or all-artillery

All-cavalry                       All-archer or all-artillery

All-ranger                       If guarder troop moves first, use all-ranger, if It doesn’t, use all-archer

4 archer+2 infantry                 All-archer

4 artillery+2 cavalry                 1infantry+2archer+3artillery or 1 infantry+3 archer+2 artillery

4archer+2ranger                 If ranger moves first, use 4 archer+2 ranger or 3 archer+3 ranger, if it doesn’t, use all-archer

4 artillery+2 ranger                 4 archer+2 artillery or 3 archer+3 artillery

2 archer+2 artillery+2 ranger           1 infantry+2 ranger+3 archer

4 archer+2 cavalry                 6 archer or 1 archer+5 artillery

2 cavalry+ 2 archer+2 artillery           All-archer, if it doesn’t work, try 2 archer+4 artillery or 1 infantry+2 archer+3 artillery

Above are the suggested arrays that I collected from other forum and experienced players. If you have better arrays or do not agree with the above suggestions, please post your opinion in this thread. Thank you very much.

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