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Knight Online World Combo Guide by hobbit

Ok some of you know what comboing is and others don’t and so ill try and explain the basics to comboing. I would like peoples input on this. Correct me if I’m wrong on anything or tell me if I could explain something better in different words or tell me what you think of this guide.

What is a Combo?

It is a special way of making you attack faster by shortening attack animations through key combinations.

Who can use it?

It can be used on any melee attack, including archers, mages and priests. Casting based skills such as mage most skills can not be used in a combo.

Where do you use it?

Comboing can be used in both Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vsPlayer (PvP) modes. It is is used mostly for Player vs Player (PvP) mode, which is called Player Killing PKing by most people who play Knight Online. Comboing in all situations to attack faster. In some situations it will even allow a melee attacker to be able to cancel a priests and mages skills which normally would not be cancelled without a combo.

Where to Learn this Skill

Comboing is not a normal skill that players get from the game, but is a skill that is to be learnt. Learning a good combo consists of the following things

  • Understanding how it works
  • A good skillbar setup
  • Practice and lots of it


How Comboing works

Comboing consists of several actions

  • Selecting a target
  • Attacking the target
  • Key combinations
  • Timing

Selecting a target.
There are two different ways to select a target.

  • Push the letter Z, and it will select the nearest enemy. This will work with NPC’s and players also.
  • Click the person you would like to target, a green circle should appear aorund them.

Attacking the target
There are two different ways to attack a target

  • Push the letter R, and it will make you run towards then regular attack the target.
  • Double click the target and it should make you run toward and then regular attack the target.

Key combinations
There are key combinations for attacking, and moving.

  • Push W to move forward
  • Push S to move backward
  • Push A to move to the left
  • Push D to move to the right
  • Push Z to select a target
  • Push R to run towards and attack the target.
  • Keys 1-8 are linked to skills 1-8 on your skill page.
  • The Function buttons otherwise known as F1, F2, F3 ect, will change the current skill bar page you are viewing. F1 is page 1 all the way to F8 which is page 8, the last page.
  • You can put a skill on right click, just right click a skill that is on your skill bar page that you want on right click then a red boarder should appear around it. When it has this red boarder around it then you can right click to use that skill.

It is important to focus on timing when comboing. If you go too fast then your combo wont work. My advice is to go slow at first, only try comboing on one skill. For example use a skill which has a cooldown and then press skill R R. When learning it is better to go slow first then speed up eventually.

Rhythm is the most important thing to have a fast consistent combo. There are several ways to get a good rythm going. You can listen to music or you can practice so much that it is just natural to have a rhythm. It is important not too loose your rhythm, by freaking out ect when you are about to die. The best counter for this would be to learn how to be calm at all times and how to adapt to your situation.

Key Combinations and Timing combined
To combo you must use these keys. To learn the most basic combo, (the RR combo), just do the following.

  • Go to the practice dummies in moradon, target it, make sure that you are on or inside the green circle around the dummy.
  • Put a melee skill on your skill bar which has a refresh time. (it goes red for a while after use but refreshes in less then 15 seconds).
  • Use the skill on the dummy, watch the red appear on the skillbar page for that skill.
  • When the red gets to about 1/4 push R. The skill animation should be cut short and a normal attack should be executed right after the first attack.
  • Keep doing steps 3 and 4 for a while.
  • Try steps 3 and 4, but press R again. Example 1 is my attack. 1rr
  • Try steps 3, 4 and 6 but with multiple skills. Example, 1 and 2 are attacks 1rr2rr


  • Practice practice practice some more then buy the cheapest weapon for your class and ask a clannie who knows how to combo and just ask them to tank hits while asking for pointers. Practice can also be in the form of EXP, just combo when you are leveling up. Combo everywhere and eventually you will get a faster combo.
  • After you have mastered the RR combo here try something different. There are WR, SR, WSR and even mouse RR combo’s for mages.

Combo Video

EDIT: Yeah I could have added youtube video’s stright into the guide… my original guide for my clan has it and would have worked if this forum allowed embeding youtube video’s using the “” tags…. unfortunately it does not and adding it does nothing to effect low bandwidth users as the video does not load unless you press play.

Warrior Combo… Thanks to xTakeMeOutx

Priest Heal Combo… Thanks to DJMoves

Assassin RR Combo Demo… Recorded by me
Note: this video demonstrates what a RR combo would look like slowed down. It does not demonstrate the speed of my normal combo as you would see it because then people who are learning would not know what to look for.

Skill Bar Setup

To combo or to start to combo you need to have a right skill bar setup and one that is comfortable for you. Here is how you can get a good skillbar setup.

  • Consult other players who know how to combo for good skill bar setup for your class or mold your own. A good skill bar setup is very important. I have played assassin for around 5 years so I will talk about my setup. I use 4 pages of skills for my assassin, I and I use 3 for my mage which I use as a secondary character.
  • Use this skillbar everywhere you go so you can attack almost not looking at your skillbar. I can swift or wolf someone without looking at my skillbar.
Suggested Assassin skillbar setup
Page 1>attack, attack, attack, attack, lightfeet, mp pot, minor, hp pot (Attack page 1)
Page 2>Additional skill, attack, attack, attack, lightfeet, mp pot, minor, hp pot (Attack page 2)
Page 3>Additional skill, Additional skill, wolf, swift, lightfeet, mp pot, minor, hp pot (Support page)
Page 4>Mp pot, Additional skill, minor, minor, lightfeet, drain 1, drain 2, hp pot (Page is used for running away from tight situations)

My skillbar setup looks something like this… EDIT: I use stab 2 and take out the weakest attack now.. Also note that I use HP pot on right click so I can heal when I run.
page 1>cut ,spike , thrust, shock, lightfeet, mp pot, minor, minor
page 2>Safety, jab, stab, pierce, lightfeet, mp pot, minor, minor
page 3>Stealth, lupin eyes, wolf, swift, lightfeet, mp pot, minor, minor
page 4>Mp pot, cure curse, minor, minor, lightfeet, vampire drain, blood drain, hp pot (HP POT IS ON RIGHT CLICK)

Well that’s my skill bar setup, some people like it others don’t, I just say, try the different setups see if you like it or adapt your own like I did. Now back to the guide.

Helpful Quotes From Other Players

Quick Combo Guide For ALL Playaz
Hello…. this is in response to your combo questions…
in the last 5 years many people have come up with just as many combos… I don’t claim to be the best at them but I will share what I know.. including how to stop warrior slide combo, distance combo

The key to a good combo is a good skill bar… without skills you’re nothing..

Combo (1) Tank Combo this is a flawless combo for tanking
R skill W, R skill W,

Combo (2) Evade Combo this is a combo used to dodge 5 shot up close
R skill S, R skill S,

Combo (3) Sit Combo (used with lvl 42 spell)
C R skill, C R skill

Combo (4) Ultra Combo used by all classes mainly rouge
R R skill, R R skill

Combo (5) Run Combo
(hold w) R R skill, (still holding w) R R skill

Combo (6) Speed skill combo (waste of time if u ask me better off with combo 4)
W skill S, W skill S

Minor Combo This is the same as any combo but you spam minor heal between attacks

(* = best combo for class)

Warrior = Combo (1)* , Combo (2) , Combo (3), Combo (4)*, Combo (5)

Rouge = Combo (4)* , Combo (5)

Mage = Combo (3)* lvl 42 spell only (do it slow for best results)

Priest = Combo (1)*, Combo (2), Combo (3), Combo (4)*, Combo (5)

Well… I hope this quick guide helps you to combo better…. if you have a hard time to get the combos to work, or you get alot of combo lag…. slow down the combo.. In time you will find the best speed for you… and once you understand it… it’s like riding a bike
p.s. once you master it… lets go to arena.

Agreed. You can combo heal by canceling part of the animation of the heal spell.

As for comboing with mages (the staff attacks at level 42 and level 72), I haven’t really tried with C since most of the time, I was chasing my enemies which the Run combo worked pretty fine.

Also, might I add, combo #2, 3, 4 and 6 are more used in PvE and Standstills. Combo #1 and 5 are used a lot to chase an enemy (mostly #5).

I will also introduce a combo #7 which works similar to combo #5 but allows you more maneuver.
Combo #7
Choose Target
[hold left button on mouse while target is highlighted]
Follow your target, bumping in them if possible
R Skill R

This was my most used combo in PvP.

In PvP, when fighting an opponent, most of them will run in a straightline if they decide to retreat but some of them will zig zag between objects or others players of your opposing faction (which you can’t walk through them). By using the mouse instead of holding W like in combo #5, you will be able to follow your target more efficiently.

Also, in any Run combo (#5 and 7) remember to use the middle button on your mouse to quickly turn your camera angle by 180 degrees.

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