Knight Online World Chaos Guide

Knight Online World Chaos Guide by Musht

Chaos is a new event that was introduced after the Chas Expansion. This event takes place 3 times per day and you have 10 minutes to sign up for it when the message appears.

To go to chaos you will need the Chaos Map which you can get a free map every day for each character from the Chaos instructors. Here are the locations:

Moradon – To the left of the main stairs:

Posted Image

EMC – Near the Inn Hostess:

Posted Image

Luferson – Near the Inn Hostess:

Posted Image

Now just choose the option of “[Daily Distribution] Map of Chaos” and you will receive your free map for the day.

Now let’s move move onto what happens when you are in chaos:


Firstly let’s cover all the skills you got:

Sprint – Use it once and you now have swift.
Spirit Sword – Spammable warrior attack that does 1k damage.
Ice Sword – Ranged attack, does 3k damage over time, 1k damage each time (over 3 seconds I think or something like that)
Fire Sword – Ranged attack, does 3k damage immediately.
Throwing Dagger – Ranged attack, does 20% damage.
Stun Nova – Nova (AOE) attack that does 2k damage, and has the ability to stun people.
Tears of Angels – Recovers 1k HP (Basically HP Pots).
Ice Couner – Does 1k damage and has the ability to slow the target.
Stealth – Renders you invisible for 80 seconds.

Skills available only throughout the spinning blue cubes:

Killing Blade – Skill that kills in 1 shot, it has like a 1 minute cool down.
Drain Restore – Heals you some 10k over the duration of 20 secons (500hp per second).
Light Feet – Gives you Light Feet for like 10 seconds.

Light Feet if you are in the top 20%
Heal if you are in the top 40%
Killing Blade for the rest.

Now that you know what all of the skills do, lets talk about how and when to use them.

Ice Counter – This skills slows people, so I prefer doing it every time at the start of a VS so he can’t run away, or when you want to catch someone, it’s pretty simple.

Spirit Sword – Obviously your normal attack, use it whenever you can. Just so you know you can combo, so basically you are spamming 1500 (Normal “r” attack = 500 damage).

Fire Sword – Use it when you think he is at 3k HP or below, sometimes do it right before he reaches that state, because it has like a half a sec till it actually shoots so you don’t wanna start it when he is at 3k HP just to see him die before you shoot it. Anyways this skill is basically to be shot at people with low HP, DONT waste it (only waste it if no one else is around and you are VSing, otherwise never waste it at someone with high HP).

Ice Sword – Don’t waste it on people with high HP, you can use it for people who are maybe at half hp or a bit lower, because you want that 3k dot damage to make you be able to KS the kill. So for example he is at like 5k HP, you use Ice Sword + Combo on him, you are basically doing 2.5k damage on him per attack! He stands no chance! You don’t want to waste it just so other people have a better chance to kill him because he is now at low HP.

Throwing Dagger – This bad boy does 20% HP, you basically always use this skill for people you are attacking because it does NOT slow your combo down at all! I’m not sure everyone does this but let’s say you are attacking someone, go throw a knife and him and start comboing immediately. When you are able to use the knife again, just use it fast (you don’t have to wait almost any time for it to actually shoot!) and continue comboing as usual. This skill should not slow you down. Just try it sometimes.

Stun Nova – Whenever you see a big group is the time to throw it, BUT it depends on the context. For example let’s say you see a huge group fighting but they just started! Are you gonna be the fool that throws his nova early when no one is at low HP? NO, let the other idiots do that job for you! So you can KS them with YOUR nova! Whenever someone redballs it means they are at low HP and that would be a good time to throw your nova fast. Or You can click fast on people to see about how much HP they got, indicating when to use it.

Another time I love using this skill is when you see two people vsing, they both get to low HP and you use nova. Either they both die, or 1 dies and you kill the other = SUCCESS!

Stealth – Use it at the start of chaos, and from then on keep using it when no one is around you, for example if you respawn and there is no one to fight right next to you, just stealth it and go look for people to attack (Preferably people you can KS).

Killing Blade – If you are unfortunate enough to get this skill, then basically just find a random person to use it on, OR you can do it wisely and for example, you see two people fighting, kill one of them before he kills the other (let them both get low hp first, assuming you can’t kill him with fire sword or something like that, cus that would be better) and then finish the other one off with normal skills. Or if you are afraid you will die before you get to use it, like I said just find someone fast and use it on him.

Drain Restore – Use it of course when you engage battle for the additional HP recovery.


In a VS:

It happens a lot – you spawn just to find that you have a friend next to you. This is how it goes:

Dagger – From far.
Ice Sword
Fire Sword (optional) – Now it depends if no one else is close, you can either use it at the start or save it for the end to guarantee you get the kill.
Ice Counter when you are close so he can’t run away.
Spirit Sword – Normal combo.
Dagger again when the cool-down is ready (you can do this fast and it won’t interfere with your combo).
Spirit Sword – Keep comboing.
Fire Sword to finish him off (assuming you didn’t use it at start).

So basically let’s sum that up:

Dagger (2k) + Ice Sword (3k) + Fire Sword (3k) + Spirit Sword and “r” attack (1.5k spammed) + Dagger again = him dead within seconds.

So basically always look for people who have low HP that you can kill them off fast, be it with Nova, be it with Fire sword, or just plain combo. You can always just Ice Counter (slow) those people with full HP and assume VS mode tactic and kill them in seconds.



  • If you are going to die and can’t kill the enemy, try to die by the spinning razor blades if possible, they damage you for 5k each hit.
  • When you see someone running to a box and you can’t stop him, LEAVE him, chances are that he now has Killing Blade and will one shot you when you get close. Happens a lot when you VS someone and he runs off to a box just to 1 shot you to compensate for his lack of skills.
  • There is a bug that if you try use a skill but someone just kills you it uses the skill but it doesn’t do any damage. So basically if you are at low HP and think that you are going to die before you can finish your skill DONT use it (this is referring to the skills with a long cool-down). For example don’t nova with low HP when you think you might die before you complete the animation because it will just waste your nova and you will have to wait for the cool-down again. This basically applies to skills like Fire Sword / Ice Sword / Nova etc.
  • If you are fighting someone and you see someone is getting closer to you (and he is close to you, which means when he presses “z” he will attack you!), MOVE AROUND YOUR OPPONENT! Meaning that the 3rd person that comes will now attack YOUR enemy, and not attack you! Always try avoid being a target.



Top 20% – Blue Chest
Top 40% – Green Chest
The Rest – Red Chest (Actually I think it’s like 90% or 80% not sure if everyone gets red chest


Well I think that’s about it for now, if anyone thinks I forgot something, please tell me and I will gladly add it.

Yours truly,


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