Global Warfare Suggested First City Layout

Global Warfare Suggested First City Layout by heavybigmatt

1 University
1 Embassy
1 Generals Quarters
1 Supply Bunker
1 Air Traffic Control
1 Rally Point
1 Factory
1 Casino
1 Tank Depot
1 Satellite Station
1 Logistics Center
7 Residences
13 Barracks

* Black Market may be built to complete mission,but should be removed after completion. The capability to trade has not been activated by Kabam yet,and renders this building useless.

I recommend minimum of 3 of each type of resource field, per city. The remaining fields in the first city should be split 60%/40% between food and steel.
The remaining fields in second city oil.
The remaining fields in the third city food.

The needed pieces for getting your 3rd city can be found by attacking level 1 terrorist camps. You may attack the closest lvl 1 camp, with 65 infantry,to your city repeatedly. It will not regenerate the resources that quickly,but it also will not have regenerated the troops,cutting your losses. It does still drop artifacts.
The higher the level of your R&D; Center,located next to your Headquarters, the higher your chances are of receiving needed items.

Deputy Defense Minister
Merchant Marines

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