GetAmped2 Wrestler Guide

GetAmped2 Wrestler Guide by TPArtemis

Wrestler is one of the 3 styles (Hero, Beast and Wrestler) that does OP dmg, u can normally jump up and anus smash the victim right after ur last combo move. This style reminds me of Judicator from SF

What are the advantages?

It’s CC is easy to spam, easier than Beast, but not as fast as Beast’s OS CC. Another good thing is the combos, and did I forget? THE COUNTERS.

What are the disadvantages?

It only has 1 special, which knocks down, no pushback. Also, it’s slow.

Moveset :

Default Item : Bench
XX or XXX: A slap like Judicator from SF’s, then a punch that knocks down, u can choose to anus smash the victim after if u do X again, the first X is easy to spam, but is really slow so it’s not really useful.
CCC or CCCC : Punch, punch, kick, u can choose to anus smash after if u do another C. The CC can be easily spammed but it’s quite slow.
Dash X : Basically a lower damaged Muscle Belt’s special that doesnt make u and the victim jump as high, and has a grey aura instead of a yellow one. U can do CCC after, or CC Battle Axe.
Step C : Headbutt of awesomeness.
Dash C : Spinning move that hits twice O.O.
Jump X : Basically Judicator from SF’S Jump X, but this doesn’t knock over, and u don’t dodge after.
Jump C : Midair punch
ZXC : Wait a while, then grab the target, does a short combo, then anus smashes, if u get hit during the startup, u add an extra anus smash that does more dmg.
Super ZXC : Upgraded ZXC, but the startup time is longer, but u can endure 2 hits (I think), and the extras are 2 anus smashes (I think)
Block XC : You put ur legs over the victim’s shoulder O.o, then lean back, ur victim smashes on the ground, then bounces back up, u can use pursuit items after.
Block C or X : Basically dash X.

What accs are good with it?

Win : Boxing Gloves, Energy Shield, Valient Shield, Muscle Belt, Spring Shoes, Lucha de Arte
Cresent : Titan Device, Genious’ Glasses, Grappler Arms, Wired Arms
Rare : TURTLE SHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Energy Pack
Is it worth it?


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