GetAmped2 MF-AR2 and GF-Peacekeeper Skills Guide

GetAmped2 MF-AR2 and GF-Peacekeeper Skills Guide by XLK

C- combo : Fast 2 hit and guard-break 3rd hit. all melee (tapping C 3times will just attack 3 hits without guard-break)
after 3rd guard-break hit, input one more C will perform a pursuit attack on the ground(minimal damage) this pursuit attack can be canceled depends on the terrain of the map.

C- Hold : Throws smoke grenade. will stun oppents(1 second) on ‘direct’ hit. if land on ground, it will emit smoke after 2 seconds

X- combo :1st X shoots bullets straight ahead (6 hit) (about 7 steps range)
2nd X will shoot bullets front to upward (5 hit) the oppenent will be end up on air, able to inset addition combo, or weapon.

X- Hold : Aim red laser sight straight ahead. (about 7.5 steps range)
sight is rotatable about 120 degrees(left and right) Inputing up x 2 buttion will aim upward (45 angle from the ground)
The laser sight(red line) will Perfect Defense opponent on impact(green splash) will sent opponent flying about 5 steps away)
this laser sight can be guarded.

X- Dash : Will dive to the front(1 hit) and from here either you can : input C to perform dash C. or input X to perfrom X-combo.
tapping X will aim front pressing X bit long(2 sec+) will aim behind

X- Jump : will shoot 5~6 bullets to the ground. (45 degrees) (tip* double jump if possible, just jumping once and X might not hit the opponent)

Special : Duck on the ground aims the laser sight (about 7~8 steps range) straight ahead
It will send oppent flying (LV 2 impact) untill oppent hits the object (might not inflict damage at all depends on terrain of the map)-(since you’re shooting bullet while ducking.)
Holding XC or F will make you duck and camofloage. While this state, you can crowl around in invisible state (you’ll still get hurt though)+ The MP gauge will decrease constantly
When press X or C in this state, you will aim laser to destined direction if oppnent is caught un-guarded, it will shoot one bullet to send him flying (LV 2 impact)
Spending all MP gauge without shooting will cancel your invisible state

Super Special : Same stuff with special, this time you fire 5 bullets on impact.

Dash Special : will slide to the front(5 steps) and spray 4 bullets around 120 degrees ahead. (sprays top to bottom)
will send opponent flying(LV 1 impact) upon hit. (opponent could take full hit when fired at close range) = hurts

Super dash Special : same stuff but it will spray 1 more round (4 + 4). slides about 8 steps. (full hit possible) = super hurts

Air Special : jumps and aim straight ahead (stays on air for 2 sec)
rest of function is same with ground special.

Super Air special : needless to say, same stuff, 5 bullets.

Inherit : will inherit hold C. = throws smoke grenade)

Tell me anything I missed.

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