GetAmped2 Gameplay Styles Guide

GetAmped2 Gameplay Styles Guide by Amethyic

Backstabber – They never finish their combos and jump behind u and again, keeps doing until u die, simple.
Mostly “pros” use this.
Accessories : Anything fast and doesn’t change the jump c
Style: Moderate attack and Jump(Fighter, Dancer ,Mart. Artist, Wrestler, etc. exc, Knight and Hero)
Weak Against : Spammers,
Strong against: Warriors, Jumpers

Warrior – They attack head-on and usually does cccx combos(juggling), also Blocks alot and MANUAl guard
Accessories: Anything fast and can launch people up(Hunting tool)
Style: Rlly, Its anything x3(except spies)

Weak Against: Spammers, Range
Strong against:Jumpers

Jumpers –
They live in the air lol and jump attack you till death
Accessories: Artemis Bow, Garuda Wing
Style: Spy, Fighter, Knightgear
Weak Against : Backstabbers
Strong against: Warriors, Spammers

Autoguards: ALl they do is to mash c, simple.(of course their Auto guard)
Accessories: Anything fast
Style: Anything
Weak against: Spammers, Backstabbers
Strong against:Warriors,

Spammers: They take advantage of loop to kill you, and also uses technique of ice
Accessories: Anything with tech of ice(preferable fast ones)
Style: Anything rlly(be careful with spy though)
Weak against: Backstabbers, Jumpers
Strong against: Warriors

Ranged: They attack from the distance, that is.
Accessories: Wooden Save(Midrange), Artemis Bow(Range)
Style: Spy, Dancer, Martial Artist
Weak Against: Backstabbers, Jumpers
Strong against: Warriors, spammers

Pro: These are People that can beat any people

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    i'm a Assassin/Banit/Combonator!!(spammer)
    and if the 1st commentator says that Assassin/Banit/Combonator dont match with warriors, i'm pretty sure that if you where killed by a "spammer" you'll be shouting some trash talks and "kik spammer" right??

  2. Anonymous says:

    im a warrior it should be weak against jumpers…not spammers, spammers spam head-on

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