Dragona Online Archer Skill Build Guide

Dragona Online Archer Skill Build Guide by ccxr123

ubw archer build
I use the term ubw archer because it is based on my fave anime f/s night’s character which is archer. The skills I will list will show you an idea how it should be though I will not put the exact amount of skill so you can build at your own likings just treat this as a template.

260k points 


Points to spent : 50-60, points left 52

Agile Steps – one of the important skill to invest , gives decent dodge rate every level.
Stable Aim –  gives 2,5% every level to min/max damage.
Train Body – helpful skill that can buff up your characters hp
Magical Protection – Important skill to invest, you will be like Anti mage with this one.
Elemental Resistance – helps resist elemental attacks you can leave this one


Points to spent : 10-12, points left 40

Keen Senses – detects hidden enemies
Soul of a Leader – movement speed buff
Energy of an Arch Nemesis – insane crit buff
Show Tracks – debuff to enemy decreases def, eva, and protection
Natural Regen – hp regen. only useful when doing field quest
Speed up Recovery – hp regen. only useful when doing field quest
Spirit Protection

)()()()()()()(Attack Skills)()()()()()()

Points to spent : 40

Aimed Shot – fast cooldown high crit
Ghost Arrow – very fast cooldown with crit
Shower of Arrows – AoE skill leave at level 1 sometimes helpful when encountering boss with slaves.
Scattered Arrow – aoe skill
Snare Arrow – skill that will bind enemies on the ground
Paralyzing Arrow – also an important skill to level
Dark Arrow
Ultra Vibration Arrow
Poison Arrow

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