Dragon Oath Class Choosing Guide

Dragon Oath Class Choosing Guide by skyline183

This is my friend’s guide that i find pretty accurate. Keep in mind that the person doesnt play all chars so his opinion on some chars might not be correct. If you have anything to add or correct to this guide, please do. If u don’t think its accurate, please don’t be rude and cuss my mom. Uhm i guess that’s it.

– most hp among other class(number 1)
– most def among other class (number 1)
– super tanker, always needed for good party
– lowest damage ( number 1)
– low dex ( evasion, accuracy) – number 2

ALthough the disadvantage are major, Shaolin is still a pro class, a number 1 tanker. There are some(or a lot) skills that cause a lot of damage so it doesnt make this a boring char.

* Advantage
-highest damage (number 1)
– fire type, more damge
* Disadvantage
– low def (number 3)
– low hp (number 3)
– low dex ( number 1)

An easy char to play with crazy damage but low def and stuff. In pvp, tank as fast as u can or else you’ll die first. Offense is your defense

3) BEGGER (yay)
* Advantage
– good hp ( about number 2,3, or 4 i think )
– highest dex ( number 1)
– high dex ( number 2 or 3)
* Disadvantage
– low damge ( number 2 or 3)
– very weak below 40

A char that’s good at both pvp and train, with high dex, begger will have upper hand at pvp. This char isnt unbeatable, but a well-rounded char.

4) Taoist
– range
– good damage ( number 3?)
– good at leveling
– low hp (number 1)
– low def ( number 1)
– easy to die in pk

Too weak to pvp but a good char for leveling ( this might offend some taoist player but its the truth. But if u are willing to spend money on taoist, it still can kick butts

5) Lotus
– good skills, w/ buffs and heal (Number 1)
– easy to level
– owns at pvp ( about number 3)
* Disadvantage
– low hp (number 2?)
– low def ( number 1?)

Just because its a healer doesnt mean its weak. In fact, its one of the top pvp char in this game. Kinda unfair to other classes.

6) Royalty
* Advantage
– range
– good damge (number 4)
* Disadvantage
– low hp (number 3)
– hard to play for new people

Doesnt really stand out much but because its a ranger, it does kik butts. The skills are cool too. A good pk char

7) Voodoo
* Advantage
– kill from distance using poison
* Disadvantage
– hp isnt high ( doesnt really matter to voodoo)
– damage isnt high

Voodoo is just like a super leveling char

8) Assassin
* Advantage
– damage fairly good, not as high as taoist or pyro, but higher than begger
– ability to backstab
– the finishing skill can take 1/4 of ur opponent’s hp
– training is easy since the mobs miss a lot
– high accuracy
* Disadvantage
– hp a little low
– requires lots of skills and experience
– you might not always win and u might even lose more than u win in pvp

9) Minstrel (thnx vatb)
-Damage jump rapidly
-Skill delay fast
-Fast speed
-Decent train level
– X2 damage
-Trap for KS boss
-Low HP
-Low defend
-Weak at first-Higher level are more strong from lev 65+\

Another Class Choosing Guide by ancient_loser1

First of all you need to knwo there only 2 types of attack in this game : magical(range) and physical( close combat). There is no bow in this game .
To enhance Magical and Physical attack there are 4 elements:

1. Fire : 
-Pyromancer ( physical) . This class is a crazy in appearance and damage . They do highest physical dam of all thus they are dps type.They can take away your madness bar which is very important for pvp, so if you are a magical type dont let them get near you before u use up ur bar.( strong against begger, shaolin, voodoo . weak against Minstrel, Taoist. )
-Minstrel ( magical). The great trap user and teleporter (unlikely to get killed even if u get jump by the whole group). Their killing move is double damege of all skills and regular attack for 20s. They transfer enemy’s health and mana to their own. One of the two hardest class to play. IF you love pvp this is the best clan for u but remember this class seems to be weak at first but supreme in higher level. ( Strong against all close combat types , 100% win all class if their double dame is activated often)

2. Lightning:
-Royal: most complicated clan , the only balanced clan in the game that means they can be built physical or magical or both , really doesnt matter. they are ranged.Their specialty is to take away percentage of your mana and to lower your denfense . ( Great against Taoist ,Shaolin, Lotus . It is the rule that you dont use mana potion when pvp with Royal on stage lol. )
– Shaolin ( physical): the tanker, best physical def and health. Low in dex , dam . They have great immune buff to all stun and dame. Impotant mem for luring boss , boss will only fight them because their luring skill ” lion roar” is instant cast . lol.( strong against taoist, voodoo, assasin weak against royal, pyromancer, begger)
-Taoist: okay this is what i specialze in . One of the two best dps clan, with the highest magical dam but lowest in health and def. They have great combo + they can take away the delay of all skills with a full madness bar. Manashield makes their def seems impossible to break however it drains mana like crazy. This is the best pvp clan at lower level however at higher level it seems to be the weakest based on my own exp. HOwever, they are the key to win in guild war or fighting as a group because of their awesome Locking Skill : you can move , you can fight , you can only wait for ur death lol. Btw this is the best clan in hunting boss or what Vietnamese call KS ( killing stealth) . Strong against pyromancer, begger , weak against royal, shaolin)

3. Poison
-Beggar ( physical): highest doge so this the only clan with another alternative char buliding plan : low health but all in for dodge. YOu often get so mad in pvp with this clan because most of your important skills will be missssss. Dont let them get near you because their ultmate skill is the strongest in Dragon Oath also it slow you down for eternity …
-Voodoo ( magical) : this class seems to be the warlock to me. They suck health and give it to their own.. kaka . They transfer their own health to mana. They make you go crazy with their poison. This class is best clan in training group or solo beacause they have two awesome and dreadful aoe skills.

4. Ice
– Assasin: one of the two hardest class to play. you must play often to master in using the skills creatively and dreadfully. Unlike the minstrel teleport away from enemy the assasin turns invisible . Their’s skill is strong and short delay. Highest in cri with the special skill that add up 100 cri pts for 10s. IN pvp , it will take the longest to fight them becasue they will do all of their combo then hide till delays are gone. Remember their skills. delay is short.
-Lotus order: Finally, So far the chinese ppl and the viet ppl must agree this is the strongest clan in dragon oath . No one can win against them in pvp . They are the only healer in the game ( however husband and wife can heal each other). Their ultimate skill is deadly , u got hit by it u lose over 30k health. Their healing skills is essential for quest, instant…. it also is wut make the lotus order invincible. Why ? They heal by percentage . so the more health you have the faster they heal. Their dame seems to be average actually they do highest damage in the game with this skill that increases all dame by 34%. lol . srry to say guys They are the strongest …HOwever i consider it is the most boring class to play : no combo, very few magical skills , mostly rely on healing to pvp .IN guild war you dont get to kill anyone but just stand there buff and get jumps by all of ur enemies lol. so yeah nothing is perfect.
Ps : the class have highest chance to win lotus order is ???? Royal ( take away mana by % ) and Minstrel ( take away smaller amount of mana but have double dam for 20s ) hope this help you out and I’ll see you all in the game . lol

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