Dragon Oath Auto Path Guide

Dragon Oath Auto Path Guide by LadyEnfinity

Purpose of this guide:
To help others and myself understand the wonderful feature that is Auto Path. This in-game feature is one of my favorites and I would like to share it with players that are new to the game, or players that simply aren’t aware of the feature.

Just what is this “Auto Path” and how can I benefit from it?
Auto Path is an extremely helpful feature. It allows the player to select a specific way point (teleport), NPC (like a merchant or quest giver) or mobs (monsters/creatures/thingies you need to kill for quests) and travel directly to the target. It’s a little similar to using the coordinates provided in quest descriptions.

That does sound like a great feature, where can I find it?
There are two ways (that I’ve found) to use this feature. You can manually launch the Auto Path tool by clicking on the button. You can find the button in the top right portion of your game interface. It is attached to the mini map.
Here’s an image of the location:

Now, I know some players may say “That’s all fine and dandy. But you said you hate clicking. Is there another way to open it?”.
Yes! I’m glad you asked
There is a keyboard shortcut to this feature, which I found on accident. The Tilda key ( ~ ) on your keyboard will also launch the Auto Path window. For most standard keyboards, this key is found directly to the left of your “1” and directly below the ESC key. Handy, huh?
Yeah, I like that – a lot.

Alright – Now we know how to open it. What does it look like and how do you use it?
You wanna picture? Huh? Do yha?
Ok.. here you go:

As you can see, you can navigate through the different tabs depending on what you’re seeking.
For example, if I wanted to find a cloth merchant, I would click on the “Shop” tab and look through the list.
To travel to that NPC or point, simply click on the target in the list and click on “Go” at the bottom of the window.

Personally, I really like to use this feature for zoning. Why? Because if you open the map and click on the zone area, you usually won’t actually zone. You’ll need to click again to travel through the portal. With this feature, it takes you straight to the zone teleport and you will zone. So, you just open it, select the portal and go grab a soda. When you get back, you’ll be in the area you needed.

Yes, it is an extremely useful and helpful feature. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of players are asking for the locations of NPCs, etc. This tool will really help with that issue. I, myself, had a hard time finding a specific NPC once and this is where the feature really shines.

Give it a try, it will save you a lot of time and vigor from yelling!

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