DarkEden Basic Set Making Guide

DarkEden Basic Set Making Guide by syver

Darkeden EUS is a fairly balanced game, but you will need a set to compete with the best players. This guide will help you make a good set for your class, enjoy!

Most used sets for each class:

Healer – AA/DEF – INT/DEF

Enchanter – AA/DEF – MPS/HPS/DEF


Blader – STR/TOHIT


Water Ouster – AA/DEF – INT/DEF


Combat Ouster – HPS/DEX

Mage Vamp – HPS/INT – HPS/AA


Basics of starting set
Before you start making your set you need to decide which one you’ll make. The sets listed above are the most common for their respective classes, but expermenting never hurts :D
After you’ll decide what set you want to make you have to start hunting for items. Max option items (str+5, damage+5, aa3, ect) can be found from Guisons and Morg’s.

Image Clone Guison – Found in Asylion dungeon, E4 or Tiffuge 2f
Image Clone Morgoth – Found in Rahom B5, E4, or Tiffuge 2F

These are bosses, they don’t hit much, but when they do; it hurts! Most classes can solo, although it takes longer obviously. Some tips for killing it are using your paralize skill of each race, Curse of Blood for vampires, Mist of Soul for ousters, And freeze rings for Enchanters and Healers. This will stop the boss from moving or attacking, this will only work for Guisions, these particular skills do NOT work in Rahom b5. Also be aware that most time you kill the bosses you will get bad items. But some times you’ll get a rare max opt item. (str+5) (damage+5) (aa+3).

After you find some good items such as, an hps 2 ring, and a dex 5 ring for example. You’ll need to forge them, to get both of the attributes in one ring. Also you’ll be able to lilith the item. check out this guide DarkEden How to Use Mixing Forges Guide. this guide will help you a lot, and make sure your 2 options are forgeable, making sure you’re using the right forge, and some other tips on forging.

Also hunting bosses is NOT the only way to find good items. You can also buy some in others players shop, or find the items that aren’t max opts(str+3,dex+4,hps1) and blue drop 2 them, blue drop 2 will raise the option (str3 -> str4) but it is not 100% success. most likely most will fail. but eventually you will get a good item to forge!

After you forge your item you can Lilith it, liliths are 25 MP in the market or 990MP for a stack of 50. And liliths give your 2 option item (defence+1,protection+1,moju+2) a maxed lilith item gives 10 Defence, 10 Protection, and 19 Moju.

Making a set is not a 1 day thing, it takes a while. You just need to be patient, hunt, trade, or buy items from other players.

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