DarkEden How to Build a Strong Elemental PVM PVP Ouster

DarkEden How to Build a Strong Elemental PVM PVP Ouster by Ramlosa

Lets begin going through the basics.

1.0 Old Information.
If you’ve played ouster on the DK2 version then you should do one thing. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT ABOUT BUILDS.
DK2 system was based on having reactive armor to reduce your damage and the items had less defense, the damage had a cap so getting more INT didn’t increase damage.

DK2 Good Builds:
300int rest str 10 dex

We all know this, but this is irrelevant so lets move on to the good builds on EUS.

1.1 How to build a strong ouster?

On EUS version all ousters will have more defense, and there’s no cap on the damage. More int means more damage, and elemental ousters have a skill called Mist of Soul. It paralyzes/sleeps everyone around you, more int means more damage.

At higher level the only thing that can help you survive hard maps is having Mist of Soul 2. Because you can’t get enough defense to survive the map, even with the best set.

Q: Why do you need high damage?
A: Because with magic resistance from liliths and horus items, all damage will be reduced. Unless you can break through that, you’ll deal barely any damage to high level players with good set.

Video to demonstrate how powerful magic defense is against other races: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o11-HzOuv1s#t=01m45s

Q: Don’t I need str for hp & protection?
A: No you don’t! Because on EUS you have rare books that each lvl 151,161,171,181,191,201 you get 200hp. So if you’re lvl 201 you can get an additional 1200hp from these books. So no need for str at all.

Q: Protection to survive against monsters?
A: No need for protection, defense and mist of soul is only required.

Q: Why 900int?
A: 900int allows you to use mist of soul so monsters can never hit you anymore. Sleep lasts longer than the cooldown, means infinity sleep and you can kill anyone. Even bosses without getting hit.

1.2 What’s the build then?

For all elemental ousters, fire/water/earth.

EUS Good Builds FIRE/WATER/EARTH: Minimum 900 int.
Basic stats: 900int 10 dex 10 str

Q:Advantages with this build?
A: Allows you to be insanely strong at pvp, damage will be HIGH and you can kill monsters very fast in PVM. Means fast leveling and you have mist of soul that allows you to solo any place.

Q:Disadvantages with this build?
A: You can not tank as much as a str build, but your hp will still be very high. If you go str build, you’ll be weaker. You can take some extra hits but you can’t survive as easy anymore without mos and you’ll
not be able to scratch good players with magic defense.

Here’s a video to demonstrate how strong a Full Int Fire Ouster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxX9jtBYZuc

1.3 How much defense/ protection do I need?
You need atleast 600~650 defense for TIFF 1 and 750def for TIFF 2 at day.

My suggestion is get around 800 def normally and people will have a very hard time fighting you at day.

Protection: 0, there’s no requirement for this. Only defense is sufficent. You’re a full int so don’t even think about protection.

1.4 What set to get?
Q: What about all resistance? This set you’ll not have enough..
A: With liliths you can get up to +19 moju per item, so you do not need to add extra resistance in your set.

13 items x 19 = 247 all resistance. That’s without having a single all resistance as a first option.

This is only from liliths.

Q: Resistance reduces magic damage right?
A: It seems that’s the case.

Q: If I get resistance will that reduce all other players damage on me? Slayer damage, vampire etc..
A: It reduces magic damage, but yeah I guess so.

Q: Does curse resistance give magic defense?
A: No, Only All resistance.

Getting 900 int is the most important thing!!

More int means more damage, some people go with all atributes. Not a bad set, but it’s up to your own preferences.

Fire Ouster:
Get enough hps, around 17~20. If you’re in pvp and need to fight with monsters close this will help alot.

I don’t see the need in getting AA for a full int fire ouster, as it won’t help you as much as INT.

Earth Ouster:
Get enough hps, around 17~20. If you’re in pvp and need to fight with monsters close this will help alot.

Water Ouster:
You don’t need all resistance as a first set.. but as it reduces magic damage.. getting it might be helpful afterall. Since you’re the tank, water is the last person that should die.
Meaning everyone else can die but the water, he’s the most important person in the party.

1. SET 1

2. SET 2
Forge DEF/All Resistance (ONLY All Resistance, not anyother resistance. As Moju is the only thing that gives you magic defense.)

Q: Why should I go after this set?
A: Because you need DEFENSE and 900 int. AND HPS! If not you’ll be weak.

Last words:

Get 900 int, get enough defense.. 700~800 and lilith all your items with horus articles and you’ll be STRONG.

Have DEFENSE as a opt in your set, second opt can be moju or INT.. doesen’t matter. As long as you get atleast 900 int and +700def without buffs.

You can balance the set by having all resistance to be more immune to damage, but that’s up to you. Change less atributes more magic defense. Regardless you can’t survive without the DEFENSE, so that’s the KEY to being strong as a ouster.

KEEP DEFENSE +5 as one opt in each of your item.

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  1. PADRE says:

    Really yes… Ouster defense and Slayers during night is obsolete in v2 v+. Now 2017 servers are restricted to INT and special top over enchanting. Meaning a full mojo+def or prot set means nothing.
    But core is applicable in the end afterall. I would add some STR too 200~300 in any server any version.

  2. Demi says:

    seem i have different opinion about def and protection. why not go protection instead of def because in pvp you will get hits anyway, so if protection at least help reduce those damage. Am i correct?

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